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The eldest of the three Kanzato brothers, Ryo Kanzato appears to be distant, cold, and calculating, even to his brothers. His attitude and his inability to rely on them sparks an on-going conflict between himself and Shin Kanzato after Shin and Jun Kanzato move back to Ayanagi City to live with him. Shortly after they move in, he makes it clear he would like to do anything in his power to find a way for them to move out.

The superintendent of the police force of Ayanagi City, Ryo is responsible for investigating the Reverse cases and though he works to find a resolution, he is highly secretive. He does not share his work with his colleagues outside of fellow persona-user Akihiko Sanada. While this allows him to keep the concept of persona from being well-known, this attracts the suspicion of the veteran detective Kunio Ito, who works to get to the bottom of these cases and resents Ryo's treatment of his fellow officers as expendable tools that can be exposed to Apathy Syndrome.

Ryo appears to feel a sense of personal responsibility regarding the reverse cases due to his parents' involvement with Keisuke Komatsubara, the mastermind behind the incidents. It is because of this that he can face the culprits behind these killings with little remorse and attempt to kill Komatsubara twice. This comes to a regrettable conclusion as he unintentionally attacks his long-time friend and romantic interest, Eiko Nikaido, while fighting against Komatsubara.

His persona, Cain, represents the mask he wears as an older brother and the burdens he feels that come with it. He feels a great sense of guilt for signing away Yuki Kanzato's life so that Jun could live. In flashbacks, it's shown Cain first manifested while trying to hide his grief over his dog that was run over. However, he only truly appears to control it to protect Shin during Ayane Komatsubara's first attack. Although Akihiko explains that most people lose their persona as they age, Ryo maintained his persona much longer than natural by using Persona Suppressors in order to allow him to continue fighting to destroy all persona.

When Shin goes to prevent Ayane's clone from merging with the whale, Ryo fights against him, convinced that her merging and thus removing personas entirely, will be for the best. However, when Jun and Yuki decide to merge with the whale, he decides he must fight to prevent this as well, and deals the finishing blow on Ayane with his Persona's life-cast shoulder cannon. After the battle, he dies in Shin's arms.


Shin Jun and Ryo
Artwork of the Kanzato Brothers. Ryo on the side.
Ryo Protects
A young Ryo uses Cain to shield Shin
Ryo's confrontation with Keisuke
Tears shed at the movies
Ryo and his persona Cain
Bearsuit Ryo
Ryo's last words after their fight with Ayane
His death
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