Yuji attempting to reverse Yumi Tasaka

The Reverse cases (リバース事件) are Persona-related murders that take place in Ayanagi City during the events of Persona -trinity soul-. Ayanagi police superintendent Ryo Kanzato has been hiding all information on this cases from the public.


The Reverse cases are caused when a Persona is forcefully extracted from its user. A successful extraction results in the victim being turned inside out, which is why the police had dubbed them Reverse cases. Following Mareya Kujou and Ryo Kanzato's fight, Mareya falls into a coma, which causes the Reverse cases to cease.

The reason behind extracting Persona is so that those persona can be consumed by Marebito Personas. This increases the strength of Marebito's Personas, but makes them more unstable. While most of Marebito believe that this is to make them more powerful and to obtain a new level on consciousness, in reality, Mareya was gathering Personas in an attempt to resurrect his daughter.

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