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The Sangyokai 32 KE Claw as they appear in Maken X

The Sangyokai 32 KE Claw are female members of the Sangyokai.



Maken X/ShaoEdit

A Sangyokai 32 KE Claw first appears as a mini-boss in the Kanazawa Research Institute to stop the Maken's pursuit against Hakke Andrey. Later, another Sangyokai 32 KE Claw, disguised as a sterwardess, informs the Maken that the Ricondor has been hijacked by the Sangyokai, and tells it not to panic as she puts on her mask. Afterwards, Sangyokai 32 KE Claws are found periodically throughout the game as regular enemies.

The Sangyokai 32 KE Claws are the first enemy the Maken encounters who are capable of blocking its attacks. Being a mini-boss, they have much more HP than their male counterparts but overall are not hard to defeat. Their attacks are short to middle ranged, using kicks and jabs with their staff. They leave openings after they attack but will block most attacks otherwise.


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A Sangyokai 32 KE Claw disguised as a stewardess
Sangyokai 32 KE MXA
A Sangyokai 32 KE Claw in Maken X Another