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"Senpai... I won't make the same mistake. There's no such thing as a me who isn't me. So I won't run away... I won't try to be someone I'm not. There's a lot of Rises inside me... I won't try to change them. Instead... I'll let people know that those Rises exist... That's the me I want to be."
—Rise Kujikawa to the protagonist, Persona 4

Rise Kujikawa is one of the main characters from Persona 4. She is a popular idol who returns to Inaba for a brief hiatus. She is a first-year student at Yasogami High School.




Rise has long copper-colored hair tied into two pigtails, brown eyes and pale skin. In almost all of her outfits, she wears pink pearl earrings.

She wears her school uniform to code, only personalizing it with thigh-high stockings and a turtleneck underneath. In the summer, she switches out her blazer and wears knee-high white socks. During midwinter, she wears a light pink cable-knit coat with a fur collar and a hot pink scarf.

Her winter casual clothes consist of a puff-sleeved orange dress with floral patterns on the hem and ribbon ties at her shoulders, a white turtleneck with orange straps at her wrists, dark brown leggings, and brown furred boots with caramel stripes. She also accessorizes with a necklace.

Her summer casual clothes consist of a bright orange halter top with circular cutouts on the collar, through which her yellow undershirt can be seen, a heart-shaped locket, white capris with buttons and brown wedges with pink, yellow, and white straps.

While working at her grandmother's tofu shop, Rise wears a white headscarf, a white smock, a pink turtleneck, a short teal skirt and brown flats.

When exploring the Midnight Channel, she wears pink glasses. Her Shadow wears an orange ribbon bikini with floral designs.

At the summer festival, Rise is seen wearing a yukata like the rest of the girls.

For New Year's, Rise wears a pink dress with roses at the neckline, a white turtleneck, a cyan overcoat with fur collar and gold buttons, a simple necklace with a red stone, dark brown leggings and gray boots with brown soles. For her date with the protagonist, she changes into a purple and pink kimono and keeps her hair up with a fascinator.

During the ski trip, she wears a high-necked, striped magenta snow jacket that says "Lovers" on the front accompanied by a black heart, thick navy snow pants with white dotted lines, pink sunglasses on top of her head, purple gloves with white hearts and light purple boots with pink straps.

During the epilogue in Persona 4 Golden, she wears her hair down for the first time. Her outfit consists of a halter top with salmon, cyan and yellow stripes, a sheer off-the-shoulder blouse with ruffled collar, a brown quilted belt above another gray-blue belt, brown capris and brown wedges. She accessorizes with dark pink sunglasses perched on her head, a beaded shell necklace, a multi-color bangle on her left wrist and gold hoop earrings.

Dancing All Night[]

In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Rise wears a summer pink school uniform with an open shirt showing her black bra and bare midriff, and a Yasogami emblem on her left sleeve, a magenta, pink and white houndstooth patterned mini skirt that match her hair ribbons, long black stockings with pink lace zippers and pink high-heel slippers. She wears a yellow scarf around her right wrist and a pink and black glove on her left hand. She also wears yellow headphones over her ears and a black collar with a keychain heart.


"Do I... sound weird? Oh, but I guess it sounds more "natural" this way to the public... I'm sorry... I've practically lost touch with what the normal me is like."
—Rise Kujikawa, Persona 4

Rise is cheerful, outspoken, naughty and cute. Though she is quite boastful about herself, she is very sweet deep down. She is referred to as a "dangerous girl" by Chie Satonaka, due to her boldness in flirting with the protagonist, and her teasing of Yosuke Hanamura and Kanji Tatsumi. Rise is quickly annoyed by the smallest things, which ends up with her crying dramatically, and sometimes producing crocodile tears. She's rather childish and possessive; she once pouted and told the protagonist he mustn't call another girl "cute." She has also shown her competitive side on many occasions, and she's mocked Yukiko Amagi’s insecurity and her cooking. Along with Yukiko, and Naoto Shirogane, she cries when the protagonist leaves Inaba, and she'll profess her love to him. This, combined with her Arcana being The Lovers, her flirting and certain scenes in Persona 4 The Animation show her affection for the protagonist. Rise states that she loves the protagonist, and will show a very obvious interest in him during the storyline regardless of her Social Link standing. Her cooking skills, like Chie and Yukiko's, are horrific and she is prone to making overly spicy food, as shown in her omelet that she made for Nanako to celebrate Mitsuo's's arrest.


Shadow Rise - Persona 4 the Animation


Rise used to be an idol but quit to work at her family business, citing health reasons, after Kanji is rescued. She is stressed out, and tired of show business because she doesn't know if the Rise that everyone admires is the "real" Rise, or the persona of Risette that she presents to the masses. Rise's biggest insecurity is her individuality. She fears that she has no true self and that her career is making her lose it due to constantly putting up fake faces to the general public. While she initially attempts to change this by running away she is left feeling unsatisfied. By the end of the series, she acknowledges all of those supposed fake selves she presented to others were actually just other sides of her true personality. Upon realizing this, she decides to start up her career content that she will be portraying her true self for all to see.

As the general supporter/navigator of the group, Rise helps the team stay on their toes, informing them all sorts of things in battle and using her Persona, Himiko, to scan enemy weaknesses and boosting their spirits whenever she can, even going so far as to use her Persona to heal the team, raise their attack or defense and more. She also can sense or detect things in the Midnight Channel that aren't easily perceived by others, including Teddie. When she notices a friend going through a hard time, Rise acts as a comforter, helping them realize the truth and offering them solace in any way possible. Despite having a mischievously playful side while with her friends and offering a lot of sass to back up for it, she is also very passionate about them and is always there to lend them a hand. It should also be noted that if her friends are in danger, Rise will do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe, as seen in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, joining the fray in an effort to find and save her friends.


Persona 4[]


Risette in the "Quelorie Magic" commercial.

Rise, despite her rising fame, eventually quits her job and decides to settle down in her hometown of Yasoinaba, to live with her grandmother. While being asked upon her decisions of choosing to stay there despite the recent murder cases, Rise insists on her decision, and explains that she's stressed. Following Rise's return to Yasoinaba, the whole town swarms to her grandmother's tofu store, Marukyu, hoping to see Rise. Since she has appeared in the TV news, the Investigation Team becomes worried that Rise might get kidnapped and killed in the Midnight Channel, and goes to warn her.

Hoping to catch the culprit, the Investigation Team proposes a stakeout at the Marukyu Tofu shop, but their actions are found out by Tohru Adachi, the assistant of Detective Ryotaro Dojima. The Investigation Team eventually teams up with him. Through their stakeout, they catch a stalker; however, the stalker anxiously denies his connection with the murder cases. Not believing his words, Adachi apprehends him. However, during their way back passing Marukyu, Rise's grandmother claims that Rise has gone away. Panicked, the Investigation Team decides to tune in the Midnight Channel again, realizing that they were too late: Rise has already been kidnapped.

If Rise is not rescued by 7/9, the protagonist will receive a call from Chie that they found Rise's body. The protagonist blacks out instantly afterwards and is summoned to the Velvet Room, where Igor offers them a chance to go back a week before.

After gathering clues, the Investigation Team managed to detect Rise's location in the Midnight Channel, and set out to rescue her in the Marukyu Striptease. The Investigation Team eventually finds her, along with her Shadow Self. Shadow Rise taunts her that in actuality, she desired her idol status, before performing a pole-dance in an alluring fashion. Confused and surprised, Rise denies her Shadow's claims and exclaims that the Shadow is not her.

Shadow Rise

Shadow Rise pole-dancing.

Fueled by Rise's declaration, Shadow Rise transforms into a pole-dancing monster and attacks the party. However, Shadow Rise's analytical abilities proved to be more than a match, and the party was brought to the edge of defeat. Laughing at their incompetence, Shadow Rise readies for another strike, but Teddie eventually charges towards the Shadow, performing a suicidal attack and weakens the Shadow. Accepting her true self, the Shadow nods and transforms into Himiko, becoming Rise's Persona.

Social Link[]

Main article: Social Link/Rise Kujikawa

After her kidnapping, Rise shows a less-than-subtle crush towards the protagonist, and eventually creates the Lovers Arcana Social Link with him. Through the protagonist's interactions with Rise, she reveals that during her childhood, she was a shy, lonely child and that nobody had high expectations of her. Due to her shyness, she was constantly bullied by her classmates, until a relative submitted her application to an idol competition, which she won. Her original motivation of accepting the prize was so once she becomes popular, she would have more friends. However, she eventually realizes that her "friends" are only interested in the fabricated personality of teen-idol "Risette," but not Rise Kujikawa, the young girl from Yasoinaba.

Though Rise initially felt liberated with separating herself from "Risette," she is shown to become irritated when she overheard bystanders bad mouthing about her celebrity persona. And even though she constantly denied her old manager's offers to return back in the limelight, after finding out he found another rising star, she became very upset, feeling like she has lost everything.

By the end of the Social Link, Rise eventually realizes that "Risette" isn't a fabricated personality, but one of her many traits. Upon her realization, Rise exclaims that she would return to her job as an idol in spring, hoping to show the world her other traits, and not just "Risette." With Rise finally finding her resolution, her Persona transfigures into Kanzeon. Rise would also give the protagonist her signed photo, bestowing the ultimate form of Lovers Arcana, Ishtar, the goddess of love. If the protagonist decides to make an intimate relationship with Rise, and accepts Rise's invitation text message on the Christmas Eve to spend time with her, the protagonist will receive the accessory Silver Bangle, which raises the user's Spirit Points by 50%.

Persona 4 Golden[]


Rise joining an All-Out Attack.

The addition of bikes for the Investigation Team introduced a unique new way of obtaining skills for party members. By going on special forms of dates with each party member, involving the use of the bikes, the player is given the option of either having the party member in question learn a brand-new skill or relearn any old skill that they have forgotten.


Rise Kujikawa -True Story

Rise performing "True Story."

Additionally, like in Persona 4, each party member is able to learn new skills upon the progression of their Social Link. The Social Link skills that Rise learns upon development of her Social Link are also listed below; the skills Rise can learn have remained unchanged from Persona 4. Rise's bike skills are unique in that, rather than being normal battle skills, they are power-ups to the All-Out Attack.

Another exclusive to Golden features Rise taking the stage for a concert at Junes to sing "True Story," with the rest of the team forming a band to accompany her.

Persona 4 The Animation[]

Persona 4 animation rise

Rise Kujikawa in Persona 4 The Animation.

In the anime, Rise is seen in the intro discussing her leave just before her concert. She then, while donning a disguise, meets Yu Narukami on June 20th, after dropping her cell phone trying to hide from her fans. Rise is then seen again by Yu and the others, when they head to Marukyu Tofu to check up on her, and warn her about the recent kidnappings.

Rise runs into them again after being stalked by an overzealous fan. During the incident, she is escorted out by Yu and they head to the Samegawa Flood Plain. Rise then discusses her former life as a pop star, and how no one sees her true self, but only Risette.

On June 23rd, she transfers to Yasogami High School early before she awakens her Persona. After seeing paparazzi mobbing the school's entrance, Yu takes her hand and guides her to Marukyu Tofu. Upon arriving, they come across Rise's former manager, Minoru Inoue, who's come to ask something important of her. The two discuss matters at Tatsuhime Shrine. Rise assumes he wanted her to return to show business, but Inoue instead reveals she has already been replaced, and is no longer needed. Inoue departs, leaving Rise shocked at the revelation; Yu comforts her. Yu questions her decision for taking a hiatus; she becomes upset and accuses him of not "seeing the real her" and runs away. On the same night, she is seen on the Midnight Channel.

Rise despair

Rise refusing to accept her other self.

On June 24th, Shadow Rise shows the real Rise all her different identities, and asks which is her real self; Rise struggles to answer, not knowing for certain who in fact was the "real Rise." After Shadow Rise transformed, she murmured Yu's name, and fell unconscious for almost the rest of the battle until she awoke to see her Shadow form. She then accepted that all of the "Other Rises" were a part of her, and that there is no "true Rise." This acceptance granted her a Persona: Himiko.

Rise confronts her others self

Rise confronts her other self.

As Rise was accepting her true self, Teddie's true feelings were shown and Other Teddie appeared. When Other Teddie transformed into a Shadow and began to absorb the Investigation Team and Rise, Rise told Yu that she can help to locate Teddie with her Persona. Yu, along with his Persona Izanagi, keep her grounded as Himiko scans for Teddie. She is ultimately unable to find Teddie, due to the heavy fog. Just when all seemed lost, Rise was finally able to locate Teddie, paving the way for Yu and Izanagi to defeat Shadow Teddie.

When Yu took her home, Rise asked him if she could join them to help catch the culprit. On July 10th, Rise said that she was happy to help out, and Yu gave her a pair of pink glasses so that she could see past the fog in the TV World, and as a symbol that she was now a part of the Investigation Team.

During the December event, when the second Reaper appears, Rise decided to stay behind for Yu, Yosuke and Teddie to search for the real Adachi, while she helped out Chie and Yukiko's battle. Then during the battle with Ameno-sagiri, this is the first time Rise's Persona was sent into battle despite being a non-fighting type, however it proved too much, and all the Seeker of Truths' Personas were defeated by Ameno-sagiri. Then when Yu was in danger, Rise's Persona evolves into Kanzeon, and grants him the strength to summon the ultimate Persona, Lucifer.

At the end of Episode 26 (No One Is Alone), Rise was able to gather enough strength to confess her love to Yu when his train started to leave.

Rise and Yu's bond is represented by the Persona Leanan Sidhe.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth[]

Rise and her team wind up in an alternate reality of Yasogami High School, where they encounter S.E.E.S. from 2009 during their venture into the world to understand it as well as residents, Zen and Rei. Rise befriends Fuuka Yamagishi, who shares her power of analysis.

In the P3 story, Rise realizes Yukari Takeba is questioning whether her bond with the team is based on friendship, so she tells her about her own experiences as an idol and how she went along with what everyone else planned because she wanted to avoid conflict; but after meeting her team, she realized it was more important to be truthful to oneself and talk openly, and encouraged Yukari to do the same.

Rise and Fuuka mainly remain in the background providing backup for the rest of the team. After the danger was eradicated, both teams enjoyed the rest of the festival before going back to their separate worlds. Rise and Fuuka promise to meet again in the future. Once they return, their memories of the experience are erased. Rise is then seen studying for a test with her teammates at Junes. She waned after studying for sometime, but Kanji encouraged her to continue.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth[]

Rise and the team is venturing into the TV world when their direction is suddenly altered, causing them to be sucked into a world of dinosaurs. While venturing through the new environment, they lost touch with Yosuke Hanamura, and Rise is poisoned. They encounter the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and, after a brief fight between the P5 hero and Yu, they go back to the movie theater to give Rise proper treatment. Her ailment is cured soon, and she is able to join forces with the Phantom Thieves' navigator, Futaba Sakura. Phantom Thieves Ryuji Sakamoto and Futaba are excited to find out that the girl is actually international idol Risette. However, with shared knowledge on the facts, they also learn that they are all from different times. Futaba and Rise are later joined by Fuuka Yamagishi when the team finds SEES in a robotic movie world. The three of them learn a special move that allows them to heal their teammates in combat.

After the threat is eradicated, the Investigation Team says goodbye to their new friends and return to their world, with their memories of the event removed. Rise and her friends later go to Yu's house to watch a movie about dinosaurs. Yu's cousin, Nanako also joins in.

Persona 4 Arena[]

Rise returns as an Information/Support character of the Grand Prix, however it turns out a fake version of her is hosting the matches, as she was kidnapped and locked in the Announcement Room by Shadow Labrys, who was disguised as General Teddie. This was to prevent her from communicating with the others, making her unable to warn them about the real purpose of the tournament beforehand.

Eventually, General Teddie leaves the room making her able to communicate with everyone and gives the others directions to where she is. She is rescued and witnesses the revelation of Labrys' true form and the battle with Shadow Labrys. She helps support the others in helping Labrys accept her shadow and becomes friends with Labrys. The celebration doesn't last as Labrys is hacked into. She also feels a strange surge as Fuuka Yamagishi helps to dispel the hacking from outside the TV, Rise noting that Fuuka's abilities are far more powerful than hers. She joins the rest of the investigation team later to say goodbye to Labrys and to join up in celebrating Yu's return and the reformation of the Investigation Team.

Persona 4 Arena (Manga)[]

Like in the game Rise is kidnapped by Shadow Labrys. During the final chapter both Rise and Fuuka use their Personas to free Labrys of the Malevolent Entity's control.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax[]

In Ultimax, Rise is now a playable character. While working on making her comeback as an idol, the red mist envelops Inaba and Rise is separated from her friends. Faced with sudden danger, Himiko evolves into a new form capable of fighting. In battle, Rise uses a microphone as a weapon as well as manipulating musical notes and can even analyze opponents, changing her attacks' properties. Her awakened super move has terminologies of those from Dance Dance Revolution games.

Her leitmotif is known as "Twinkle★Star."

Score Attack[]

As a Boss in Score Attack, Rise always has her enemy "Analyzed," allowing her to deal increased damage for the entire battle. She has Tetrakarn and Makarakarn active and thus making it hard to land successful hits on her. Her SP skill, Risette Field is incredibly buffed, recovering almost instantly after use.

Persona x Detective Naoto[]

Rise has returned to work as an idol and plays a minor role in this spin-off novel. She asks Naoto to come help her when another idol steps out of a gravure photo-shoot. She encourages Naoto to embrace her femininity more, but realizes she is making her friend more uncomfortable.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night[]


Persona 4- Dancing All Night Rise Kujikawa Trailer (Eng Subs)

Rise trailer.

A year after the Inaba case and Rise's return to entertainment, Rise is back in the city participating in the "Love Meets Bonds" Festival, sponsored by TakuraPro, and takes on her friends from the Investigation Team as her backup dancers. Also participating in the event is the up and coming idol group "Kanamin Kitchen," led by her underclassman and fellow idol Kanami Mashita.

Rise is in the middle of rehearsal with her teammates Yu and Naoto when Kyoka Ochimizu, the producer of TakuraPro, soon appears. She tells them that Rise is to perform at the festival with Kanami instead of her friends, who will be dropped from the show entirely. Rise discovers upon a quick investigation that this sudden decision is due to the other members of Kanamin Kitchen’s sudden disappearance. Angered by Ochimizu’s callousness, she resolves to find them with her friends’ help.

During a discussion regarding the missing idols, Naoto brings up the rumor regarding the festival website, and a strange video that appears during midnight that has led to several comatose victims. The three decide to watch the mysterious clip, after which an eerie song plays and a portal opens. Rise and the others are forcefully pulled by yellow ribbons into the portal and find themselves in the "other world" where those who watch the video are taken to and Shadows apparently inhabit, called the "Midnight Stage." A voice beckons to them, claiming to want to form bonds with them, and plays a warped song which, when combined with the Shadows' dancing, begins to affect their minds. Just as the group is about to succumb, Rise music player turns on, which affects the Shadows. Yu combines the song with his dancing, which cancels out the song and drives away the Shadows. With this, the three are able to return to the real world, where they promise to continue the investigation once the others arrive from Inaba.

The others soon arrive the next day, where after rehearsal, Rise treats them by bringing them to a quick photo shoot involving Kanami. Ochimizu quickly confronts them, but the mysterious portal to the Midnight Stage opens after Kanami plays the video. Ochimizu protects Kanami and is pulled into the Midnight Stage herself, with the Investigation Team quickly following behind. From there, the group splits into two to save the members of Kanamin Kitchen: while Yu's team searches for Tamami and Tomoe, Rise becomes leader of her group to search for Sumomo and Nozomi.

Persona 5 / Royal[]


Rise on Sapphire posters.

Rise can be seen on posters throughout Shibuya advertising her new single, Sapphire (alongside posters for Kanami's new album, Dropkick). The protagonist can also acquire one to hang in his room by going with Ann Takamaki to Harajuku.

She is also mentioned on TV on 7/1, regarding a newly released song about "mature love." It's mentioned that "she's really gained a lot of sex appeal since she hit 20," which confirms that Persona 5 takes place at least four years after the events of Dancing All Night.

Later, on 11/30, it is mentioned that Rise went on hiatus for a bit, with some wondering if her unwavering appeal is from the power of tofu. It is hinted she might be taking another small hiatus to help her grandmother because the tofu business is now booming.

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight/Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight[]

Rise makes a cameo in Rank 4 of Futaba Sakura's Social Events, Futaba and Ann Takamaki, Ann asks what music Futaba likes to listen to on her headphones, Futaba talks about music genres she likes listening to, she also says "Lately I’m really into J-pop idols. You know, like Rise Kujikawa and Kanami Mashita."

Rise also makes cameos in both Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight and Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight by a few DLC tracks, these are "Pursuing My True Self (OP ver.)," "Shadow World (OP ver.)," "Best Friends (OP ver.)," "Break Out Of... (OP ver.)," "MAZE OF LIFE (Op ver.)" and "changing me" and "Dance! (OP ver.)."


Persona 4 Golden Skills[]

List of Social Link Skills
Skill Cost Effect Rank
Weakness Scan Navi Reveal an enemy's affinity at the start of battle (weakness or immunity). 2
Full Analysis Navi Reveal an enemy's stats, weak points, and skills. (Excludes Bosses) 3
Third Eye Navi Reveal the effectiveness of an attack
(after target has been attacked with the same affinity).
Healing Wave Navi Recover 5% HP after battle (party). 5
Stamina Song Navi Recover 10% HP after battle (party). 8
List of Bike Skills
Skill Cost Effect Rank
All-out Attack Level 1 Navi Increases Rise's All-out Attack damage output to level 1. 1
All-out Attack Level 2 Navi Increases Rise's All-out Attack damage output to level 2. 2
All-out Attack Level 3 Navi Increases Rise's All-out Attack damage output to level 3. 3
All-out Attack Level 4 Navi Increases Rise's All-out Attack damage output to level 4. 4
All-out Attack Level 5 Navi Increases Rise's All-out Attack damage output to max level. 5

Battle Quotes[]

  • "Alright! Level up!" (Level Up)
  • "This one's strong, watch yourself!" (Encountered powerful enemy)
  • "Ah, it's a no-brainer, I'm sure you'll win!" (Encountered weak enemy)
  • "Three enemies on the field! Be careful." (Encountered 3 enemies)
  • "There are five enemies! Don't let 'em get you." (Encountered 5 enemies)
  • *squeals* "Senpai! That was soo cool!" (Protagonist dodges attack)
  • "Oh, nice move, Yosuke-senpai!" (Yosuke dodges attack)
  • "You hit its weakness, Yukiko-Senpai."
  • "You struck its weak-point, Chie-Senpai!"
  • "Enemy Down. Show it what you've got, Kanji-kun!"
  • "Two enemies down. Do it again, Chie-senpai!"
  • "Enemy down! That's the spirit, Teddie!" (Teddie downs enemy)
  • "Enemy defeated. Go for broke, Teddie!" (Teddie defeats 1 enemy)
  • "Enemy defeated. Keep it up, Yosuke-senpai!" (Yosuke defeats 1 enemy)
  • "You're on a roll, Senpai! Two defeated." (Protagonist defeats 2 enemies)
  • "Wow, Naoto-kun! You defeated two enemies." (Naoto defeats 2 enemies)
  • "Three enemies defeated! You're so cool, Senpai."
  • "Amazing Senpai! Four enemies defeated!"
  • "Only one enemy left! you can do it!" (1 enemy left)
  • "One enemy to go! Keep it up!" (1 enemy left)
  • "Only two/three enemies left!" (2/3 enemies left)
  • "Three enemies left! You can win this!" (3 enemies left)
  • "Four of them! You need to thin 'em out." (4 enemies left)
  • "It got back up, defeat it fast!" (Enemy gets up from Down)
  • "It's calling back up! Hurry and defeat it!" (A ____-King Shadow summoned a ____-Bambino Shadow)
  • "What's its problem? More incoming!" (A ____-King Shadow summoned a ____-Bambino Shadow, stage 1 & 2)
  • "What, more of them?! Gee!" (A ____-King Shadow summoned a ____-Bambino Shadow, stage2)
  • "Gee, it's like an endless stream of 'em!" (A ____-King Shadow summoned a ____-Bambino Shadow, stage 3 & up)
  • "Ehh!? ___-senpai, someone heal him/her!" (A party member dying)
  • "Guys ... you're really low on health...!" (Party is low on health)
  • "...shouldn't someone heal ___-senpai...?" (A party member dying)
  • "Phew ... you're up! Ok, time for a counter-attack!" (Protagonist recovers from Knocked Down/Dizzy status)
  • "No, don't be afraid, I'm here with you!" (Protagonist is Frightened)
  • "___-senpai's scared!" (A party member is Frightened)
  • "___-senpai is useless!" (A party member is Exhausted)
  • "___-senpai's persona is sealed!" (A party member is Silenced)
  • "___-senpai, no!" (A party member (except protagonist) is Controlled by Kunino-sagiri)
  • "Yosuke-senpai's lost it!" (Yosuke is Enraged)
  • "Yukiko-senpai's scary when she's mad." (Enraged Yukiko defeats an enemy)
  • "Kanji-kun's pissed off!" (Kanji is Enraged)
  • "Naoto-kun's pissed off! Someone calm her down!" (When Naoto is Enraged)
  • "Don't give in! Please, get back up!" (All party members except protagonist are Controlled by Kunino-sagiri)
  • "Wh-What is this thing? It feels really bad..." (Meeting the Reaper in a New Game +)
  • "That one's totally weak! Better not lose." (Analyzing weak enemy)
  • "Noooooo problem. It'll be over in a flash!" (Analyzing weak enemy)
  • "Wow, it's puny! This'll be cake." (Analyzing weak enemy)
  • "Physical attacks won't work on that runt?" (Analyzing enemy w/Physical repel)
  • "Ice should work well, you can win this, guys!" (Analyzing enemy w/Ice weakness)
  • "It's weak to ice! This should be easy!" (Analyzing enemy w/Ice weakness)
  • "It's weak to fire! Hehe, this'll be easy!" (Analyzing enemy w/Fire weakness)
  • "It's weak to wind! This'll be a breeze!" (Analyzing Enemy w/Wind weakness)
  • "It's weak against light. Shine on!" (Analyzing enemy w/Light weakness)
  • "It's BEARY weak to electricity!" *giggle* (Analyzing enemy w/Electricity weakness, while imitating Teddie)
  • "You can win this, just don't use light on it." (Analyzing enemy w/Light repel)
  • "Light won't work. Plan B anyone?" (Analyzing enemy w/Light repel)
  • "Yes! We won! Congrats, guys." (Protagonist defeats final enemy)
  • "Hey, it's weak to fire! That's hot!" (Using Weakness Scan on enemy w/Fire weakness)
  • "Its weakness is ice! Cool!" (Using Weakness Scan on enemy w/Ice weakness)
  • "It's weak to electricity! Zap em'!" (Using Weakness Scan on enemy w/Electricity weakness)
  • "Wind will work. Blow it away guys!" (Using Weakness scan on enemy w/Wind weakness)
  • "The enemy's weakness is darkness! It's doomed!" (Using Weakness Scan on enemy w/Dark weakness)
  • "Oh no you don't!" (Blocking attacks from enemies)
  • "Look out!" (Blocking attacks from enemies)
  • "S-Senpai? Nooooo!" (Protagonist is defeated)
Persona 4 Golden
  • "It's showtime!" (All-Out Attack
  • "Are you ready? Get set!" (When assisting an All-Out Attack)

  • "It's Risette! Nice to meet you!" (Character select screen)
  • "Annnnd...action!" (Character select screen)
  • "Rise Kujikawa, ready for the stage!" (Character screen select)
  • "I can fight too!" (Character select screen)
  • "I'm gonna show you my power!" (Intro)
  • "Goood morning!" (Intro)
  • "A debut concert for the new me!" (Intro)
  • "I can fight now--I'll show you!" (Intro)
  • "I'm in it 'till the curtain falls!" (Intro)
  • "Hey! It's me, everyone's Risette!" (Intro)
  • "Yukiko-senpai! Let's go all out, both of us!" (Intro vs. Yukiko)
  • "I won't let you win, no matter what!" (Intro vs. Shadow Rise)
  • "I see it!" (When using her Furious Action)
  • "Don't touch me!" (When rolling)
  • "I WON'T lose!" (Upon reaching Awakening mode)
  • "I can do this...!" (Upon reaching Awakening mode)
  • "Can't stop here!" (Upon reaching Awakening mode)
  • "I'm so mad!" (Upon reaching Awakening mode)
  • "I can't fall behind!" (Upon reaching Awakening mode)
  • "Nice, senpai! But I'm not backing down!" (Upon reaching Awakening mode)
  • "Not gonna hold back, okay senpai?" (Upon reaching Awakening mode)
  • "It's my turn next, Kanji!" (Upon reaching Awakening mode vs. Kanji)
  • "I can fight too!" (Activating her Instant Kill)
  • "I will protect everyone..." (Activating her Instant Kill)
  • "Heads up!" (Should her Instant Kill hit the opponent)
  • "Yay, I pulled it off!" (Should her Instant Kill hit the opponent)
  • "This is my resolve...feel it!" (During her Instant Kill)
  • "Time for my full strength!" (During her Instant Kill)
  • "And ANOTHER one...!" (During her Instant Kill)
  • "This is my new power... FULL IDOL POWER! Now for an encore!" (During her Instant Kill)
  • "I can hold my own..." (Victory after her Instant Kill)
  • "I'm gonna show you...what an idol can do!" (When attempting her Awakening super or during her Instant Kill)
  • "Let's keep rolling... dance time!" (When attempting her Awakening super)
  • "Ugh! I was so close!" (When doing a poor job executing her Awakening her super)
  • "I'll make this my best show ever!" (After winning a round or standing idly by)
  • "Is everyone rocking? Let's keep this up!" (After winning a round or standing idly by)
  • "I got this!" (Round Victory)
  • "Easy as pie!" (Round Victory)
  • "Love and peace!" (Round Victory)
  • "Try again!" (Round Victory)
  • "Push Risette!" (Round Victory)
  • "Now I can protect everyone!" (Victory)
  • "Senpai, did you see that?" (Victory)
  • "Yes, a great victory for me!" (Victory)
  • "Idols these days gotta be able to sing AND fight!" (Victory)
  • "No way... I won!?" (Victory)
  • "Thanks for cheering me on, everyone!" (Victory)
  • "Yay! A V for Victory!" (Victory)
  • "Ehehe, so what did you think of my power?" (Victory)
  • "Yeah! How was that? Were you impressed?" (Victory)
  • "Woah, I actually beat senpai!" (Victory vs. Yu)
  • "Um, will you co-star with me again sometime?" (Victory vs. Yukari)
  • "I'll overcome you as many times as I have to!" (Victory vs. Shadow Rise)
  • "Sen...pai..." (Defeated)
  • "I'm tired..." (Defeated)
  • "This is so frustrating..." (Continue?)
  • "I'm tired of this..." (Continue?)
  • "Take two, here I go!" (Retry)
  • "Don't underestimate the tenacity of an idol!" (Retry)
  • " beat everyone! I feel like I've grown and gained much more confidence now. We should be a regular team!...just kidding. Haha!" (Clearing Arcade/Score Attack/Golden Arena mode)

Victory Quotes[]

  • "Yay, I win! If you want a rematch, talk to my agent!"
  • "Thank you for coming to today's concert! You were the greatest special guest!"
  • "If you think I'm just an idol, you're in for trouble. I haven't trained for nothing!"
  • "So this is a Persona battle... it was a little scary, but I'm determined not to lose!"
  • "My sense of rhythm combined with the courage it takes to go onstage...Haha, I guess my idol experience counts for something, huh?"
  • "Were you watching that, senpai? I did my best!"
Character specific
  • Yu Narukami: "I never thought the day would come where I would fight Senpai... I'll keep growing, so please watch me!"
  • Chie Satonaka: "Your kicks were really heavy... But when it comes to nimble movements, I'm no slouch!"
  • Yukiko Amagi: "That was amazing, Yukiko-senpai. I'll use those graceful dance-like moves as reference!"
  • Kanji Tatsumi: "Ugh, you're too strong! Why don't you let up a little, Moronji!"
  • Teddie: "Hey, Teddie! From now on, touch me anywhere funny, and I'll hurt you with my new Persona!"
  • Yukari Takeba: "You aren't a college model for nothing! You have a great figure! I have a feeling you'll be a powerful rival in my field!"
  • Ken Amada & Koromaru: "*shriek* That is so cute! Is he a stunt dog? How about filming a commercial with me?"
  • Margaret: "N-No way...I won!? No, she must've gone easy on me. But I think I feel more confident, surviving a fight with such an incredible lady! I need to thank her!"
  • Shadow Labrys: "Hey, let's stop this...I mean, you've already been accepted, right?"
  • Sho Minazuki: "I grew because I wanted to protect everyone. That's why I can't lose to you!"
  • Shadow Rise: "It's okay...I want to be someone who can proudly tell everyone how I've grown!"

  • "There are ___ enemies." (When encountering enemies)
  • "Here I go! Persona!" (When using Leader Skill)
  • "Aigis's Orgia Mode is amazing! Her power has dramatically increased!" (When Aigis is in Orgia Mode)
  • "A vow not to strike?" (When Merciful Clergyman forbids Attack)
  • "This time he said not to strike!" (When Merciful Clergyman forbids Attack)
  • "Did he say... vow not to use skills?" (When Merciful Clergyman forbids Skill)
  • "Vow not to not use items...? What?" (When Merciful Clergyman forbids Item)
  • "A vow not to be bossy?" (When Merciful Clergyman forbids Leader Skill)
  • "What!? He's banning multiple things at once!" (When Merciful Clergyman forbids multiple things)
  • "Oh, I think the vow's been lifted for now!" (When Vow is lifted without being broken)
  • "Th-That's what happens if you break a vow!? ...Oh! But now the coast's clear!" (Start of the turn after Merciful Clergyman's Vow is broken)

  • In Other Languages[]

    Language Title
    Flag of Japan Japanese 久慈川 りせ (Kujikawa Rise)
    Flag of South Korea Korean 쿠지카와 리세 (Kujikawa Rise)
    Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China Traditional Chinese 久慈川 理世 (Jiǔcíchuān Lǐshì)
    Flag of France French Rise Kujikawa
    Flag of Germany German Rise Kujikawa
    Flag of Spain Spanish Rise Kujikawa
    Flag of Mexico Spanish (Latin America) Rise Kujikawa
    Flag of Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Rise Kujikawa
    Arabic ريزي كوجيكاوا


    • The name Rise is written in hiragana (りせ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (凛世, 凛瀬, 凛星, 凛晴, 凛生, 凛聖, 凛声, 麗星 or 麗聖), it could possibly mean:
      • 凛世 - "dignified, severe, cold" (凛) (ri) and "world" (世) (se).
      • 凛瀬 - "dignified, severe, cold" (凛) (ri) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).
      • 凛星 - "dignified, severe, cold" (凛) (ri) and "star" (星) (se).
      • 凛晴 - "dignified, severe, cold" (凛) (ri) and "clear weather" (晴) (se).
      • 凛生 - "dignified, severe, cold" (凛) (ri) and "life, living" (生) (se).
      • 凛聖 - "dignified, severe, cold" (凛) (ri) and "holy" (聖) (se).
      • 凛声 - "dignified, severe, cold" (凛) (ri) and "voice" (声) (se).
      • 麗星 - "beautiful, lovely" (麗) (ri) and "star" (星) (se).
      • 麗聖 - "beautiful, lovely" (麗) (ri) and "holy" (聖) (se).
    • Rise's surname Kujikawa means "long time" (久) (ku), "kindness, compassion, charity, love, mercy, be affectionate" (慈) (ji) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).


    • Rise doesn't see the value in learning English because she can just hire a translator.
    • One of Rise's early design concepts resembles Lisa Silverman. Lisa and Rise's names are phonetically similar in Japanese (Risa to Rise) and both have stints as idol singers, in addition to being the most pronounced about their love for the main character, and being of the Lovers Arcana.
    • Some of Rise's early design concepts look similar to Ai Ebihara and Saki Konishi.
    • Rise's appearance and name resemble those of her Japanese voice actress, Rie Kugimiya.
    • During the visit in Port Island's Club Escapade in Persona 4, Rise reveals that she had a secret show two years ago and the power went out in the middle of her performance referencing the power outage before the first SEES Full Moon Operation in September 2009. This comes up again in Persona Q when Shinjiro Aragaki recognizes Rise's name thanks to Club Escapade's owner.
    • Rise is a famous idol, but none of her songs are heard in Persona 4, although she does provide vocals on a version of Heaven. The animation’s opening is sung by Rise's VA, and Persona 4 Golden has since added its concert scene featuring the rest of the Investigation Team as an accompanying band.
    • Rise is the only member of the main cast who possesses a Persona not based on a figure of native Japanese descent.
    • Rise is the only character who does not have a cut-in effect when summoning her Persona in the vanilla version of Persona 4. However, Persona 4 The Animation gives Rise the cut-in effect when she first summons Himiko and in Persona 4 Golden when aiding the All-Out Attack.
    • In Persona 4 The Animation, during Shadow Naoto's battle, Rise is the only female character who actually adores aged Yu by complimenting him when he has been hit by Galgalim Eyes.
    • Rise is the first information/support character to be involved in the All-Out Attack in Persona 4 Golden, as well as the first to become playable in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
    • Rise is the only member of the Investigation Team that seems to summon her Persona instantly, whereas the others break cards.
    • Rise's stat-icon (the character's side-portrait displaying their HP and SP) without glasses can be viewed in the P4G game manual.
    • Rise was originally going to be an offensive character, or at least a character who actively participated in battle; she would wield a chain, but was quickly changed to a supportive role when the role of "the delinquent/bully" was filled in by Kanji Tatsumi. During this design phase, she looked a lot like Ai and Saki. It wasn't until they decided on an "idol," that the Lisa Silverman-esque design was considered.
      • Additionally, Rise's All-Out Attack dialogues can be seen in the game's files. However, instead of actual in-game dialogue, they are actually developer notes indicating that the files should not be seen written in Rise's speech patterns.
    • In Persona 4 Arena, she may occasionally say "Duel 1, Let's Rock!" or "Rebel 1, Action!" at the beginning of a match if she is chosen as Navigator. This is a reference to the round calls in the Guilty Gear series and BlazBlue series respectively (both also developed by Arc System Works).
    • Rise was mentioned in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Story Mode: Episode P4A. She also seems to have been planned as a DLC character.
    • She is the only main female character that reveals her weight in the Persona 4: Official Design Works.
    • Her Instant Kill in Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax, True Story, is the song used in Episode 9 of the anime, when she was first introduced in the story.
    • Rise is the only character of Persona 4 who has seen her own blurry image on the Midnight Channel.
    • Rise is the only Persona character that has an initial persona that can go through multiple mutations: support, battle and stage.
      • This makes her the only Navigator, so far at least, that can fight if she chooses to do so. But, Himiko’s battle form is exclusive to Ultimax and has not made any appearances since.
    • In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Rise is the only Investigation member to wear a completely different outfit in which it's not similar to her winter school uniform nor her summer school outfit with the exception of her Yasogami logo.
    • In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, she is one of few playable characters where she sings while dancing to her other main theme, "True Story (ATLUS Kozuka remix)." The second is Hatsune Miku.
      • While performing "True Story (ATLUS Kozuka remix)," the players cannot change Rise's costume or pick a dance partner.

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