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Persona Traits (特性, Tokusei)? are a game mechanic introduced in Persona 5 Royal.



Persona 3 Reload[]

P3RE JunpeiCharacteristic

Junpei Iori learning his unique characteristic.

In Reload, each party member is able to learn signature combat characteristics by spending time either cooking, watching TV, reading or gardening together with them, after having done the same activity three times. All of these activities are unlocked on June 16th. Spending even more time with them after unlocking the characteristics upgrades them into a stronger version.

Characteristics are passive abilities that only apply towards the respective user. From an overall gameplay perspective, these traits make it easier for the respective combatants to meet the criteria for filling up their respective Theurgy gauge by supporting the playstyle of the party member.

If the protagonist has initiated a Social Link with a female party member, hanging out with her will reward the player a few Social Link points to their corresponding S.Link.

The protagonist also has Combat Characteristics of his own, amplifying the damage he deals when attacking enemy weaknesses. Unlike his companions, his Characteristics are unlocked by filling out the Persona Compendium. The first is unlocked at 30% completion, and the second unlocks at 60%.

Persona 5 Royal[]

Persona Traits are essentially passive skills that do not take a skill slot and can be passed forward in fusion. Additionally, if two Personas with the same trait are fused, the original trait can be passed forward, or a bonus trait (in the case of Treasure Demons, multiple different bonus traits can be received). They are introduced and are active when the Phantom Thieves enter Madarame's Palace for the first time on May 18th.

Party members have their own unique Persona Traits and get upgraded when they awaken to their third Persona. Their effects apply to the entire player party and are active as long as the user is in the party, even if they have fainted. This includes unique scenarios, such as when being sent out during a Special Order or when being isolated from the protagonist during the final phase of Masayoshi Shido's boss fight.

Persona Traits are exclusive to the protagonist's party and not accessible to Shadows or enemy Persona users. The only exception is Takuto Maruki's Azathoth ability "Shield Tendril".

Unlike Spell Master and Arms Master, traits that reduce HP/SP cost are not continuously applied but only kick in when a skill is cast. That means if the user's HP/SP is lower than what a skill originally requires, they will not be able to use it, even if the trait would have made it affordable later. Traits do not function outside of battle and have no effect when Healing skills are used in the overworld.

List of Persona 3 Reload Characteristics[]

Party member exclusive[]

Combatant 1st stage 2nd stage
Characteristic Effect Characteristic Effect
Protagonist Weakness Boost Increases damage when striking a foes weakness. Weakness Amp Greatly increases damage when striking a foe's weakness.
Yukari Takeba Healing Master Reduces the SP cost of recovery skills to 50% of their normal SP cost.[fn 1] Healing Apex Reduces the SP cost of recovery skills to 25% of normal.[fn 1]
Junpei Iori Critical Boost Increases critical rate and critical hit strength. Critical Amp Greatly increases critical rate and greatly increases critical hit strength.
Mitsuru Kirijo Ailment Burst Increases critical rate on foes with ailments (with Mitsuru in battle). Ailment Surge Greatly increases critical rate on foes with ailments (with Mitsuru in battle).
Akihiko Sanada Buff Boost Increases the effects of buffs on self.[fn 2] Buff Amp Greatly increases the effects of buffs on self.[fn 3]
Fuuka Yamagishi Weakness Buffer Reduces damage taken when an ally's weakness is struck. Weakness Mitigator Greatly reduces damage taken when an ally's weakness is struck.
Aigis Phys Boost Strengthens physical attacks. Phys Amp Greatly strengthens physical skills.
Koromaru Auto Sukunda Lowers Accuracy/Evasion of 1 random foe for 3 turns when a battle starts. Auto Masukunda Lowers Accuracy/Evasion of all foes for 3 turns when a battle starts.
Ken Amada Spirit Refresh Automatically recover 5 SP each turn in battle. Spirit Restore Automatically recover 10 SP each turn in battle.
Shinjiro Aragaki Auto Bolster Temporarily increases Attack and Defense of self at the start of a battle. Auto Heat Riser Temporarily increases all stats of self at the start of battle.

List of Persona 5 Royal Traits[]

Party member exclusive[]

Trait Effect Exclusive To
Proud Presence Increases effect of allies' healing skills by 50%. Zorro / Mercurius
Raging Temper May increase allies' physical attacks by 40%.[fn 4] Captain Kidd / Seiten Taisei
Mastery of Magic May decrease SP cost of allies' magic skills. Carmen / Hecate
Scoundrel Eyes May slightly increase allies' chance to avoid physical attacks.[fn 4][fn 5] Goemon / Kamu Susano-o
Gaia Pact Increases allies' chance of inflicting Burn/Freeze/Shock by 25%.[fn 6] Johanna / Anat
Explosive Scheme All-Out Attacks may defeat all foes and restore 25% HP to all allies. Necronomicon / Prometheus
Icy Glare Decreases allies' chance of being inflicted by non-special ailments by 25%.[fn 7] Milady / Astarte
Tactical Spirit May decrease SP cost of allies' support skills by half. Robin Hood / Loki
Veil of Midnight Increases chance of ally not being Downed when attacked. Cendrillon / Vanadis

Trait Effect Exclusive To
Majestic Presence Increases effect of allies' healing skills by 50%. May decrease SP cost. Diego
Eccentric Temper May increase allies' physical attacks by 80%.[fn 4] William
Pinnacle of Magic May decrease SP cost of allies' magic skills by half. Célestine
Unparalleled Eyes May increase allies' chance to avoid physical attacks.[fn 4][fn 5] Gorokichi
Gaia Blessing Increases allies' chance of inflicting Burn/Freeze/Shock by 50%.[fn 6] Agnes
Infinite Scheme All-Out Attacks may defeat all foes and fully restore HP to all allies. Al Azif
Cool Customer Decreases allies' chance of being inflicted by non-special ailments by 50%.[fn 7] Lucy
Ingenious Spirit May decrease SP cost of allies' support/Almighty skills by half. Hereward
Veil of Sunrise Greatly increases chance of ally not being Downed when attacked. Ella

Enemy exclusive[]

Trait Effect Exclusive To
Shield Tendril Greatly reduces damage from all attacks, including Almighty if all Tentacles are present within party.
Slightly reduces damage taken instead if at least one Tentacle is not present.

Normal Traits[]

Trait Effect Personas
Heated Bloodline Reduces cost of Fire skills by 50%. Decarabia
Frigid Bloodline Reduces cost of Ice skills by 50%. Jack Frost
Black Frost
King Frost
Electric Bloodline Reduces cost of Elec skills by 50%. Ame no Uzume
Naga Raja
Wind Bloodline Reduces cost of Wind skills by 50%. Anzu
Psychic Bloodline Reduces cost of Psy skills by 50%. Shiki-Ouji
Atomic Bloodline Reduces cost of Nuke skills by 50%. Shiisaa
Ara Mitama
Blessed Bloodline Reduces cost of Bless skills by 50%. Principality
Cursed Bloodline Reduces cost of Curse skills by 50%. Girimekhala
Savior Bloodline Reduces cost of Healing skills by 50%. Mandrake
Relief Bloodline Reduces cost of Support skills by 50%. Nigi Mitama
Drunken Passion Reduces cost of Fire skills by 75%. Mada
Cocytus Reduces cost of Ice skills by 75%. Satan
Bargain Bolts Reduces cost of Elec skills by 75%. Odin
Vahana's Wings Reduces cost of Wind skills by 75%. Vishnu
Chi You's Blessing Reduces cost of Psy skills by 75%. Chi You
Atomic Hellscape Reduces cost of Nuke skills by 75%. Asura
Martyr's Gift Reduces cost of Bless skills by 75%. Metatron
Mother's Lament Reduces cost of Curse skills by 75%. Beelzebub
Grace of Mother Reduces cost of Healing skills by 75%. Ishtar
Ave Maria Reduces cost of Support skills by 75%. Maria
Just Die Reduces cost of instant death skills to 0. Alice
Allure of Wisdom Reduces cost of magic skills by 75%. Lucifer

Trait Effect Persona
Thermal Conduct Increases chance of inflicting Burn after Baton Pass.[fn 6] Jack-o'-Lantern
Cait Sith
Hua Po
Cold-Blooded Increases chance of inflicting Freeze during 1 More.[fn 6] Genbu
Static Electricity Increases chance of inflicting Shock on downed foes.[fn 6] Pixie
Queen Mab
Foul Odor Increases chance of inflicting Ailments after Baton Pass.[fn 6] Succubus
Ghost Nest Increases chance of inflicting Ailments on downed foes.[fn 6] Mother Harlot
Foul Stench Increases chance of inflicting Ailments.[fn 6] Pale Rider

Trait Effect Persona
Striking Weight Strengthens Physical attacks by 20%.[fn 4] Bicorn
Undying Fury Strengthens Physical attacks by 30%.[fn 4] Zaou-Gongen
Intense Focus Strengthens single-target magic attacks by 20%. Silky
Koppa Tengu
Mighty Gaze Strengthens multi-target magic attacks by 20%. Orobas
Skillful Combo Increases Attack after Baton Pass by 20%.[fn 8] Angel
High Pixie
Kurama Tengu
Linked Bloodline Increases Attack after Baton Pass by 50%.[fn 8] Cybele
Ailment Hunter Increases Attack by 25% per non-special ailment inflicted on foe. Red Rider
Deathly Illness Increases success rate of Instant Death skills. Stacks. Anubis
Omen Greatly increases success rate of Instant Death skills. Stacks. Sandalphon
Skillful Technique Strengthens Technical damage by 25%. Makami
Leanan Sidhe
Universal Law Strengthens Technical damage by 50%. Kohryu
Relentless Increases Attack by 50% when striking foe's weakness.[fn 8] Trumpeter
Retaliating Body Doubles Counter damage.[fn 9] Oni
Will of the Sword Triples Charge/Concentrate skill damage.[fn 10] Automatic Concentrate at the start of battle. Futsunushi
Pagan Allure Strengthens magic attacks by 50%. Cannot exceed 2x attack limit. Satanael

Trait Effect Persona
Draining Mouth Doubles effect of Drain-type skills and passives. Incubus
Gluttonmouth Increases amount of HP restored to self by 50%. Kushi Mitama
Tam Lin
Demon's Bite Doubles amount of HP restored to self. Ongyo-Ki
Mouth of Savoring Increases amount of SP restored to self by 50%. Yurlungur
Naranari Doubles amount of SP restored to self. Ardha
Internal Hypnosis Increases buff duration by 1 turn for self. Extends Auto- buffs for the entire party.[fn 11] Saki Mitama
Hell Biker
Positive Thoughts Increases buff duration by 2 turns for self. Extends Auto- buffs for the entire party.[fn 11] Vohu Manah
Potent Hypnosis Increases buff duration by 1 turn for party. Extends Auto- buffs for the entire party.[fn 11] Matador
Cu Chulainn
Wealth of Lotus Increases buff duration by 2 turns for party. Extends Auto- buffs for the entire party.[fn 11] Lakshmi
Rare Antibody Reduces susceptibility to all non-special ailments.[fn 7] Agathion
Black Ooze
Immunity Imparts immunity against all non-special ailments.[fn 7] Arahabaki
Bloodstained Eyes Increases user's evasion against foes inflicted with non-special ailments.[fn 12] Also grants automatic Tarukaja at the start of battle. White Rider
Crisis Control Decreases damage received when struck by weakness by approximately 40%.[fn 13] Berith

Trait Effect Persona
Gloomy Child Activates all equipped special weather passives in normal weather. Mokoi
Black Rider
Pinch Anchor Allows use of skills only available when surrounded after Baton Pass. Arsène
Neko Shogun
Vitality of the Tree Allows use of skills only available when surrounded under normal conditions. Attis

DLC Traits[]

Note: Unlike normal Traits, these Traits cannot be inherited through Fusion.

Trait Effect Persona
Circle of Sadness Revives with 1 HP when KO'd. Usable 4 times in battle.[fn 14] Orpheus
Iron Heart Decreases SP cost by half after Baton Pass. Automatic Tetrakarn and Makarakarn at the start of battle. Thanatos
Hallowed Spirit Doubles amount of HP/SP restored to self. Messiah
God Maker Increases chance of triggering ally's Persona traits. Izanagi
Hollow Jester Increases Attack by 40% per non-special ailment inflicted on foe. Magatsu-Izanagi
Inviolable Beauty Triples Counter damage.[fn 9] Kaguya
Tag Team Expendable items not used up after Baton Pass. Ariadne
Frenzied Bull Increases damage to foes when low on HP.[fn 15] Asterius
Bolstering Force Increases Attack by 50% during 1 More. Tsukiyomi
Grace of the Olive Decreases HP/SP cost to 0 during 1 More. Athena
Country Maker Increases Attack/Defense based on Inmate Registry completion.[fn 16] Izanagi-no-Okami
Hazy Presence Increases chance of triggering ally's Follow Up attack. Raoul

Trophies & Awards[]

Trophy Icon Description For Reward
Through Thick and Thin P3R Trophy 48 Unlocked a teammate's Combat Characteristic. P3R Trophies Bronze Trophy


  1. 1.0 1.1 Continuously applied, even outside of battle. The result is rounded down.
  2. By 10%.
  3. By 20%.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 Not apply to Gun skills.
  5. 5.0 5.1 If successfully activated, causes the entire party to dodge, except those whose evasion is negated by guarding or ailments/knockdown, or those unaffected by the attack (including protection from Counter skills). Overrides the evasion negation from Firm Stance.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 6.6 6.7 No effect on ailment-inflicting weapons or items.
  7. 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 Does not prevent Shock transfer after melee attacks. Does not prevent ailments from repelled melee/ranged attacks. Does not prevent ailments from Brainwashed allies' weapons.
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 Only valid for single-target attacks.
  9. 9.0 9.1 Also boosts damage from any repelling attacks, regardless of Physical or Magic.
  10. This changes the damage multiplier from 2.5x to 3x, not 7.5x
  11. 11.0 11.1 11.2 11.3 Extendable buffs include attack, defense, speed, and elemental Walls. Does not affect critical buffs, Taunting Aura, or Concealment.
  12. Contrary to the in-game description, this effect only protects the user. Evasion rate is increased to 100%, unless the user's evasion is currently negated. Does not protect against attacks from Brainwashed allies.
  13. Does not protect against repelled damage.
  14. Due to a glitch, reflected damage may occasionally ignore this trait (and other Enduring effects) and kill the user.
  15. If a Physical/Gun skill is used, HP is checked before paying the cost.
  16. At 100%, attack is doubled, and damage taken is halved. Does not affect attacks that deal fixed damage.

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