PQ2 OST Cover

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Original Soundtrack Cover

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Original Soundtrack (ペルソナQ2 ニュー シネマ ラビリンスオリジナル・サウンドトラック) is the three-disk soundtrack of Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.

Track ListEdit

Disc 1Edit

No. Name Translation Length Remark
01ROAD LESS TAKEN -4:17 Full version of opening theme
02Theater -2:56 Title Screen
03ペルソナ-monologue- Persona -monologue-0:37Intro
04Break it Down -inside the cinema- -3:03Inside Café Leblanc
05Anime 01 -0:30Mementos operation starts
06メメントス-inside the cinema- Mementos -inside the cinema-1:42 Inside Mementos and before entering the movie world
07世紀末ドライブ Century Drive0:40 Moments before entering the movie world
08異質な世界 A Different World1:00Entering the movie world
09Thrilling -2:44Tense Moment
10映画館へ To the Cinema0:34Escaping into the Cinema
11Puzzling -2:32Suspenseful moment
12たった二人の観客 A Mere Two Persona Audience0:39 Meeting Nagi and Hikari
13錯覚? Illusion?0:28Entering the movie
14He is Justice, Justice is him -1:35Kamoshidaman trailer
15怪しい気配 Suspicious Sign2:31Suspenseful moment
16Welcome to KamoCity -2:56Kamoshidaman
17Invitation to Freedom -3:32Phantom Thieves of Hearts' battle theme
18The Show is Over -2:10Post-battle
19試写室の双子 Twins in the Preview Room0:14Unlocking the Velvet Room
20全ての人の魂の詩 The Poem of Everyone’s Soul5:37Velvet Room
21Cinematic Tale -Solo- -2:57Inside the Cinema, P5 cast only
22Popcorn -2:47Elizabeth and Theodore eating popcorn
23盲信の街 Blind City3:31Kamoshidaman during Special Screening
24盲信の街-another version- Blind City –another version-2:35 Kamoshidaman during Special Screening
25Anime 04 -0:36Encountering P3P Heroine
26Pull the Trigger -3:46 P3P Heroine's battle theme
27やさしい気持ち-inside the cinema- Warm Feeling -inside the cinema-2:15P3 Heroine's relief
28Suppression -2:16Before confronting hostile stage boss
29Life Will Change Instver. -inside the cinema- -4:24Before confronting Kamoshidaman and Final Boss
30Nothing is Promised -3:02Boss theme
31Swear to My Bones -inside the cinema- -2:54
32開錠 Unlock0:35Unlocking Cinema gates
33ペルソナ-終幕- Persona - Terminal0:31Game Over in a movie
34全ての人の魂の詩-終幕- The Poem of Everyone’s Soul – The End0:59Game Over outside the Cinema

Disc 2Edit

No. Name Translation Length Remark
1ジュネシック・ランドのテーマ Theme of Junessic Land1:50Junessic Land trailer
2Paradise and Survival -3:25Junessic Land
3似た者同士 Like-Minded People0:31P5 hero vs P4 hero
4Like a dream come true -inside the cinema- -3:02Meeting the Investigation Team
5Unmasking -1:58Relief
6Cinematic Tale -Duo- -2:56Cinema (After P4 cast joins)
7Friendly Talk -1:57
8全ての人の魂の詩-Music Box- The Poem of Everyone’s Soul – Music Box1:22Marie's lullaby
9Funny Friends -2:09
10Jungle Quest -2:36Junessic Land during special screening
11Jungle Quest -another version- -2:43Junessic Land during special screening
12Remember, We Got Your Back -3:28 Investigation Team battle theme
13生存競争 Survival Competition1:26Before fighting Tyranniqueen (Boss fight)
14Hunted, Hunting -3:01F.O.E battle
15記憶の片隅-inside the cinema- Corner of Memories -inside the cinema-3:53Ending of Junessic Land
16Theme of A.I.G.I.S -1:33A.I.G.I.S trailer
17Connected -3:06A.I.G.I.S outskirts
18Wait and See -3:22SEES battle theme
19Joy -inside the cinema- -2:54Meeting SEES
20ポロニアンモール-inside the cinema- Paulownia Mall -inside the cinema-1:32Elizabeth's ticket booth
21Synchronized City -2:49 A.I.G.I.S outskirts during special screening
22Synchronized City -another version- -2:37A.I.G.I.S research lab and Central Server during special screening
23危機 Crisis0:30Encountering the P3 Hero and Aigis
24Anime 10 -0:18Hero and Heroine meet
25Party, Party -3:42Theodore's snack booth
26Cinematic Tale -3:59Inside the Cinema, after P3 cast joins
27Coffee Break -3:05
28Robot Lab -3:35A.I.G.I.S research lab
29Examination Game -1:26A.I.G.I.S trial
30 Heart2:24Hikari confessing to Nagi
31Our Strength -3:22Mid boss/Velvet Room attendant battle

Disc 3Edit

No. Name Translation Length Remark
1LaLaLaグッバイ個性! LaLaLa Goodbye Personality!1:27??? trailer
2暗い影 Dark Shadow3:12Intense moment
3ゆかいなせかい Amusing World2:06???
4childhood -2:33During a musical in ???
5ひかりはわるいこ! Hikari is Bad!1:18Hikari's trauma, primary school
6Peculiar World -2:48??? Act 1-4 during special screening
7Peculiar World -another version- -2:38??? Act 5 - Endless Interlude during special screening
8そうだよね? That’s Right, Right?1:17Hikari's trauma, secondary school
9ふかいなせかい Obscure World2:26??? depths
10あなたを普通にしてあげる I Will Make You Normal1:21Hikari's trauma, high school
11ドーの正体 Doe’s Identity0:42Before fighting Doe
12Anime 12 -0:48Doe's revelation
13Film -3:36Hikari's theme
14 Doors0:33Meeting Enlil
15映画監獄 Movie Prison1:45Enlil's revelation
16Hero and Heroine -5:04Inside the Cinema
(After clearing all four movies)
17Last Scene -4:18Theater District
18待ち受けるもの What Awaits?3:10Before confronting Enlil
19The Calm -5:13Fighting Enlil, Phase 1
20Enlil -0:44Enlil transforms
21The Tempest -4:22Fighting Enlil, Phase 2
22monotone -1:51Aftermath of Enlil's fight
23colorful world -finale- -2:01Finishing Enlil
24Theater -closing- -0:56Destruction of Enlil's domain
25colorful world -piano ver.- -2:44Departure from the Cinema
26学園の記憶-inside the cinema- Memories of the School -inside the cinema-3:56Hero and Heroine part
27それでも・・・ Nevertheless…1:04Exiting the Cinema
28New Beginning -inside the cinema- -3:09Ending, P5 cast
29colorful world -5:25Credits theme

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