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Ryan is the subcommander of Jack's Squad, an amoral mercenary army sent into the Schwarzwelt for research purposes under the leadership of Captain Jack.



Ryan wears a black Demonica as per standard for the soldiers of Jack's Squad. He has extremely short cut hair and is perhaps the largest human character in Strange Journey, surpassing even Commander Gore. He towers over people with his long legs and sturdy, bulky build.


"Good day, people of the Red Sprite! Yeah, I'm talking to you assholes! I really got no reason to contact you goons, but I decided to tell you how pissed off I am! Geez, am I a nice guy or what?! They must have my harp and robe all picked out up in heaven!"
—Ryan's message to the crew of the Red Sprite.

Much like the rest of Jack's Squad, he is harsh, rude and without human decency. Unlike Captain Jack who is professional, strict and at least pretends to be friendly, he is unorganized, aggressive and doesn't make a front to hide his true intentions. Ryan is also quite the coward, bending his ideals very quickly in the face of death.


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey[]

Ryan was briefly met by the protagonist and Jimenez in Sector Carina as they ventured into the Lightning, the Squad's mobile base. When prompted by his boss, he gave a list of the Rare Forma the Squad needed and had been unable to find. He later delivered the enhanced Gate Search program to members of the Red Sprite stationed in Sector Eridanus.

Later, he was met as the main guard posted at the entrance of Jack's Squad HQ, turning away Jimenez and the protagonist and denying them an opportunity to meet with Jack, chipping in an offer to purchase Bugaboo off Jimenez instead.

Upon Awake Jimenez' murder of his boss, Ryan was unexpectedly "promoted" to the squad's commander, and thus next in line for Jimenez' wrath. Trying to save his skin, he bargained with the Red Sprite's crew for the squad's collected data and weaponry. Ryan was left at the orders of a skeleton crew left behind by the Red Sprite as they left for Sector Fornax.

As they arrived in Sector Grus, however, Ryan led a revolt in the Squad in which the overseers were killed with hidden weapons and ammo. The Squad under his orders became determined to create a Demon Army with the technology retrieved from the Red Sprite's overseers and that of the Squad. Ryan's actions and Zelenin's desire to avert bloodshed were two of the contributing factors that led to her conversion into an angel by Mastema. When the empowered Zelenin sang her song for Ryan and the soldiers, they were left nigh-mindless, only capable of serving the lord.

In Grus proper, an alignment-affecting decision point grants the opportunity to exterminate the remnants of the Squad. Ryan will be fought as a sub-boss, in a similar battle to Captain Jack. Ryan will use Jack's techniques, but has much less HP and consequently will die much more easily. If the chance to kill the Squad is not taken, they remain as they are, incapable of independent thought.


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