Port Island Station

Port Island Station

Port Island Station (ポートアイランド駅, Pōto Airando-eki) is a location in Persona 3.



Port Island Station is a monorail station that connects Tatsumi Port Island with the neighboring city of Iwatodai, located on the same island as Gekkoukan High School. The protagonist and his fellow students ride the monorail from the Dorm to get to school, and get off here. This place has minor interest for the player to visit it, except for accomplishing certain Quests.

Points of InterestEdit

  • President Tanaka

The Devil Arcana Social Link takes place here. With a Charismatic level of Charm, President Tanaka of Tanaka's Amazing Commodities will speak to the Protagonist and ask for 10000 yen in two encounters, and 20000 in a last encounter, after this, the S.Link is created. This is no longer the case in FES and P3P, since he appears now in Paulownia Mall at nights, but the method of knowing him is still the same.

  • Screen Shot

A cinema showing the latest movies. Occasionally the protagonist will spend time with several social link characters watching movies together. Also in Summer Break it will feature many film festivals, where not only the Protagonist can hang out with characters and gain Social Link points, but also greatly increasing his/her Academics, Charm or Courage.

  • Rafflesia

A florist selling flowers that can be made as gifts to several social link characters. This only applies to the Male Protagonist in Persona 3 Portable.

Gallery Edit

P3M concept artwork of Port Island Station
Concept artwork of Port Island Station from Persona 3 The Movie
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