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Restaurant scene

Restaurants are a kind of shop present in Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. By paying a small amount of money, any character can buy one of the dishes or drinks served there and get a temporary stat increase. All restaurants offer another service like selling weapons or being the place where a Rumormonger hangs out.

List of restaurantsEdit

Trish's FountainEdit

At first, Trish won't sell ice cream. The player must first obtain a rumor about Trish selling ice creams from Demon Rumormonger Nekomata, located at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, by donating 100,000 yen to the cat statue. Additionally, later in the story Nekomata will have another rumor available that claims she's reformed her greedy ways...sort of. The rumor has two possible randomly generated outcomes which both effect the cost of ice cream by either lowering her prices, or raising them, but adding "Lucky Ice Cream" and "North Light Vanilla" to her inventory.

Food Lowered Price Normal Price Increased Price Effect
Italian Gelato 5,250 10,500 21,000 VIT +7
Spaghetti Ice Cream 5,250 10,500 21,000 TEC +3
Pepper Cream 5,250 10,500 21,000 AGI +3
Squid Ink Sherbet 5,250 10,500 21,000 STR +7
Ice Cream 5,250 10,500 21,000 TEC +7
Super Vanilla 5,250 10,500 21,000 AGI +7
Green Tea Ice Cream 5,250 10,500 21,000 STR +3
Fancy Soft-Served 5,250 10,500 21,000 VIT +3
Lucky Ice Cream N/A N/A 24,000 LUC +8
North Light Vanilla N/A N/A 24,000 LUC +15

Gatten SushiEdit

Found in the Lotus Plaza of Rengedai District. Rumormonger Toro is found here.

Innocent Sin
Food Price Effect
Tuna 300 Dx +2
Squid 300 Ag +6
Sweet Shrimp 400 Vi +2
Eel 400 Ag +1
Sea Urchin 500 Dx +4
Salmon Roe 500 St +4
Halibut 400 Dx +8
Albacore 400 Vi +3
Eternal Punishment
Food Price Effect
Tuna 300 TEC +2
Squid 300 AGI +6
Sweet Shrimp 400 VIT +2
Eel 400 AGI +1
Sea Urchin 500 TEC +4
Salmon Roe 500 STR +4
Fish Fin 400 TEC +8
Fatty Tuna 400 VIT +1

Izakaya ShiraishiEdit

"What do the regulars come here for? Her amusing tales? ...Or the special menu? No...that's nonsense."
Katsuya Suou, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Found in Kameya Alley on the Hirasaka district. It's known as "Ramen Shiraishi" in Innocent Sin and serves a variety of ramen noodles, but changes to an Izakaya-style bar in Eternal Punishment which sells Japanese snacks and sake.

The owner is referred to as the "Shiraishi Lady". Although it may not have been her true backstory, rumors in both games make her become a former secret agent that sells weapons in her store. She also has a dream of publishing an autobiography of herself which can be realized through rumors in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Her autobiography is littered with grandiose tales such as her having been saved by a soldier.

In order to get all the plates on the menu, the relevant rumor must be spread. Rumors must also be spread to add the Combo Plate to the menu. An extra sidequest line called "The Man Searching Quest" can be unlocked from which the Shiraishi Lady oversees.

Rumormonger Toku can be found here.

Innocent Sin
Food Price Effect
Shoyu Ramen 500 Ag +5
Miso Ramen 600 Vi +2
Veggie Ramen 700 Dx +1
Char Siu Ramen 700 Vi +4
Ramen Set 900 St +2
Ramen Mix 800 Ag +7
Spicy Onion Ramen 780 St +3
Shiraishi Special 600 Vi +8
Eternal Punishment
Food Price Effect
Edamame 230 AGI +5
Yakitori 400 VIT +2
Sesame Chicken 500 TEC +1
Oden 500 VIT +5
Red Bean Gyoza 400 STR +2
Banana Ramen 700 AGI +7
Beer 500 STR +3
Sake 500 VIT +8
Combo Plate 1500 STR +15

Peace DinerEdit

Found on the Central Avenue of the Yumesaki District. Rumormonger Chikalin is found here. In Revelations: Persona the party cannot order food throughout the game, however, they can visit Peace Diner and talk to people.

Innocent Sin
Food Price Effect
Peace Buger 230 Vi +3
Chicken Burger 300 Vi +4
Fish Burger 300 Dx +4
Peace Double Meat 350 Dx +3
Big Peace Burger 380 Ag +8
Fries 270 Ag +4
Peace Shake 150 St +5
Fresh Shake 200 St +1
Eternal Punishment
Food Price Effect
Peace Burger 230 VIT +3
Chicken Sandwich 300 VIT +4
Grilled Burger 300 VIT +6
Double Peace Burger 350 TEC +3
Big Peace Burger 380 AGI +8
French Fries 270 AGI +4
Peace Shake 150 STR +5
Value Meal 700 STR +1

Double SlashEdit

Found in the Aoba District commercial area.

In Eternal Punishment, the Wang Long addict here will tell you which dragon rules over you by telling her your birth month. If you tell her HASTURCOMEFORTH (in all caps) she will panic, but you will be able to pick up the Material Card "King in Yellow" on your desk at Kismet Publishing, which is required to create the Persona Hastur in the Velvet Room.

Baofu's Rumors Websites can be accessed here.

Innocent Sin
Food Price Effect
Coffee 350 Dx +5
Cafe au Lait 400 St +6
Lemon Tea 300 Ag +3
Herbal Tea 450 Ag +2
Sandwich 700 St +4
Pizza Toast 600 Vi +1
Spaghetti 980 Dx +1
Curry Rice 700 Dx +7
Eternal Punishment
Food Price Effect
Coffee 350 TEC +5
Cafe Au Lait 400 STR +6
Milk Tea 300 AGI +2
Herb Tea 450 AGI +2
Double Tea 700 STR +8
Pizza Toast 600 VIT +1
Spaghetti 980 TEC +1
Curry Rice 700 TEC +7


Parabellum can be found in the Aoba District commercial area. Some time after the rumor about the Bar selling weapons and another rumor are spread, the rumor-loving Bartender moves from Narumi to Parabellum (along with all of her drinks). A rumor must be first be spread before "Front Sight" and "Rear Sight" appear on the menu. Tatsuya cannot purchase any of the drinks, as he is underage.

Food Price Effect
Revolver 1,200 AGI +2
Double Action 1,125 STR +6
Magnum 990 TEC +8
Bullet Core 1,230 STR +2
Browning Power 1,320 TEC +4
Angel Trigger 1,050 AGI +6
Tilt Barrel 750 VIT +8
Derringer 1,350 VIT +4
Front Sight 1,550 LUC +3
Rear Sight 1,800 LUC +6

Johnny Roger'sEdit

Found in the Seaside Mall in the Konan district. The bartender also functions as a rumormonger.

Innocent Sin
Food Price Effect
Coffee Blend 380 Vi +7
Tea Blend 350 Ag +1
Veggie Juice 280 St +2
Special Cocoa 320 St +7
Baked Apple Pie 400 St +1
Chocolate Cookie 420 Ag +3
Brown Rice Curry 700 Dx +6
Secret Menu 900 Dx +3
Eternal Punishment
Food Price Effect
Blended Coffee 380 VIT +7
Blended Tea 350 AGI +1
Mix Juice 280 STR +2
Special Cocoa 320 STR +7
Baked Apple Pie 400 STR +1
Chocolate Cookie 420 AGI +3
Brown Rice Curry 700 TEC +6
Pirate's Set 900 TEC +2


Ebony can be first found in the Hotel of the Narumi district. However, later in the game Narumi becomes inaccessible, obligating the Bartender, who is also a Rumormonger, to move to Parabellum (a rumor must be spread). After a certain rumor is spread, Salam will ask you to make maps of dungeons in exchange for Rare Spell Cards and Fool Tarots. Tatsuya cannot purchase any of the drinks, as he is underage.

Food Price Effect
Soda 1,500 AGI +4
Stinger 1,600 TEC +6
Morning Fiz 1,700 AGI +8
Blue Lagoon 1,400 TEC +2
Green Eyes 1,400 VIT +6
Mocking Bird 1,700 STR +8
Angel Kiss 1,300 VIT +2
Splitzer 1,800 STR +4

Clair de LuneEdit

Run by Garcon Soejima, it is first found in the Hotel of Narumi, and later found in Aoba after spreading a rumor. Clair de Lune can sell either armor or weapons, depending on the rumor that is spread.

Innocent Sin
Food Price Effect
Vichyssoise 1,000 Vi +1
Escabeche 1,000 Dx +2
Cassoulet 1,000 St +8
Brochette 1,000 Ag +2
Brandade 1,000 Vi +5
Bouillabaisse 1,000 St +3
Ballottine 1,000 Ag +4
Navarin 1,000 Vi +6
Eternal Punishment
Food Price Effect
Vichyssoise 1,000 VIT +1
Escabeshe 1,000 TEC +2
Cassoulet 1,000 STR +8
Brochette 1,000 AGI +2
Brandade 1,000 VIT +5
Bouillabaisse 1,000 STR +3
Ballotine 1,000 AGI +4
Navarin 1,000 VIT +6


  • In Eternal Punishment, due to being a minor (below 20 years old according to Japan's law) and Katsuya Suou's presence, Tatsuya Suou cannot dine anything with alcohol in it. He is the only character in the game to have this kind of restriction.

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