Official artwork from DemiKids.

Razor, known as Kamaitachi (カマイタチ*)? in Japan, is a demon in the series.


Kamaitachi, the 'sickle-weasels', are a type of youkai (Japanese supernatural creatures of various origins and traits). They work in a group of three siblings to attack travelers on the road. The eldest knocks down the traveler, with a club, stunning him. Then the second cuts a deep gash on the traveler with its long claws, which is near-instantly healed by the youngest's healing balm. Thus the traveler ends up very confused why an apparently normal gust of wind suddenly left a huge, bloodless scar on his person.



Devil Children Black Book & Red BookEdit

Rank fusing Ratatoskr six times can have him rank up into Kamaitachi.

DemiKids: Light & DarkEdit

"Deadly weasel that moves at hyper-speed and wields a razor-sharp sickle."
DemiKids Demonary

Known as Razor.


Devil Children Black/Red/White BookEdit

Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
Elite Wood Yoma 15 157 54 95
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
14 12 13 12 15 11
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Zan Wood 5 MP Light damage to one foe.
Zanma Wood 10 MP Heavy damage to one foe.
Sukukaja Sun 6 MP Increases Luck for all allies.
Sukunda Moon 5 MP Lowers Luck for all foes.
Media Sun 12 MP Light HP recovery for all allies.
Mazan Wood 18 MP Light damage to all foes.

DemiKids: Light & DarkEdit

Class Element Type Level HP MP Exp
Common Wind Fiend 9 94 36 39
11 9 12 11 9 9
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Cyclone Wind 5 MP Small dmg. 1 Foe
Lucidity Light 6 MP ACC Up. Party
Windburst Wind 15 HP Small dmg. 1 Foe
Teleport Light 10 MP Teleport Party
Windblast Wind 28 HP Medium dmg. 1 Foe
Heal All Light 12 MP Minor HP recovery. Party

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
Common Wind Yoma 9 94 36 39
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
11 9 12 11 9 9
List of Skills
Zan Sukukaja Wing Flap
Traport Iron-cutting Leaves Media


Artwork from Devil Children Red/Black Book.

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