The Priestess Arcana (女教皇, Jokyōkō or On'nakyōkō), also known as the High Priestess, is a recurring Arcana in the Persona series.


"The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
The silent voice within one's heart whispers the most profound wisdom."
—Nyx Avatar, Persona 3

Originally named the Popess, portrayed as an old woman with an open book, the Priestess Arcana is a symbol of hidden knowledge or other untapped power, wisdom, female mystery and patience when it appears in tarot readings.

Gameplay-wise, the Personas of the Priestess Arcana are commonly associated with healing and support attributes. Mythological figures of the Priestess Arcana are usually crone archetypes, goddesses of wisdom, or priestess figures themselves.

Individuals associated with the Priestess Arcana are usually quiet, reserved, and very intelligent. They are often modest and shy, and won't open up to the protagonist until much later in their Social Links as compared with other characters.


List of Personas

Megami Ibunroku Persona

The player can guarantee a fusion accident resulting in a Priestess Arcana persona by starting from a "hard reset" (as in, not already mid-game and loading a save or selecting "Return to Title") and performing a White Fusion after taking exactly 847 steps in an area where no enemies will attack, such as the Mikage Sun Mall.

The Priestess Arcana is represented by Maki Sonomura.

Persona Level
Maso 5 (Initial Persona of Maki Sonomura)
Ame no Uzume 11
Sati 18
Hathor 29
Urdr * 37
Tensen Nyannyan 46
Usas 53
Verdandi * 61 (Ultimate Persona of Maki Sonomura)
Lakshmi 70
Skuld * 88

Persona 2

Innocent Sin

Persona Level
Tensen Nyannyan 27
Sif 34
Parvati 43
Izanami * 51
Hathor 55
Lakshmi * 64

Eternal Punishment

Persona Level
Tensen Nyan Nyan 27
Sif 34
Parvati 41
Izanami 51
Hathor 55
Scathach 64
Lakshmi 71

Persona 3

The Priestess Arcana Social Link is represented by Fuuka Yamagishi, a student of Gekkoukan High School and a member of SEES. The protagonist can initiate the Social Link flag after joining one of the Culture Clubs. Furthermore, the protagonist must also max-out his 'Courage' Characteristics parameter before initiating the Social Link.

The Priestess Arcana Social Link powers up everytime the protagonist interacts with Fuuka, where he helps tastes Fuuka's horrible cooking, as well as helping her understanding her insecurities of being a burden to others and her confusion about her lack of interest in more 'feminine' hobbies. Upon completing the Social Link, Fuuka will give the protagonist her custom-made earphones, bestowing the Ultimate Form of the Priestess Arcana, Scathach.

The Priestess Arcana is also the Persona Arcana of Fuuka Yamagishi.

Persona Level
Lucia Initial Persona of Fuuka Yamagishi
Juno Ultimate Persona of Fuuka Yamagishi
Apsaras 3
Unicorn 11
Sarasvati 18
Ganga 26
Parvati 35
Kikuri-Hime 47
Scathach 60

FES / Portable

The Priestess Arcana remains relatively the same as Persona 3. However, an exclusive Persona, High Pixie, was added in the Priestess Arcana repertoire.

Persona Level
Lucia Initial Persona of Fuuka Yamagishi
Juno Ultimate Persona of Fuuka Yamagishi
Apsaras 3
Unicorn 11
High Pixie 21
Sarasvati 27
Ganga 35
Parvati 47
Kikuri-Hime 53
Scathach 64

Persona 4

"I want to protect the family inn. After all, it's near to my heart..."
—Yukiko Amagi

The Priestess Arcana Social Link is represented by Yukiko Amagi, a classmate of the protagonist in Persona 4. The Social Link is automatically created in the storyline when the Investigation Team plans a stake-out on Kanji Tatsumi.

In the events of the Social Link, Yukiko exclaims her desire of leaving Yasoinaba to the protagonist, but feels that she cannot cover her daily expenses while living alone, particularly her meals. Due to this, she plans to cook for herself, but at the same, is unable to do so due to her horrible cooking skills. As such, the protagonist is used as a guinea pig to taste her cooking. Several of the protagonist's responses regarding Yukiko's cooking are also based on the protagonist's 'Courage' status parameter; the higher his 'Courage' is, the better answers the protagonist can access.

Leveling the Priestess Arcana up to Lv. 3 allows Yukiko to learn her distinct follow-up move, Fan Assault, where Yukiko delivers a powerful assault on an active enemy, with 100% critical rate and Dizzy status. However, the protagonist must first knock down a target.

Later, as the protagonist interacts with Yukiko, Yukiko realizes that she actually cared for her family inn the most, and her urge of leaving Inaba was actually just an escape from facing the burden of inheriting the inn. By the end of the Social Link, Yukiko decides not to leave Yasoinaba, but to inherit the Inn and continue her family's legacy. Having a change in her psyche and finally finding her resolution, Yukiko's Persona, Konohana Sakuya, transfigures into Amaterasu.

Completing the Priestess Arcana Social Link also bestows the protagonist with the Ultimate Form of the Priestess Arcana, Scathach.

Persona Level
Konohana Sakuya Initial Persona of Yukiko Amagi
Amaterasu Ultimate Persona of Yukiko Amagi
Saki Mitama 11
Sarasvati 17
High Pixie 22
Ganga 29
Parvati 37
Kikuri-Hime 48
Hariti 59
Tzitzimitl 70
Scathach 79

Persona 4 Arena

The Priestess Arcana is represented by Yukiko Amagi and her Persona, Konohana Sakuya, as well as Fuuka Yamagishi, who serves as a possible MC replacement for Rise.

Card Designs

Priestess IS
Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Persona 3 FES

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