Qin Shubao (シンシュクホウ, Shin Shukuhou) is a Persona in the series.


Qin Shubao (秦叔宝) is a general from China's Tang Dynasty that was later deified in Chinese mythology alongside his fellow general Yuchi Jingde. As legend goes, the emperor asked them to stand guard over his sleep to ward off a ghost that had been troubling him in the night. Under their guard, he slept peacefully and commissioned portraits of the two of them to keep watch over his room. Due to this legend, he and Yuchi Jingde are known as door gods and commonly used to attract good luck and ward off evil spirits.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Qin Shubao is Wakasa Kusu's Persona. Compared to the other members of Marebito, Wakasa is more aggressive and active about consuming other Personas. Thus, when their supply of Persona Suppressors dwindles, his is the first to lose control. The Persona inside ends up bursting out, while he continued to seek more to consume.


Qin Upper Half
Qin Shubao's upper half
Qin Persona Released
Qin Shubao unable to contain Persona
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