Artwork from Devil Children Fire/Ice Book.

Polevik (ポレヴィーク, Porevikku)? is a demon in the series.


Poleviks are field spirits that appear as Dwarfs with different eye color and grass for hair. They appear at noon or sunset and try to lead people astray. If they succeed they might give them diseases or ride over them with their horses. A Polevik will murder a man who falls asleep after drinking. To pacify a Polevik one must put two eggs, a rooster, a toad, and a crow placed in a ditch while no one is looking.



Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Two Poleviks fight alongside Gashadokuro at the top of the Tower of Babel in Ice Book. Polevik has the power WindWall.


Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Polevik DCFI
Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
Common Wind Alternate 12 138 69 65
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
11 12 13 13 10 14
List of Skills
Zan Aqua Flood Media
Dormina Hapilma Recarm
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