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Safia is a character in Last Bible II.



A prodigy of the magic city of Bulton, Safia is a brawler who was locked in a tower for destroying part of the the town (and because most of the inhabitants are afraid of her power). However she breaks out just as Magoku attacks the city and steals the book of Baal. Safia joins Yuri and is his constant companion for the rest of the game. She is extremely useful due to having the ability to merge beasts on hands.

She is eventually taught the strongest gaia magic, Rankam, by her grandmother.

Safia is the first of Yuri's allies to realize that she was a companion of Yuri's in their previous life and sets about reuniting the whole party. At the end of the game she continues to be a source of "lovable" mayhem for Bulton


Spell Obtained
Fusion Level 21
Deiama Level 22
Bufurao Level 23
Mudoon Level 24
Ranka Level 25
Saricam Level 31
Rankam Event based magic


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