The Personality (性格) of Demons is a gameplay element in the Devil Summoner series. Each personality has their own likes and dislikes so commanding demons to do something they don't like will decrease their Loyalty and vice versa. A demon with high enough Loyalty will obey the player regardless of their personality. Changing a demons' personality with Sake can make it easier to raise loyalty.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner

  • Cowardly (臆病)
  • Impatient (気短)
  • Prideful (高慢)
  • Vigorous (剛健)
  • Insightful (慎重)
  • Mild (温和)

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

  • None (虚心): Belongs solely to Zeed. Will obey any command but will only guard when using the GO command.
  • Calm (冷静): Seems to prefer using what is most effective (e.g. if there is 6 enemies a Calm demon will prefer to use attacks to hit all of them instead of just one enemy, healing all wounded allies at once instead of attacking a single enemy, etc.)
  • Dumb (愚鈍): Prefers to act on their own via the GO command.
  • Wild (獰猛): Likes using anything physical whether it be via the ATTACK command or using a physical attack skill.
  • Sly (狡猾): The opposite of Wild. Prefers to use magic attacks or status ailments
  • Kind (友愛): Likes being told to GUARD or use healing/supportive magic.

Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon

The Personalities of demons affect what conversation skills work on which demons and what other ones anger them. There are also certain barriers in the game that require a demon with a certain personality and special red crystals. The crystals contents tend to change and vary depending on which Personality type the demon has.

Personalities are:

  • Beast: Demons that tend to speak in all caps and are beasts in mythology.
  • Jack: The personality belonging to the Jack demons and Hiruko.
  • Knight: Demons that have a noble and dignified attitude. They are mid to high level demons.
  • Little Kid: Male demons that tend to act like little kids.
  • Old Man: Demons with this personality tend to be very old or long lived.
  • Old Woman: Same as the Old Man, with only Sati being the exception.
  • Punk: Demons with a arrogant or rude attitude to them.
  • Seductive
  • Show-off: Only three demons have this personality: Obariyon, Mokoi, and Thoth.
  • Undead: Despite the name, only two Zombie demons use the personality. Several speak only gibberish.
  • Young Girl: Female demons that are either young or act childish. Alice has this personality.
  • Lady
  • Foreigner: Demons that tend to speak in gibberish. Several learn the language the more they talk with Raidou, and some will join the party while still only speaking gibberish.
  • Fiend: The personality of all the Fiends except for Alice. They all use extortion as their conversation skill.
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