The Rotting Sea of Flames (炎の腐海, Honou no fukai)? is a location in Megami Tensei. It can be accessed from the Mazurka Corridor and Infini Palace.

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Ruled by Set, the Rotting Sea of Flames is where Izanami was sealed by Lucifer; unsealing her requires 3 gems - the Orb of Malice, held by Loki, which goes in first, in the forehead; the Orb of Silence, held by Minotaur, which goes in second, in the right eye; and the Orb of Resolve, held by Hecate, which goes in third, in the left eye. For every step the party takes here without Izanami's Robe, obtained from Izanami for unsealing her, they will take damage.

A Goblin residing in the area will sell Nakajima one of three bags of Magnetite, each of varying size and containing a random amount of Magnetite. A paralyzed knight will completely heal the party's health if someone casts Paraladi on him. There's also a bottled demon named Ruth who will help Nakajima if he rescues him; if he's taken to a certain room in the dungeon, he will recommend that Mappara be cast, which will cause a hidden door to open, opening the path to Set's location. Similarly, if he's taken to a specific room in Bien 4F, a door leading to Hinokagutsuchi, the strongest sword in the game, will appear. A bottomless vase known as the Holy Vase is found in the Sea, although only with Rick's Bracelet is it possible to grab the vase's treasure, the White Dragon Orb, but only after hearing about the vase's secret from a skeleton in Infini Palace 4F. Purski is fought in here, and drops Purski's Neigh, which helps make the fight against Set easier by stunning him occasionally. Upon defeat, Set drops the Lion Shield, the strongest shield in the game.

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