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Phoenix Ranger Featherman R

Phoenix Ranger Featherman R (不死鳥戦隊フェザーマンR, Fushichou Sentai Fezaaman Aru)? is a famous TV show in the universe of the Persona series.



Phoenix Ranger Featherman typically comes on Saturday night and is a parody or homage to Tokusatsu programs like Super Sentai (most likely Chojin Sentai Jetman and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman).

It is a popular series that continues even after its first appearance in Persona 2, with new installment titled Featherman R (フェザーマンR, Fezaaman Aru)? in Persona 3, Neo Featherman (ネオフェザーマン, Neo Fezaaman)? in Persona 4, Featherman V (フェザーマンV, Fezaaman Bi)? in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Neo Featherman Again (ネオフェザーマンアゲイン, Neo Fezaaman Agein)? in Persona 5.

The team members are always named after a type of bird, but their exact names, numbers and costumes change slightly for each series.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin[]

Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP opening Phoenix Ranger Featherman R masks

Phoenix Ranger Featherman masks in the Innocent Sin PSP remake opening movie

All the main characters, except for Yukino Mayuzumi, role-played as these heroes during their childhood, wearing masks and dubbing themselves as the Masked Circle. The masks can be collected and serve as key items that will provide each character's ultimate Persona, excluding Jun Kurosu's Black Condor mask which was retrieved prior to the beginning of the game.

For Japanese version, it is Red Eagle and Black Falcon (same as English translations in Featherman Seeker).

In the opening movie of the PSP remake, shelves hanging the Phoenix Ranger Featherman masks appear briefly at a festival vendor.

Persona 3[]

Ken Amada is embarrassed that he owns a Phoenix Ranger Featherman R action figure, since he's already established precocious maturity as an impression to his fellow SEES members. The show can be watched on the TV in the dorm every Sunday.

List of Episodes:

  • Episode 9: Survive the love battle: Feather Owl!
  • Episode 10: Instant Ramen Smorgasbord: Feather Swan!
  • Episode 11: A Dangerous Game!
    • You're flying too much, Feathermen!
  • Episode 13: Maze of Love!
    • A comforting kiss leads to...a slap in the face!?
  • Episode 14: Love Bomb!
    • Sometimes the only strategy for victory -- is an abject apology!
  • Episode 15: High School Combat!
    • Sing your heart out! Feather Swan!
  • Episode 16: Confusion in the Presses!
  • Episode 17: The Priestess' Revival
  • Episode 18: Death of a Condor
  • Episode 19: Believe in Yourself!
  • Episode 20: Married Life
  • Episode 21: Trash Monster on the Move!
  • Episode 23: Here Comes a New Challenger!
    • This episode included a special Apathy Syndrome announcement from Feather Condor.
  • Episode 24: Giant Robot March! Icaras! Garuda! Combine!
  • Episode 25: The Shadow's Half-Smile!
  • Episode 27: The Gate of Hell Opens! Swallow! Condor! Owl! Gooooo!
  • Episode 28: Dimensional Beast! The enemy is--cute!?
  • Episode 29: Final Battle! Did a random brawl put Hawk out of commission!?
  • Episode 30: Three Demons Awaken! Stop kidnapping my lover!
    • Episode 31 is skipped because the protagonist is feeling sick.
  • Episode 32: Wing's Return! The demons overstay their welcome!
    • Episode 33 is skipped because of the full moon on 10/4.
  • Episode 34: Hawk's Betrayal!
  • Episode 35: Passenger Pigeon Romance!
  • Episode 36: Ant-Guy, The Walking Appetite!
  • Episode 37: Here Comes The Emperor!
  • Episode 38: Hammer Ambush!
  • Episode 39: Roll Those Dice! Save the world with a natural 20!
    • Episode 40 is skipped because of a special bulletin.
  • Episode 41: The Secret Base E*X*P*L*O*D*E*S! Take it back, Featherman R!
  • Episode 42: Sleep in my Arms! Love for love's sake... But what about the battles!?
  • Episode 43: Inside the Body Politic! The Feathermen shrink down to investigate an official's disease!
  • Episode 44: Demon Robot Tannika! Danger, Featherman R!
  • Episode 45: Hot Cocoa of Victory! Find the Demon Robot's opening and defeat it!
    • Episode 46 is postponed because of a newscast.
  • Episode 46: The Great Devil's Tomato Farm! Owl doesn't like tomatoes!?
  • Episode 47: The Great Emperor's Glory! The fight is almost at its end!
  • Episode 48: Fly, Phoenix! A marriage between Hawk and Swan! And as for Condor...

The Movie: #2 Midsummer Knight's Dream[]

Five masks of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R can be seen at the Summer Festival on display.

The Stage: #4 The Weird Masquerade - The Indigo Pledge[]

According to the stage show, Featherman R's team members include Feather Hawk (Red), Feather Condor (Black), Feather Owl (Yellow), Feather Swallow (Blue), Feather Swan (Pink).


  • Spreading out wings and racing across the galaxy
  • We'll tear evil apart and defeat the darkness
  • We protect this green earth without hesitation
  • To bring back hope and peacee
  • We're the only ones who can fight this battle
  • No matter how many times we fall, we'll rise again
  • Reborn each time by our indomitable spirit
  • Blaze, blaze, Feather Hawk!
  • Fly, Fly, Feather Condor!
  • Advance, Feather Owl!
  • Go beyond, Feather Swallow!
  • Dash, Feather Swan!
  • Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!

Persona 4[]

Kanji Tatsumi admits to having been a fan in his childhood. Naoto Shirogane's dungeon, Secret Laboratory, is also referenced as being similar to many of the secret bases found in such shows. In his job as caretaker, the protagonist watches as the children act out moves from the show. One kid in particular, Yuuta, enjoyed watching the show as he gets along with his stepmother Eri Minami.

In the events of the True Ending, Teddie will reference Phoenix Ranger Featherman R if talked to at the entrance to Marukyu Striptease by saying "I'll protect everyone! Phoenix Ranger Featherman Bear!"


In Persona 4 Golden, all the playable characters have Neo Featherman costumes that can be purchased from Okina City's Croco Fur. Note that only Feather Hawk, Owl, Parakeet, Argus, and Falcon are official members, as seen in Persona 5.

  • Protagonist: Feather Hawk (Red). The color of the leader as noted by everyone. Yukiko wonders whether she'd fight over the color if she was a boy.
  • Yosuke: Feather Owl (Yellow). Yosuke wonders if he is the fat one, and Chie asks whether he likes curry. This is a reference to the (erroneous) belief that all Yellow Rangers like curry. In fact, only two Yellows, the first Kirenger and Vul Panther, do.
  • Chie: Feather Parakeet (Green). She remarks that green is the healing one. Teddie imagines her kicking down trees when she says that it's the color of nature.
  • Yukiko: Feather Argus (Pink). Chie did not expect Yukiko to watch tokusatsu shows, prompting her to say that "unless we defeat evil, we can forget about a bright future!" Game description refers to her as Feather Asas.
  • Kanji: Feather Falcon (Black). Chie remarks that Kanji is better suited for the evil characters like the four kings that were defeated early in the show.
  • Naoto: Feather Swan (Blue). Chie notes that the smart one wears blue, and Naoto explains further that Swan is the youngest in the group, but also a master tactician.
  • Teddie: Feather Horned Owl (White). Teddie refers to himself as the Tidy Endorphin Power Stranger, which is a wordplay reference to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Animation[]

Kids at the Inaba daycare center are shown playing with a Neo Featherman toy, a giant robot. When Yu offers to pay for it after the toy is broken, it is shown to cost 68,000 yen (roughly $700).

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax[]

"Death must not be needlessly feared. But it must not needlessly be desired as well. Face it and fight, Featherman!"
Featherman Victory Intro

Yukari Takeba becomes an actress and plays the role of Pink Argus in the most recent incarnation of the show, Phoenix Ranger Featherman Victory. Her weapon, created by Kikuno Saikawa, is based on the ultimate bow she uses from the show. In Yukari's epilogue, much to her surprise, Yukari learns that Mitsuru watches "Featherman V" since her best friend is one of the show's stars.

Featherman V's team members include Feather Pink, Feather Red, Feather Black, Feather Blue and Feather Yellow. Unlike other titles, it is Pink who takes the leader role.

Persona 5[]

Futaba Sakura owns a set of Neo Featherman figures and Featherman R posters in her room. Yusuke Kitagawa rearranges the figures and changes their poses, much to Futaba's horror.

Futaba Sakura also mentions Featherman in some her Mementos dialogue.

The newest title of the show, Neo Featherman Again, sometimes plays on the TV in Leblanc on Saturday nights.

It appears to be a crossover of sorts, as three Red Rangers are mentioned in trailers: Red Eagle (from Featherman), Feather Hawk (from Featherman R and/or Neo Featherman), Feather Red (from Featherman V).

List of Trailers:

  • 04/30 - Led by a mysterious figure, the Feathermen reunite! However, their memories have been stolen! Is there any way they can regain their lost memories? Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "Don't Take Three Steps! You'll Lose Your Memories"!
  • 05/28 - Red Eagle and Feather Hawk get into a heated argument. Who is the true leader!? It's hero against hero in an epic shiritori battle—of wits! Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "Having the Last Word Actually Means You Lose"!
  • 06/04 - Feather Hawk has regained his lost memories—but now, a new villain has revealed himself! The earth-shattering appearance of a new leader! Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "His Name is Feather Red."
  • 06/25 - Blue Swan and Pink Argus talk about love!? Feather Argus and Swan join in as well! No villain can withstand the power of girls' night! Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "I Want a Love So Strong, It'd Bring Me Back from the Dead"!
  • 07/30 - The enemy's controlling Feather Owl's body, making him eat plate after plate of delicious curry! Can Yellow Owl overcome the curry, or will he explode first? Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "When It Comes to Curry, Always Bet on Yellow."
  • 09/03 - Just when the situation looks grim for Featherman, a new ally appears! Donning a cloak of wind, a Feather Arrow will cleave the sky! Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "Feather Pink's Victory."
  • 10/08 - The villain who has gathered together the Phoenix Rangers finally makes his move! What could be in the food tray he had delivered to them!? Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "Grilled Gizzard Is My Favorite—but It's a Trap"!
  • 10/29 - Red Eagle is crushed after Black Falcon's shocking betrayal. However... He's not the only traitor! Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "You Again, Hawk?"
  • 11/12 - The goal of the evil Daimaho was nothing less than the eradication of all birds from the face of the Earth! How will the Feathermen, slowly succumbing to avian influenza, get out of this one!? Next episode... "Broken Wings."
  • 12/03 - Crossing space-time, the Phoenix Rangers unite their powers as one! Will they be able to return to their original worlds!? Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "Return of the Phoenix Rangers."
  • 01/14 - Terrible news for our feathered heroes! After gaining weight during New Year's, they can no longer fit in their suits! In order to get back in shape, they'll have to... dance!? Revive and dance, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode... "Dancing in Featherlight"!
  • 01/28 - The Featherman Rangers were finally able to achieve their special attack in order to stop the destruction of space and time! However, in return, they will not be able to stay here. They must return to their worlds, where they will never see each other again. Their blazing determination will burn even the skies. Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Final episode... "See You Again"!

Persona 5 Royal[]

There is a DLC bundle that includes Featherman costumes from Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight for all the playable characters.

In addition, a new retro game, Featherman Seeker, can be bought and played. The Featherman Dolls can also be gifted by Ryuji should he be invited to Nakano, which can then be displayed in the protagonist's room.

Two young boys who frequently talk about Featherman can now be found hanging out in Yongen-Jaya.

The Animation[]

Pheonix Featherman R Persona 5 Animation

Phoenix Ranger Neo Featherman team posing.

The whole team can be seen on the jumbotron in Shibuya. The scene then changes to Ren Amamiya, spotting Ann Takamaki on break, during a photoshoot with Mika.

Persona 5 Strikers[]

Ryuji is seen wearing a Phoenix Featherman mask during the firework festival.

Additionally, an obscure copy of Featherman, known as Zephyrman is known to exist. While it isn't well known, Akira Konoe is a big fan of it, having modeled his Jail after it.

Devil Survivor 2[]

In one of his events, Joe mentions that he is a fan of the manga "Featherman: From The Ashes."


Persona 2 Innocent Sin[]

Persona 4 Golden[]

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax[]

Persona 4: Dancing All Night[]

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight[]

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight[]

Persona 5 Royal[]


  • Phoenix Ranger Featherman R is an homage to the real-life Tokusatsu series Chōjin Sentai Jetman (which in turn is an homage to Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman), with the episode list and summary's present in Persona 3 having similar details and episode synopses between them. The characters also share the same names (except for Pink Argus and Blue Swan, whose Jetman counterparts are White Swan and Blue Swallow respectively).
  • Johnny Yong Bosch, the English VA for Yu Narukami, is known for portraying Adam Park in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo. Yu's seiyuu, Daisuke Namikawa also has done some work for Super Sentai, Power Rangers' Japanese counterpart of which Featherman is a parody of.
  • Yukari's leading role as Feather Pink in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax can be counted as one of the few references where the pink "ranger" is depicted as the main hero. In one of Yukari's victory poses she performs, albeit a single variant version, of a pose akin to the iconic Super Sentai stances as a subtle reference to them.
  • When Yusuke Kitagawa rearranges Futaba Sakura's Featherman figures, he places them in the poses of the Ginyu Force from Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series.
  • Featherman R has female Green Rangers, something that at the time wasn't part of what the "show" was paying homage to as all Greens in Sentai/Power Rangers were male. Super Sentai would later experiment with the female Green Ranger concept with some of its entries afterward such as Ninninger, Kyuranger and Kiramager, as has Power Rangers with Dino Fury.
  • In Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, the Atlas logo is similar to the Atlus logo. This is a pun to the company's Japanese spelling, Atorasu.
  • All Phantom Thieves (aside from Makoto) use the same color as their gloves, Makoto uses a shade of indigo.
  • There is a general color scheme for party members.
    • All protagonists/leaders are red.
    • All partner characters (Eikichi, Junpei, Yosuke, Ryuji) are yellow.
    • Blue seems to be used as the color for the smartest characters.
    • Pink is reserved for the more feminine female characters (Yukari, Yukiko and Ann)
    • All mascot characters have a monotonous coloration, which can be white, gray or black (Teddie, Aigis and Morgana respectively.)
    • Kanji and Akechi's costumes are both black.
    • Both Yoshizawa and Mitsuru have white with red undertones.
    • All other color choices are specifically chosen as the main characters' color of choice.
    • Junpei (Blue), Yosuke (Orange), Yukiko (Red),and Akihiko (Red) are the only characters whose Featherman colors do not match their colors of choice.

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