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A screenshot of Racial Skill up in Devil Survivor 2.

Racial Skills (種族特有スキル, Shuzoku tokuyuu Sukiru)? are the special abilities of demons in Devil Survivor and Devil Survivor 2. As the name indicates, the Racial Skills are unique to all demons belonging to that particular race. As Racial Skills are unique to demons, they cannot be cracked for use by the playable characters. In turns, leader characters can use the Auto Skills instead which is not available to most demons. Mitamas and Elements have no Racial Skills.

Devil Survivor 2 introduces enhanced versions of Racial Skills, which are achieved if a demon gains enough levels, e.g., a Fairy demon will upgrade its Glamour skill into the Fairy Dust skill. The exact required level of enhancement varies for each demon, but demons with higher base level require fewer level-ups to enhance their Racial Skills. Some demons with a very high base level will instead automatically have their enhanced Racial Skill from the get-go.

The Foreigner race introduced in Record Breaker is special in that its three members all have unique Racial Skills that cannot be upgraded.

List of SkillsEdit

Skill Enhanced Race Effect Enhanced Effects
Affection Goddess Grace Megami Restores a large amount of HP and cures all ailments to one team, range: 4 Range increased to 6
Awakening Enlightenment Deity Damage from MP skills x1.5 Innate reduction of MP skill cost by 25%
Chaos Wave Chaos Breath Vile Attack range raised to 3, move range -1, doubled move cost, no Extra Turns Attack range increased to 4
Constrict Dragon Bind Snake Adjacent foes' move range reduced to 1, combat initiative when attacked Attacking enemies also lose Extra Turns, turn not delayed when attacked
Evil Wave Evil Flow Dragon Attack range raised to 2, doubled move cost, no Extra Turns Additional option to raise range by 4 until end of turn
Blood Wine Angel Stigma Divine Restores an amount of MP (based on level) to the entire team Greater amount of MP restored
Flight Winged Flight Avian Move range +1, ignore obstacles Move range +2 instead
Sacrifice Fallen's Mark Fallen When it defeats a foe, team regains HP equal to the defeated foe's level and MP equal to half the defeated foe's level. Additional option to steal MP from an enemy team, Curse Element, range: 3
Switch Warp Step Avatar Switch positions with an allied team, range: 6 Range increased to 8
Animal Leg Free Leap Beast Team can move a second time after attacking Additional option to escape combat during Extra Turn phase
Devil Speed Devil Flash Wilder Team move range increased to 7, combat initiative granted Team move range further increased to 8
Phantasma True Phantasm Genma Ignore obstacles, move cost halved Additional option to teleport next to a friendly team, range: 5
Charm Fairy Dust Fairy Restores some HP to one team with chance of additional effects, range: 3 Ability affects all friendly teams in range
Tyranny Blood Treaty Tyrant Restores MP to team (dependent on damage dealt) at the end of skirmish Additional option to triple effectiveness of all HP and MP drain and recovery during this turn's skirmish(es)
+ delays enemy turn after skirmish
+ reduces foe's initiative
Double Up Matchless Kishin Team gets additional chance to attack Team also gets additional chance to use skills outside skirmish after attacking
Aggravate Agitate Touki First physical attack by each member has a guaranteed critical Critical rate instead boosted to 100% until end of turn, and slowly decreases after each successful critical
Bind Evil Bind Jaki Reduces one enemy team's move range to 1, range: 3 Affected team's turn is also delayed by one turn
Devotion Mother's Love Femme Restores HP to one team equal to half of Femme's current HP, range: 2 Healing strength doubled, affected team's turn moved forward one position
Asura Karma Asura Destiny Omega Team can gain Double Extra during the Extra Turn phase Team also gets increased chance of Extra Turn at the start of skirmish
Ghost Wounds Possession Ghost Halves one enemy team's move range, reduces attack/heal range to 1, range: 3 Affected team is also cursed
Uncanny Form Unearthly Form Fiend Allows team to move and act a second time after use, cannot be used in succession MP % cost reduced
Hero's Mark Hero's Proof Hero Damage taken by team reduced by 30% until next turn Damage reduction 50% instead
Shinjuku Intelligence Foreigner Single-target skills from the enemy will target the allies with highest resistance to it, but Izaya is of lower priority.
Auto-Rampage Puppet Chance of retaliating when struck in battle. At the end of combat, will recover 50% of current HP unless inflicted with a status ailment. If the combat is initiated by the enemy, there's a higher chance of attacking first.
Headless Rider Increases movement to 8 and reduces the enemy's critical rate by 90%.

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