The Pet Shop is a shop found in Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.



Pet Shop Owner Portrait DSSH

The owner of the pet shop

The pet shop is owned by Rokugoru and is found in Paradigm X. It sells digital pets called Mechi, but all the ones in stock are already reserved when the protagonist first enters.

Demon Trading SystemEdit

Its true purpose is revealed through the Phantom Society's Summoner Net as a place to trade demons at, with a password being required before one can gain access.



Requirement Prize
Any demon with Diarama Neutral demon with Posumudi
Any demon with Paralama Neutral demon with Rakukaja
Any demon with Deathbound Neutral demon with Mediarama
Any demon with Hamaon Fury: Wu Kong with Tarukaja
Any demon with Lost Word Fairy: Pixie with Megidolaon

Mr. DNAEdit

Requirement Prize
Any demon with Intelligence equal to or higher than 10 Scathach and information about creating Enigmas
Any demon with Strength equal to or higher than 20 Lugh and information about Zealots
Any demon with Luck equal to or greater than 25 Loki and information about creating Entities

Timing XEdit

Requirement Prize
Any Dark alignment demon Poltergeist and information about creating UMAs
Any Wilder demon Jersey Devil
Any Vile demon A dark demon

Mrs. RyokoEdit

Requirement Prize
Fairy: Jack Frost "Frost Panel" software
Divine: Archangel "Oni Mark" software
Fairy: Pyro Jack "Lantern Panel" software
Fairy: Silky "Demonary 99" software
Beast: Orthrus "Ripper Panel" software
Megami: Fortuna "Copernicus" software

Dr. ThrillEdit

Requirement Prize
Holy: Heqet Ranger: B. Hawaii Frost
Reaper: Persephone Ranger: Melon Frost
Deity: Mahamayuri Ranger: Lemon Frost
UMA: Oliver Ranger: Strawberry Frost
Divine: Metatron Ranger: Milky Frost


Requirement Prize
Any demon with level 5 Loyalty Fallen: Seere and information about Mystic Changes
Any Dumb demon with level 5 loyalty Raptor: Moh Shuvuu and Mystic Change List 1
Any Kind demon with level 5 loyalty Haunt: Churel and Mystic Change List 2
Any Sly demon with level 5 loyalty Beast: Nekomata and Mystic Change List 3
Beast: Kaso with level 5 loyalty Avian: Thunderbird and Mystic Change List 4
Genma: Kresnik with level 5 loyalty Avatar: Anubis and Mystic Change List 5
Holy: Sleipnir with level 5 loyalty Avian: Suzaku and Mystic Change List 6


Requirement Prize
Any Avian demon ¥10,000 and information about Heroes
Any Reaper demon ¥50,000 and information about Generals
Deity: Baal ¥100,000 and information about Heroes and Generals


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