Pojitrawn (ポジトルヲ, Pojitoruwo)? is the nest of the Luck Locusts in the Devil Summoner series.

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Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon[edit | edit source]

A pojitrawn is a large mass of manifested luck that has been gathered by the Luck Locusts to be made part of their nest. When a Luck Locust is full on luck only then do they bring it back to the nest. When the pojitrawn is completed the Destroy Insects will descend. The Apollyons attempt to destroy the stone shell that protects the nest in order to get to the pojitrawn, but fail as the nest is used to bring down the Gate of the Abysmal Realm from the sky once Taotie devours the space between the two.

A similar event happened in the warring states era when the Gate of the Abysmal Realm appeared back then. A pojitrawn crystal is created by one of the Mushibito after Raidou brings him luck locusts, killing them and using the luck stored inside them to create a path to the Abysmal Realm. This crystal is then used to free others from their despair.

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