Roppongi in Persona 5.

Roppongi (六本木) is a location in the series.


Roppongi is a real-world district in Minato, Tokyo. It is in the southern portion of the circle described by the Yamanote Line, south of Akasaka and north of Azabu.

The name "Roppongi", which appears to have been coined around 1660, literally means "six trees". Six very old and large zelkova trees used to mark the area; first three were cleared, and the last was destroyed during the Pacific War. Another legend has it that the name comes from the fact that six daimyo lived nearby during the Edo period, each with the kanji character for "tree" or a kind of tree in their names. Roppongi was not extensively populated until after the Meiji Restoration, although the area was trafficked for centuries and served as the site of the cremation of Shogun Tokugawa Hidetada's wife in 1626.

It is the location of most embassies in Japan, and is known for its popular night-life.



Megami Tensei IIEdit

Roppongi is located between Shiba and the tunnel leading to Shibuya. It is divided into three sections, each connected by the city's ruins.

Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

Roppongi is the main region under the control of the Ashura-kai, with its headquarters Roppongi Hills being where Tayama resides. Shibuya, Midtown, and Reverse Hills are found in this area.

Devil SurvivorEdit

Roppongi is where the protagonists first meet Haru, in a street concert for the benefit of those trapped in the lockdown.

As the game progresses, Roppongi becomes a very important location. As Gin continues to look for Aya, he confronts Azuma in the Roppongi Hills building. As a result, the protagonists have to save Gin. This battle is key to unlocking Gin's route as well.

As it turns out, Roppongi Hills is the base of the Shomonkai, and it is where the final battle of the game in all routes (except Yuzu's) takes place.

Once the protagonists bridge the real world and the demon world, a vortex appears above the Roppongi Hills building. When they enter the building, Belzaboul appears to greet the protagonists, and they have to fight him.

In Naoya's route, as the protagonists are climbing, the angels Sariel and Anael appear to stop them from reaching the Demon Summoning server.

At the top of the building, the Shomonkai founder appears before them, along with some followers. The founder attempts to stop the protagonists from reaching the server by letting Belberith consume his flesh and appear in corporeal form.

Once the protagonists defeat Belberith, the player character must now summon Babel, which anchors itself to the top of the skyscraper. Depending on the route, the protagonist may either fight all the previous Bels that he defeated, or just fight Babel twice without him summoning the demons.

In Devil Survivor Overclocked, on Yuzu's 8th day route, the party works with the SDF in order to eliminate Belzaboul and Belberith and arrest the Shomonkai Founder.

Persona 5 Edit

Roppongi is where Okumura Foods headquarters are located. It appears in the scenarios revolving around Kunikazu Okumura. However, despite location being shown on Tokyo map, it can never be visited ever again.


Megami Tensei IIEdit

Armor Def Charm Sex Stats Price
High-Leg Armor 1 7 Female - ћ400
Body-Con Mail 2 3 Female - ћ700
Conserva-Mail 3 5 Female - ћ1200

Helm Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Star Ring 1 - Female In +1 ћ370
Iron Headgear 2 - Female - ћ600
Brain Guard 3 ElecFire Female In +1 ћ1000

Glove Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Rivet Knuckle 1 - Female St +1 ћ230
Cool Mitten 2 Fire Female - ћ750
Arm Vulcan 2 - Female St +4 ћ2300

Boot Def Sex Stats Price
Western Boots 1 Female Sp +1 ћ320
Flower Boots 1 Female Sp +1 ћ700
Demon Pumps 2 Female Sp +2, St +1 ћ1500


Megami Tensei IIEdit

  • Aquamarine


Megami Tensei IIEdit

Demon Race Level Drop
Corpse Spirit 7 -
Wight Haunt 8 Morning Star
Bodyconian Spirit 10 -
Gold Slime Foul 11 Bronze Sword
Lemures Night 12 Quarterstaff
Bucca-Boo Jirae 15 Quarterstaff


Super Demon Vortex
The portal to the Demon World
Demon World Tokyo
The Roppongi skyline after Bishamon is defeated
Ashura Kai Headquarters SMTIV
Roppongi Hills in Shin Megami Tensei IV

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