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Milady casting Mapsiodyne in Persona 5

Psy icon of Persona 5 Psychokinesis (念動, nendō)?, shortened as Psy, is an element in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner, Persona 5, and Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth that does psionic damage. The line of spells is named after the original name used for the "Zan" in the Famicom version of Megami Tensei and a common shortening of the word "Psychic."


General Skills[]

Psy skills in Persona 5 deal Technical damage to targets that are suffering any mental status ailment (Confuse, Fear, Despair, Rage, Brainwash). In Persona 5 Royal, the opponent can be knocked down via Technicals. Additionally, Psy triggers Technical damage against Forget as well.

Skill Japanese/Romaji Power Target
Psi サイ
Light 1 enemy
Psio サイオ
Medium 1 enemy
Psiodyne サイダイン
Heavy 1 enemy
Mapsi マハサイ
Light 1 row / all enemies
Mapsio マハサイオ
Medium 1 row / all enemies
Mapsiodyne マハサイダイン
Heavy All enemies

Specific Skills[]

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner[]

Skill Effect Target
Brain Burst Inflicts light Psy damage and Bind B4-6

Persona 5[]

Skill Japanese/Romaji Effect Target
Psycho Force サイコキネシス
Inflicts severe Psy damage 1 enemy
Psycho Blast サイコフォース
Inflicts severe Psy damage All enemies


  • In Persona 5, the graphic effect of all Psy spells use the color scheme of cyan , magenta , yellow and black. It is based on the CMYK color model, which is primarily used in color printing.

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