Pistil Mother is a Shadow in the Persona series.



Pistil Mother appears in the first World of Magatsu Mandala within the Midnight Channel. It will try to Silence the party along with using Ice and Wind spells. If left injured, it will heal itself or other Shadows. After being defeated, it may drop a Queen's Nail. Selling 4 Queen's Nails will unlock the Needle Spike weapon for Teddie in the shop.


Persona 4

Level Arcana HP SP St Ma En Ag Lu
69 Empress 293 483 46 55 25 47 39
Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almighty EXP Yen
- - Repel Weak - - - - 3890 ¥430
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Garudyne Deals heavy Wind damage to 1 foe.
Bufudyne Deals heavy Ice damage to 1 foe.
Diarama Moderately restores 1 ally's HP.
Foolish Whisper Silences all foes (30% chance).
Mabufudyne Deals heavy Ice damage to all foes.
Magarudyne Deals heavy Wind damage to all foes.

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