The power plant is a dungeon that appears in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2. As the name states, it is situated in the Power Plant Dome of Karma City.

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After Heat kills Serph and God starts to consume data from the Earth itself as a result of Sera's reaction to the former event, Roland and the rest of the Embryon make their way to this facility to shut off the electricity flow to the EGG Installation. Upon arrival, Adil and several members of the Lokapala can be talked to and mention that the Karma Society soldiers inside have smashed all of the consoles that control several large partitions inside the plant that are very resistant to explosives. Past the entrance of the power plant is a defensive line that the Lokapala set up to hold back the Karma Society long enough for the Embryon to reach the control room.

Soon after entering the dungeon proper, Roland finds out that he can channel electricity through his arm to force the partitions to open even if the consoles are destroyed. Once the party is close to reaching the control room, Jenna Angel gives the order to unleash Meganada while a moderate force of Naga led by a Raja Naga attempt to hold the Embryon back. Meganada proceeds to break through the Lokapala's defenses and kill a large number of their forces including Adil while at the same time inside the plant, the Embryon have taken down the Naga. Roland decides to find out what happened to the Lokapala while the Embryon head for the control room and leaves the party. As he stays behind and closes the partition, Argilla tells him that the orange color of the Embryon stands for victory.

Once the party enters the control room, Gale shuts off the electricity only to find out that the EGG doesn't require the power plant's energy. Roland then radios the Embryon and upon finding out that the data transmission cannot be stopped decides to stop Meganada by overloading the reactor to blow up the power plant. Argilla then leaves the party to ensure that Roland is able to overload the reactor. As the Embryon leave the dungeon, Argilla and Roland overload the reactor, killing themselves along with Meganada in the resulting explosion.

Once Gale reaches a doorway that is behind the Lokapala's defensive line, Roland will tell him that once they go through the doorway, they won't be able to leave the dungeon until they finish it. There is a Mad Mart Express location inside the power plant, so the party can stock up on items and sell plants even after entering the dungeon. The party will also be unable to revisit the dungeon after finishing it.

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