Rumi is a character in Persona 5 Royal. She is Takuto Maruki's ex-girlfriend.



A long time ago prior to the events of Persona 5, both of Rumi's parents were murdered in an indoor robbery case. This caused her to fall into catatonic depression and Takuto Maruki was grief-ridden by this. When he visited the hospital where she was in, she did not respond to any of his words at all, until Maruki began to mention her family and caused her to break down suddenly.

Out of despair, he called someone to help whatever it is, until a voice implied to be Adam Kadmon reached out to him. Once the voice finishes talking, Rumi was cured of her depression: her memories were reshuffled so she could believe she had bad physical health when born, her parents were murdered when she was young and she lived in a rural area with her grandmother. However, she also did not recognize Maruki at all and he distanced himself from her.

The protagonist does not meet Rumi personally, although in the late stages of Maruki's confidant, he would mention her to the protagonist during his rank 8 hangout in the buffet. During rank 9, he told the protagonist that this incident motivated him in his research.

This incident, his cognitive psience research and the Day of Reckoning combined would eventually lead Maruki to madness and the third term events should the protagonist complete his confidant. Rumi statues can be seen at the Twilight Corridor area of Maruki's Palace as background objects, and the newsletter related to the unfortunate incident becomes Maruki's treasure that takes the form of a guidance torch inside the Metaverse.


Rumi's name (留美) likely means "detained beauty."


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