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Persona Stalker Club V (ペルソナストーカー倶楽部V, Perusona Sutōkā Kurabu V)?, formerly known as Persona Stalker Club (ペルソナストーカー倶楽部, Perusona Sutōkā Kurabu)?, was a talk and variety program focused on the Persona series.


Persona Stalker Club was announced on Atlus' hub site for Persona content and premiered on February 28, 2014 through the internet video service Niconico. It was hosted by two self-proclaimed major Persona fans, the voice actress Tomomi Isomura (Isotchi), and freelancer writer Kajita Mafia. Isotchi is the voice actress for Hifumi Togo in Persona 5, a fact that was only revealed a few months before the Japanese release of the game; Kajita Mafia had previously been involved with the Persona series through writing an original downloadable quest for the PSP release of Persona 2: Innocent Sin as part of a collaboration with 4Gamer. Both hosts had also appeared together on a similar broadcast following the Persona 5 announcement, which led up to the official release of Persona Stalker Club.

During the show, both hosts would wear Persona 3 and Persona 4-themed costumes designed by Persona character artist Shigenori Soejima. In some episodes, they were joined by one guest, usually the voice actor of any major character from Persona 3 or Persona 4. They talked about a variety of topics related to the Persona series and, to a lesser extent, games which were being published by Atlus during the running of the series, such as Shin Megami Tensei IV Final, the Etrian Odyssey series and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. It was interspersed with typical Japanese variety show-style games.

The show was renamed to "Persona Stalker Club V" in June 2016, following the announcement of Persona 5's Japanese release date and its fourth trailer. Costumes of the hosts, opening and backdrops were updated to match the style of Persona 5, but the general format of the show remained the same.

On February 3rd, 2017, it was announced that the Persona Stalker Club V would have its final episode in March 2017.

Regular segmentsEdit

Each episode of the show generally composed of about five segments. Some segments became staples, while others were one-offs and were revived later randomly.

  • Futsuota: The hosts read fan letters about fans' thoughts or anticipation of released or upcoming Atlus titles and then the hosts comment on the fans' messages.
  • Naruhodona-SEES: The segment title is a parody of Aigis's catchphrase "I see now". The hosts take fan questions on trivial aspects of the series such as where Jiraiya's eyes are or how Takeharu Kirijo got his eyepatch. They muse over their own personal theories before receiving an official answer from Atlus staff.
  • Persona Facsimile: The hosts are given a Persona/demon's name and try to quickly mimic the figure's appearance and pose with limited resources around.
  • Playing an upcoming or recently released Atlus title.
  • Perusora-mimi Theater: Atlus collects fan submissions of misheard English lyrics (usually two to three lines) in the Persona series reinterpreted in Japanese with silly meanings. Sometimes when the song is being played, dedicated art or video clip starring Atlus staff are shown to match the meaning of the misheard lyric. A fan animated some of the artwork, and was publicly recognized by Atlus with a special gift.
  • Midnight Station: Advertisement of various merchandise of the Persona franchise.


Persona Stalker ClubEdit

PersonaStalkerClub - Ep14P5discussion

A screenshot from Episode 14 where the hosts discuss the Persona 5 trailer

Persona Stalker Club VEdit


Persona Stalker Club
Persona Stalker Logo
Previous Logo of Persona Stalker Club
Mafia Portrait
Kajita Mafia artwork
Tomomi Portrait
Tomomi Isomura artwork
Stalker Cut In
Cut-in of the hosts
Stalker Club Cafe
Stalker Club-themed menu from a cafe collaboration
Persona Stalker Club V
Persona Stalker Club V host new outfits
Persona Stalker Club V host new outfits for Persona 5
Persona Stalker Club V Tomomi Isomura Artwork
Tomomi Isomura V artwork
Persona Stalker Club V Kajita Mafia Artwork
Kajita Mafia V Artwork
Kajita Mafia V cut-in
Kajita Mafia V's cut-in (modified from Makoto's)
Tomomi Isomura V cut-in
Tomomi Isomura V 's cut-in (modified from Futaba's)


  • The popularity of the misheard lyrics segment led to the release of two albums specifically focused on these songs, Persora -The Golden Best- and Persora -The Golden Best 2-. The Persora in this title is a play on the words Persona and Soramimi.

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