Ronde is a game released on the Sega Saturn. It is the third game in the Majin Tensei series.

As the main staff of Atlus were busy developing Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, which was released on November 13 of the same year, Ronde was developed by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer which also developed the Last Bible and Devil Children games. Character designs were handled by Kazuaki Yanagisawa, who was responsible for the Shin Megami Tensei: if... manga adaptation and its sequel Shin Megami Tensei: Kahn.

Ronde is notable for a demo that was released that received extremely negative attention and inspired a widespread cancellation of preorders. It is generally believed to be the weakest installment in the Megami Tensei franchise and received universally unfavorable reviews with complaints such as unoriginal character designs, a bad story, ugly 3D graphics, and long loading times.


The year is 2008 as researchers from T University discover a crystal statue in the ruins of an Aztec civilization along with a series of characters. When decoded by a computer, these characters invoke the revival of a demon and an outbreak of demons within cyberspace.

At the start of the game in August, the protagonist, Asuka Miroku, and his younger brother, Satoshi Miroku, are attending an exhibition of the Aztec culture at the Tokyo National Museum with two of Asuka's old friends from school, Keita Matsumoto and Sakurako Saotome. Suddenly, the crystal statue comes to life as the demon Moloch and abducts Satoshi, forcing Asuka and his friends into a battle to rescue him.


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  • In the 1997 New Years special edition of Comic Bonbon, a self-contained Ronde manga adaptation was released by Meimu.

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