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Red Bear is a famous Gladiator from Haneda's fighting gym who aspires to be a citizen of the Center, a privileged district in the last human city on Earth, Tokyo Millennium.



Red Bear wishes to be a citizen of the Center and even in death he curses Aleph for stealing from him the chance to go to the Center.


Shin Megami Tensei II

The First Rival

Red Bear is the first boss of the game, and one of the most powerful warriors who were trained by Haneda. He is one of the two finalists of a great tournament which is periodically organized at Valhalla's Colosseum, and is set up to fight against a competitor from a rival gym named "Hawk". The winner of the battle would gain the title of Champion, in addition to the much sought official citizenship required for one to be accepted at the Center.

In a "Dungeon Match", he and Aleph were both put inside a maze, filled with demons and all sorts of weapons and equipment that they could freely claim. The purpose of the event was for the fighters to meet at the center of the labyrinth, where a battlefield awaited them, and the winner would finally be decided.

In the end, even while afflicted with flashbacks that considerably reduced his overall fighting capabilities, Aleph was the one who emerged victorious, killing Red Bear in battle. With his last breath, he express his great wish of becoming Champion. According to him, not for the glory, but just to be able to leave Valhalla and go find a peaceful life in the Center.

Nevertheless, that's not his last appearance in the game. He can once again be seen, this time in the afterlife itself; or rather, in the Chesed area of the Abyss (the demon world), where his spirit is dwelling, along with those of many others, waiting to pass on for good by the purging powers of Virocana.

Interestingly, even in death, he still curses Aleph for stealing from him the chance to go to the Center.


Shin Megami Tensei II

Race Alignment Level HP MP
Ranger Neutral-Law 10 67 -
160 1 36 23 28 22 4 5
St 8
In 5
Ma 3
Vi 4
Ag 5
Lu 5
Drop Star Glove Moon Aff B
Swd Gun Fir Ice Elc For Nrv Exp Crs Mgc Bnd Rsh Hnd Leg Fly Alm
- - - - - - - Nu - - - - - - - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Backfist Medium Punch attack to one foe.
Jump Kick Medium Kick attack to 1-3 foes.


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