Retro Games are items in Persona 5.



Retro games can be played on the protagonist's TV and game console in their attic. In order to complete a game, they need to spend several sessions to complete each chapter. However, the protagonist will have to play through several minigames, which are assigned in specific ways depending on the chapter. The protagonist needs to clear them in order to proceed, otherwise, they'll need to start the chapter another time if they wish to continue.

Name Chapters Effect Description Price Location
Star Forneus ∎∎∎ Guts (♪♪) A retro space shooting game. Playing could give you guts. Comes with Famidrive Yongen-Jaya - Yumenoshima Second-hand Shop
Punch Ouch ∎∎∎ Charm (♪♪) A retro boxing game. Playing could give you the charm of a challenger. ¥5,300 Akihabara - Retro Game Shop Super Baron
Train of Life ∎∎∎ Kindness (♪♪) A retro board game. Playing could expand your kindness. ¥5,600 Akihabara - Retro Game Shop Super Baron
Power Intuition ∎∎∎ Guts (♪♪) A retro fighting game. Playing could give you guts. ¥5,500 Akihabara - Retro Game Shop Super Baron
Gambla Goemon ∎∎ Charm (♪♪) A retro gambling game. Playing could build the charm not to give up. ¥5,200 Yongen-Jaya - Yumenoshima Second-hand Shop
Golfer Sarutahiko ∎∎∎ Proficiency (♪♪) A retro golf game. Playing could make you more proficient. ¥3,200 Akihabara - Retro Game Shop Super Baron

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

In Persona 5 Royal, a new game based on Phoenix Ranger Featherman R has been added.

The Actual Rewards (P5R)

Name Reward Effect
Star Forneus Forneus Badge Ice Amp (Strengthens Ice by 50%)
Featherman Seeker Featherman Badge Wind Amp (Strengthens Wind by 50%)
Punch Ouch Punch Badge Evade Fire
Train of Life Train Badge Elec Amp (Strengthens Electric by 50%)
Power Intuition PI Badge Nuke Amp (Strengthens Nuke by 50%)
Gambla Goemon Gambla Badge Evade Elec
Golfer Sarutahiko Golfer Badge Psy Amp (Strengthens Psy by 50%)

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