Rank is a recurring mechanic in the series, often used in place of demons or Personas leveling up.



Majin TenseiEdit

Class is represented by stars, and a demon can get 8 stars in all. A demon will quickly gain them by facing stronger opponents, or by beating a number of enemy demons to get EXP. Enemy demons also level up through this system, so be wary when using stronger demons or human units against them.

Majin Tensei II: Spiral NemesisEdit

Rank works similar to leveling up, as demons do not level up in the game itself. Earning experience through battle, a demon will get anywhere from zero to four stat increases when ranking up. Demons also gain the Extra skills by ranking up a number of times and these skills can be passed on by remixing them until a demon has all 62 skills. Enemy demons who have ranked up give more experience than a demon who hasn't, and there are enemy demons who will be ranked as high as 99. Demons always get a increase in HP/MP when ranking up, from a small amount when they have no stat increase to a large amount when they get a number of stat increases.

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Like demons in Majin Tensei II, Personas do not level up in the game itself and instead raise in rank. As the player uses their Persona more and more, the Persona will slowly raise in rank, starting at 1 and ending at 8. At rank 1, the Persona only knows a single skill, but as the Persona ranks up, they will gradually learn the rest of their moveset and their stats will increase.

The difference in levels between Persona-user or enemy and Persona affects the number of uses needed to rank up. The higher a character's level is compared to their Persona, the quicker it gains ranks.

Level - Persona Lv <= 10
Rank Uses
Rank 1Initial
Rank 21
Rank 35
Rank 410
Rank 520
Rank 635
Rank 755
Rank 8100
Level - Persona Lv > 11
Rank Uses
Rank 1Initial
Rank 21
Rank 31
Rank 44
Rank 56
Rank 612
Rank 718
Rank 836 / 54
Total78 / 96

Persona 2 duologyEdit

Ranks in the Persona 2 duology work the same way as in the previous game, however, a Persona can gain multiple ranks at once through Mutation. When the character/enemy level is much higher than the Persona's level, it will gain more 'rank experience' with every invocation, with the use of healing or support skills increasing this even further *.

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