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PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 (Original model with newer model beside it)

The PlayStation 3,(プレイステーション3, Pureisuteishon Surii)? officially abbreviated as PS3, is the third home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment as part of the PlayStation series, preceded by the PlayStation 2 and succeeded by the PlayStation 4.

Major features of the console include its unified online gaming service, the PlayStation Network, its robust multimedia capabilities, connectivity with the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita and its use of the Blu-ray Disc as its primary storage medium.

The PlayStation 3, depending on the model, has backwards compatibility support with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games. Every version of the console supports PlayStation 1 games, whereas only the initial versions of the console, as well as certain 80GB models that haven't been updated, support PlayStation 2 games.[1]



The following games are available from the PlayStation Store:


PlayStation 2[]


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