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Power Spots (パワースポット) is a feature introduced in the Q series.



Power Spots are glowing spots where the party can harvest materials to be sold to the Handcrafted Workshop, unlocking new pieces of equipment.

At times, the spots will attract enemies and harvesting items have a chance of starting a random encounter. Whenever this happens, however, rare materials will be gathered if an encounter is not started. Certain Navigator skills, such as Spotter and Safety Prayer, can increase the chances of getting rare materials and allow multiple materials to be harvested at once, and reduce the chance of being ambushed while harvesting.

Materials harvested from Power Spots sell for much more than enemy-dropped materials in the same area.

Persona Q2: New Cinema LabyrinthEdit

The Power Spots are renamed as "Treasure Spots" (オタカラスポット) and they are functionally identical to their prequel counterparts. After the player has unlocked access to Junessic Land, certain Treasure Spots will start to yield unidentified accessories. These accessories must be brought back to the shop to have their properties identified, and they can be much more useful than whatever is available in the shop. Rarer accessories may even sell for more than the appraisal price.

During certain Special Screenings, the labyrinth may host one-time Power Spots which will always yield the relevant key item(s) for the Screening.

After defeating the boss of each movie, red power spots will appear in place of the boss. If the party harvests these red power spots, rather than gather items, a battle will be initiated with the labyrinth's Shadows. Rare Shadows may also show up in this battle to facilitate quick accumulation of money and/or Sub-Personas.

Additionally, a red power spot will appear in the fourth floor of the Theater District. If the teammate's warnings are ignored and it is harvested, The Reaper will attack the party.

List of Power Spot MaterialsEdit

You in WonderlandEdit

  • Chapter 1
    • Cake Page
    • Mushroom Page
    • Tart Page
  • Chapter 2
    • Turtle Page
    • Gryphon Page
    • Dormouse Page
  • Chapter 3
    • Hatter Page
    • Cook Page
    • Duchess Page

Group Date CafeEdit

  • Stop 1
    • Dried Amaryllis
    • Dried Rose
    • Dried Orchid
  • Stop 2
    • Chipped Candle
    • Chipped Choker
    • Chipped Necklace
  • Stop 3
    • Cracked Tiara
    • Cracked Earring
    • Cracked Heels
  • Stop 4
    • Ripped Veil
    • Ripped Shawl
    • Ripped Dress

Evil Spirit ClubEdit

  • 1st Story
    • Note Page
    • Textbook Page
    • Document Page
  • 2nd Story
    • Ripped Schedule
    • Ripped Name Tag
    • Ripped Emblem
  • 3rd Story
    • Rusted Syringe
    • Rusted Scalpel
    • Rusted Tweezers
  • 4th Story
    • Bloody Bandage
    • Bloody Gauze
    • Bloody Chart

Inaba Pride ExhibitEdit

  • Night 1
    • Agarwood
    • Sandalwood
    • Kyarako
  • Night 2
    • Music Sheet 260
    • Music Sheet 657
    • Music Sheet 581
  • Night 3
    • Lily
    • Carnation
    • Chrysanthemum
  • Night 4
    • White Belt
    • White Candle
    • White Pot

Clock TowerEdit

  • 1-3F
    • Cloudy Crystal
    • Dirty Crystal
    • Cracked Crystal
  • 4-6F
    • Grey Clockwork
    • Silver Clockwork
    • Gold Clockwork
  • 7-8F
    • Non-Tuning Fork
    • Still Pendulum
    • Stripped Screw
  • 9F
    • Broken 2nd Gear
    • Broken 3rd Gear
    • Split Gearshaft

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