Ritual of Unsealing Completed

Ritual of Unsealing is a ritual performed in Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon.


A ritual in Chapter 5 that involves the unsealing of the Confinement Chambers. The Herald of Yatagarasu sends Raidou into the Dark Realm in order to face the five demons that guard the seal. Each area has a spirit that will send Raidou back if he wishes to postpone the ritual for a bit.

  • Baek Yong - First Demon found in Dark Harumi-Cho
  • Shouten - Second Demon fought in Dark Tsukudo-Cho
  • Long - Third Demon fought in Dark Ginza-Cho
  • Vritra - Fourth Demon fought in Dark Kasumidai
  • Kohryu - Final Demon fought in Dark Fukagawa-Cho

As each guardian demon is defeated a red line appears that connects to the next area. The final one leading back to Dark Harumi-cho, creating an inverted pentagram that weakens the seal.

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