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The Rotting Sea of Flames (炎の腐海, Honou no fukai)? is a location in Megami Tensei. It can be accessed from the Mazurka Corridor and Infini Palace.



Megami Tensei

Ruled by Seth, the Rotting Sea of Flames is the 5th dungeon to be explored and is where Izanami was sealed by Lucifer. Unsealing her requires 3 gems - the Orb of Malice, held by Loki, which goes in first, in the forehead; the Orb of Silence, held by Minotaur, which goes in second, in the right eye; and the Orb of Resolve, held by Hecate, which goes in third, in the left eye. For every step the party takes here without Izanami's Robe, obtained from Izanami for unsealing her, they will take damage.

There's also a bottled demon named Ruth who will help Nakajima if he rescues him; if he's taken to a certain room in the dungeon on the 1st floor, he will recommend that Mappara be cast, which will cause a hidden door to open, opening the path to Seth's location. Similarly, if he's taken to a specific room in Bien's 4th floor, a door leading to Hinokagutsuchi, the strongest sword in the game, will appear. A bottomless vase known as the Holy Vase is found in the Sea. After hearing about the vase's secret from an on Infini Palace's 4th floor, using Rick's Bracelet will allow access the vase's treasure, the White Dragon Orb. This item is required to seal Lucifer's Diarahan spell and make the battle winnable.

On the 2nd floor, Purski is fought in here, and drops Purski's Neigh, which helps make the fight against Seth easier by stunning him occasionally. Upon defeat, Seth drops the Lion Shield, the strongest shield in the game.

In the remake Kyūyaku Megami Tensei, a Goblin residing in the area will sell Nakajima one of three bags of Magnetite, each of varying size and containing a random amount of Magnetite. Also, a paralyzed knight will completely heal the party's health if someone casts Paraladi on him.


Megami Tensei

Weapon Attack NOA Sex Price
Dancing Sword 23 1-8 Female ћ3000
Knight's Soul 40 1 Male ћ6900
Orichalcum Blade 51 1 Male ћ9000
Vermilion Sword 38 2-4 Female ћ12000

Armor Type Def Sex Price
Samurai Armor Body 10 Male ћ9000
Orichalcum Mail Body 12 Male ћ18000
Orichalcum Shield Arm 6 Male ћ12000
Yaksha Mask Head 10 Both ћ12000

List of enemies

Megami Tensei

Demon Race Level
Chatterskull Spirit 33
Mummy 30
Cockatrice Kaijuu 48
Cyclops Jaki 36
Taraka Femme 40
Black Knight Haunt 37
Akhkaru 36
Hydra Wilder 37
Gorgon 36
Balaur 35
Orthrus 32
Behemoth Vile 52
Sasori Otoko Yoma 33
Giant Jirae 38
Quetzalcoatl Beast 40
Dodongo 35
Fixed Encounters
  • Red boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Race Level Floor
Purski Beast 15 2
Astaroth Vile 57 1
Seth Tyrant 39
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