The SIU Director is an unnamed character in Persona 5.



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As the director of Special Investigations Unit, he leads an elite team of police and prosecutors that deal with government scandals and other huge cases. The team hasn't lost a case in fifty years. However, the director was only able to reach his current position by using forged evidence in order to win them. Goro Akechi managed to figure this out by meeting the Director's Shadow Self in the Metaverse and used it to blackmail him to cooperate with Masayoshi Shido in order to proceed with their plans of killing Shido's enemies and finding a scapegoat for their crimes.

SIU Director Medjed

The SIU Director talking about the situation with Medjed

The director appoints Sae Niijima to lead the investigation of the recent psychotic breakdown incidents and the involvement of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, something Sae is initially honored with but later baffled of because of her relatively fresh qualifications in the department, which turns out to be part of Akechi's grand plot of eliminating the Phantom Thieves. After the supposed death of their leader, the director suffers from a mental shutdown on Shido's orders, having outlived his usefulness. His death is covered up as the result of illness.

After his death, a proxy director who is Shido's accomplice in the crimes involving the Metaverse is appointed to assume his post. This proxy only acts in covering up Shido's confession to his crimes who is still largely supported by the general public to assume the seat of the prime minister afterward. He also dismisses Sae from her duty temporarily because of her dedication in prosecuting Shido.

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P5A SIU Director
The SIU Director in Persona 5 The Animation

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  • In Japanese version, the title of the SIU Director is "Director of Special Investigation Unit of District Prosecutors Office".

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