"We are the ones who created you and what you call history. Mankind are mere chattel, created and raised by us..."
—Nishi, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

The Phantom Society is an organization in the Devil Summoner series, properly introduced in Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.



Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SummonerEdit

Sid Davis reveals that he is sent to Hirasaka City on behalf of his "organization" to destroy the seals over Inaruna with the aid of Seichii Yamashiro and the Yakuza.

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

A mysterious society that first appears in the first Vision Quest. It is sometimes shortened to Phantom or Society by the characters referring to it. The Society controls the government of Amami City, and are in close collaboration with Kadokura and Algon Soft. They are at war with the Kuzunoha clan.

They have controlled history from the shadows since long, long ago and are spread out across the world, with enough power to control an entire nation. Their goals transcend the common ideas of morality and justice, with their motivation being control. They are known for being ruthless and using demons to kill innocent people and even their own employees.

Summoner NetEdit

A website used to post news to all Summoners part of the Society, the Spookies gain access after Carol J drops the Code. The Society orders summoners to come to Amami City and collect souls for their mission, with news that are their goal gets closer to being achieved, more demons will infest the city. The Society announces the completion of the Sea Ark and tells all summoners that wish to get stronger to go there. This network is later used by Carol J and Finnegan to issue challenges to the protagonist.

Manitou NetEdit

A network set up by the Society connected to Manitou, for the purpose of soul accumulation. By integrating Manitou's Spores into the Krypto Chip, it can be used to gradually collect the souls of humans who log into Paradigm X, which are then transported back across computer networks via the Carriers.

The Manitou Net was a double-edged sword, however, as it exposed Manitou to humanity's collective consciousness. This resulted in it spawning several Cyber demons in the "electric sea" which began to attack Phantom's operations. It had first infected the Amami Airport, in which Winpe seized the control tower's computers. While it demonstrated that their plan was going well, Nishi hired Judah Singh to eliminate the infected demon and restore control. Later, the Paradigm X servers at the Algon Main Building were seized by Malsum, who shifted the entire building into a virtual dimension.

List of MembersEdit

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