Samanta Kino

Samantha Kino's sprite.

"Get lost, Brother, if someone will defeat Master Karl, that person won't be you!"
—Samantha Kino, in the "Path to Victory!" episode.

Samantha Kino (サマンサキノ) is an antagonist of Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner.



Path to Victory!Edit

Samantha is the older sister of Yuuji Kino, and is a great player of Victory Battle. She lives in the East District of Tokyo with her mother and brother. During a regular day, Samantha is challenged by Master Karl, the current champion of Victory Battle. Samantha accepts the challenge and is easily defeated by Karl. Humiliated by her defeat, Samantha changes her personality and becomes rude and rebellious. Saddened by Samantha's change, Yuuji convinces her to teach him the rules of Victory Battle and promises to Samantha that he will defeat Master Karl. Samantha teaches him everything she knows, but, fearing what would happen to her brother, joins the Card Championship and goes out of her way to stop Yuuji from facing Master Karl. Yuri Takano, who had some interest in Yuuji, battles with her to leave Yuuji free to defeat Master Karl. The battle ends in a draw.

Friend or Foe?Edit

After Yuuji Kino becomes the Champion, Samantha swears revenge on Yuri for her defeat in the Championship, and joins the "Devil Busters" organization to do so. If the player decided to save Yuri from the Devil Busters, Samantha will be fought as the final boss of the episode. She is faced alone, with a demon body (she will constantly use Poison Claw and Megido to inflict Poison and Bind on all party members, so Posumudi and Patra are obligatory in battle). When she is defeated, she asks Yuuji to forgive her, because she had never experienced love before, and wanted him forever at her side. Before she dies, she drops a photo showing her hugging her brother, with a message "I won't let anyone take my brother from me."

Stats Edit

Race Level HP MP
Meta 65 5000 3600
Strength Defense Magic Speed
20 15 10 5
List of Skills
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