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"...I can't take this anymore. Why me? Why is this happening? It's all their fault... I wish they'd all just disappear!"
—Sahori Itsukishima, Shin Megami Tensei V

Sahori Itsukishima is a character in Shin Megami Tensei V.



Shin Megami Tensei V

"Are you serious? You're really trying that with me, after it never worked when I said it to you? When you were punching me, kicking me, destroying my stuff? NOW you understand "please don't hurt me?""
—Possessed Sahori to her bullies, Shin Megami Tensei V

Sahori is a student at Jouin High School. She is Tao Isonokami's best friend and a former lacrosse club member. But due to an accident that caused her to leave a year before the events of the game and her strictness, she has been bullied by two girls with a grudge. As the staff and most other students do not do anything {though Miyazu expressed concern that she was being bullied), and Sahori herself accepted it and didn't say anything about it, she began to grow resentful and vengeful in silence, though she did not truly wish to hurt others. She would be consumed in her thoughts constantly, often forgetting about the real world around her.

Sahori would even avoid Tao, who has been genuinely worried for her. One reason would be that Sahori doesn't want her friend Tao to be involved in the mess she's in, and that her burden of hatred is only for her to carry.

But eventually, Sahori's dark thoughts would call out to Lahmu, who has been seeking his Knowledge of his "other half" to fuse and become a Nahobino, partly so he can regain his lost power and partly so he can take the Throne of Creation. After going into the real world and raiding the school, Lahmu preys on her vulnerabilities, and while she does not believe that he is her partner at first, he tempts her to give in to her hatred, practically brainwashing her. This leads her to join Lahmu's side, and she would later hunt down and confront the two girls for revenge.

"Don't "hurt" them...? Hahaha! I'm only returning the favor! The only thing I did wrong was put up with their abuse for as long as I did. All that did was make them hurt me more. God, I hate them... I hate them SO MUCH! So I'm going to give them exactly what they deserve."
—Possessed Sahori, Shin Megami Tensei V

A possessed Sahori confronting her bullies.

Tao tries to get her to snap out of it, but while Sahori admits she always considered Tao to be her friend, she loses all sense of reason. Lahmu pities her for her arbitrary fate chosen by God. He encourages her to embrace her feelings and finish things off, promising he'll use his power to help clean up everything that has hurt her. She commands Lahmu to slay one of the terrorized girls, who was pushed forward by her friend to save face, but she would also get killed in the same fashion while attempting to escape.

Knowing that Sahori enjoyed using his power, Lahmu tells her that merging with him would allow her to live a happy life. However, Sahori would be all his own, and he would be able to use her to his own advantage, particularly in his goal of recreating the world for himself. Sahori, though hesitant, doesn't get a chance to deny the fate Lahmu's planted on her before he abducts her, taking her with him back to Da'at, where Tao and the protagonist follow along to rescue her.

Lahmu waits for Sahori to prepare for their merging, although he twists the scenario by implying that she herself will also find a part of her that has been lost to her, when in reality, only Sahori has Lahmu's long-stolen Knowledge. At this point in time, she is shown to regret her actions.

The protagonist and Tao find and defeat Lahmu after he merges with Sahori, but he manages to survive by possessing her body. He attempts to kill Tao, only for the protagonist and Aogami to stand between them and sacrifice themselves, with Tao herself sacrificing her life to revive the two. Lahmu would try putting up a fight, only for him to lose control over Sahori completely, who snaps out of it, leaving Lahmu exposed. The protagonist would then approach the idle Nahobino and slay them, taking down Lahmu and sacrificing Sahori in the process. Sahori thanked him for doing so in her last breath, but the reason why was not emphasized in words.



  • Sahori’s actions against her bullies were foreshadowed by Aogami warning the protagonist that interacting that demons can cause people to act like demons themselves, though demons are not inherently evil.

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