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Persona 5 The Animation is a television anime adaptation of Persona 5, produced by Cloverworks and directed by Masashi Ishihama. The anime is licensed by Aniplex and began airing on April 7, 2018, with Crunchyroll, AnimeLab and Hulu streaming the series to North American audiences. 

It currently has a Japanese and English version with all of the original cast members (with the exception of Miyu Matsuki and Kazunari Tanaka in the Japanese version, who both passed away before the game's release). Aniplex has announced an English stream of the anime to also air in April. The English dub of the anime premiered on Funimation's streaming service, FunimationNOW on August 18, 2020.[4] On July 4, 2020, Aniplex of America announced on Twitter that the complete Blu-ray set of the anime will include an English dub. The Blu-ray was released on September 29th, 2020.[5]

According to an interview, the anime will have a surprise that will deviate from the game's story.[6]

On September 29, 2018, a special titled, Dark Sun... was announced. This special was broadcasted on December 30, 2018.[7]

Later on December 30, 2018, a special titled, Stars and Ours was announced. This special will take place after the events of "Dark Sun..." and will be broadcasted on March 23 2019.[8]

On March 15, 2019, an unaired episode was announced to be released as an OVA, called Proof of Justice, to be included on Volume 11. Later, on March 23, another OVA titled A Magical Valentine's Day was announced to be included on Volume 12.

The two openings and ending theme songs are composed by Shoji Meguro and performed by Lyn Inaizumi, titled "Break In To Break Out," "Dark Sun...," "Infinity" and "Autonomy," respectively.


Ren Amamiya is about to enter his second year after transferring to Shujin Academy in Tokyo. Following a particular incident, his Persona awakens, and together with his friends they form the "Phantom Thieves of Hearts" to reform hearts of corrupt adults by stealing the source of their distorted desires. Meanwhile, bizarre and inexplicable crimes have been popping up one after another. Living an ordinary high school life in Tokyo by day, the group maneuvers the metropolitan city as Phantom Thieves after hours. Let the curtain rise for this grand, picaresque story!

Episode-related Trivia[]

Each episode includes few differences between the game and animation.

Episode 1 - I Am Thou, Thou Art I

  • Goro Akechi assists Ren during the casino heist.
  • Ren's attempted escape after the police ambush is cut.
  • Caroline appears in Shibuya while Justine appears in the casino.
  • A brief scene of Ren being sentenced by a judge is shown during a flashback.
  • When Ren canvasses the Yongen-Jaya neighborhood for Café Leblanc, Tae Takemi can be seen walking past him at one point.
  • Sadayo Kawakami drops a leaflet for Victoria House Cleaning services, which she quickly picks up, during the initial meeting with the protagonist and principal Kobayakawa.

Episode 2 - Let's Take Back What's Dear to You

  • Ren's first battle against bodyguards of Suguru Kamoshida's Shadow is cut short.
  • Ren and Ryuji don't encounter Morgana until after they enter Kamoshida's Palace for the second time.
  • Cognitive Ann speaks in a distorted Shadow-like voice instead of Ann's regular voice.
  • Ren and Ryuji do not encounter the police before they go to Shujin Academy.
  • Ren helps Shiho Suzui after accidentally bumping into her in the school hallway.
  • While Ren is going to lunch, Makoto Niijima can be seen talking to some classmates.
  • Kawakami talks to Ren outside the classroom after he meets Ryuji, rather than inside the faculty room.
  • Kamoshida spikes Ren in the face with two volleyballs. After Ren glares at him, he calls Mishima in instead.
  • Haru Okumura can be seen tending to the plants outside of Shujin Academy.
  • Shiho is seen wearing her gym uniform during her conversation with Ann after school.
  • One scene shows Kamoshida physically abusing Shiho in his office.
  • After Ryuji awakens his Persona, he, along with Ren and Morgana, battle against Pixie, Bicorn and Agathion instead of Eligor.
  • Morgana summons his Persona after Ryuji awakens his own.
  • Kanami Mashita can be seen on the big screen after Ryuji and Ren escape the Palace the second time.
  • Toranosuke Yoshida can be seen in the beef bowl shop.

Episode 3 - A Beautiful Rose Has Thorns!

  • Akechi catches a brief glimpse of Ren and Ryuji at the station in April.
  • Mika can be seen at the train station doing a photo shoot with Ann.
  • Yuuki Mishima talks to Shiho that Kamoshida wants her to come to his office at the gym instead of in the hallway.
  • Kawakami is the one teaching class 2-D during Shiho's suicide attempt instead of Mr. Ushimaru.
  • Shiho receives bruises on her face after her failed suicide attempt instead of receiving them from Kamoshida before.
  • Ren and Ryuji don't encounter Ann in the Metaverse until after she's captured by Shadow Kamoshida.
  • Ren, Ryuji and Morgana secure the route to Kamoshida's Treasure before they save Ann from Shadow Kamoshida.
  • As Joker, Ren introduces himself to Ann using his real name.

Episode 4 - Steal it, if you can!

  • Ren and Ryuji visit Munehisa Iwai's Untouchable airsoft shop after the calling card for Kamoshida is sent.
  • Ren meets Takemi for the first time after the calling card for Kamoshida is sent.
  • Ann visits Shiho at the hospital before entering Kamoshida's Palace to steal his Treasure.
  • The Phantom Thieves steal Kamoshida's Treasure at night instead of daytime.
  • The Phantom Thieves, except for Ren, start using code names before they find their way to Kamoshida's Treasure.
  • Morgana fails to cling on the Treasure and is interrupted by Kamoshida.
  • Ren ends up fusing Pixie and Arsene during the battle with Kamoshida.
  • The scene where the Phantom Thieves try to escape Kamoshida's Palace after they successfully steal his Treasure is not shown.
  • Kamoshida makes a confession before the students rather than confessing on the stage next to Kobayakawa.
  • Mishima and the others apologizing to Ann after Kamoshida's confession is not shown.
  • Shiho is shown waking up from her comatose state at the hospital after Kamoshida's confession.
  • Ren is given the codename "Joker" by Morgana at Leblanc instead of in Kamoshida's Palace.
  • Sojiro Sakura finds out about Morgana after Kamoshida's confession.

Episode 5 - The Phantoms

    • Ren and Ryuji sell Kamoshida's Treasure to Iwai together. Iwai doesn't give Ren the paper bag, unlike in the game.
    • Ren doesn't feel any sense of recognition towards Shido when he and Ryuji are pushed aside at the elevators.
    • Ann's run-in with the woman who blamed Ann for bumping into her in the Wilton Hotel buffet is shown.
    • The Phantom Thieves decide on the name "The Phantoms" via P. A. D., rather than inside the Wilton Hotel.
    • Sae Niijima and the SIU Director talk about cabinet ministers losing their reputation, and about Kamoshida's case.
    • The Phantom Thieves don't check the Phantom Aficionado Website until after Mishima tells Ren about it.
    • Instead of identifying Ren as a Phantom Thief, Mishima pretends he doesn't know and reports everything about the Phan-site to him.'
    • Principal Kobayakawa doesn't offer Makoto Niijima a college recommendation when requesting her to investigate the Phantom Thieves. He doesn't contact his mysterious acquaintance either.
    • The Shadows in Mementos pay the Phantom Thieves no attention.
    • The Phantom Thieves' fight against Obariyon (Natsuhiko Nakanohara's Shadow) is limited to an All-out Attack.
    • Sojiro asks Ren to help at Leblanc for the first time after the completion of the first Mementos request.
    • Akechi visits Leblanc with Sae, and Ren meets him there for the first time instead of at the TV studio.
    • Ryuji, Morgana, and Ann know about Akechi beforehand.
    • In text messages, Mishima's icon is the number 3.

Episode 6 - Our next target is...

  • Makoto talks with Ren, Ryuji, and Ann on Shujin's roof after midterms, and the Phantom Thieves refrain from arguing with her. Also here, she properly introduces herself to Ren.
  • Ren and the others don't see Ichiryusai Madarame until they visit his art gallery.
  • Ren and Ryuji aren't bombarded by Madarame's crowd of fans.
  • Hifumi Togo makes a cameo appearance as a character on a shogi game app.
  • During the Phantom Thieves' visit to Madarame's shack, Yusuke Kitagawa wears his casual winter attire instead of his school uniform.
  • Ichiko Ohya doesn't show up after Ren, Ryuji, and Ann visit Madarame's atelier.
  • Yusuke shows Ren, Ryuji, and Ann a picture of "Sayuri" in an album instead of using his phone.
    • The Phantom Thieves keep themselves hidden while talking to Nakanohara in order to protect their identities.

Episode 7 - He is my other self

  • The Phantom Thieves don't encounter a Treasure Demon.
  • Ren and Ryuji meet Ohya as Ann is readying to model nude for Yusuke.
  • Ann strips off her layers of clothing in just Yusuke's room, rather than finishing in the hallway.
  • Ann, Morgana, and Yusuke enter the exhibit instead of the courtyard of Madarame's Palace.
  • While in Madarame's Palace, the Phantom Thieves never show Yusuke the portraits of himself or Madarame's other pupils in order to convince him.
  • The Phantom Thieves encounter Shadow Madarame immediately after they bring Yusuke into the Palace.
  • Yusuke is seen being captured by Shadow Madarame's guards instead of standing near the thieves.
  • A brief flashback shows a snippet of Yusuke's childhood with Madarame.
  • After Yusuke awakens his Persona, he manages to defeat several Koppa Tengu by himself without help from the Phantom Thieves.
    • Ippon-Datara is not present after Yusuke awakens his Persona.
  • Shadow Madarame is seen ascending into heavenly light after the end of the confrontation, instead of simply walking away.

Episode 8 - Put an end to all this and use your own artwork for once.

  • When Madarame received the calling card, he did not ask the exhibit staff member about the security cameras and the exhibit staff member didn't mention Morgana in his cat form.
  • The Phantom Thieves are at the stairways rather than at the exhibit.
  • Shadow Madarame no longer transforms into Azazel by laughing and distorting his face. Instead, he transforms by surrounding himself in a dark aura, rolls his eyes, then spreads his arms and splatters the camera with black paint.
  • Shadow Madarame never mentions about encountering a man in a black mask in his Palace after the Phantom Thieves defeated him.
  • The scene where the Phantom Thieves try to escape Madarame's Palace after they successfully steal his Treasure is not shown.
  • Madarame's confession scene is less hysterical compared to the in-game version. Instead, he is seen confessing his crimes of plagiarism, then quickly breaking into tears.
  • Nakanohara is seen again at the Shibuya streets smiling after Madarame's confession.
  • The Phantom Thieves celebrating their victory at Leblanc happens before the TV station trip and before they changed into their summer school uniforms.
  • The flashback of Ren's incident with Shido in the past is cut.

Episode 9: Operation maid watch

  • Ren, Ryuji and Yusuke went into Yongen-Jaya's public bathhouse on a separate night from their celebration. Ann goes there as well while Morgana stays behind to keep an eye on washing machines.
  • Ryuji is shown to find the Victoria House Cleaning services leaflet from his mailbox.
  • Yumeko Mogami is seen stalking Ikesugi on the school corridor while Ren is walking past them after borrowing The Great Thief from the library.
  • Haru Okumura makes another cameo appearance outside of Shujin Academy.
  • During the text messages, Ryuji's icon changes into a skull.
  • Ryuji lets his former teammates beat him up to get even with them instead of leaving him off the hook.
  • Ren's first visit to Ogikubo's ramen restaurant happened after he and Ryuji exposed Yamauchi's true nature.

Episode 10: I want to see justice with my own eyes

  • Makoto follows Ren after school but ends up helping an elderly woman at the train station.
  • The man on TV station who asks Ann to join his program appears on the corridor instead of studio.
  • Hifumi Togo and her mother Mitsuyo can be seen in the TV station.
  • Morgana makes his comment about "pancake-looking place", referring to Suidobashi's Dome Town, and Akechi hears it on the second day of the TV station trip instead of the first day.
  • The Phantom Thieves' visit to Dome Town isn't shown.
  • Makoto doesn't talk with Sae about Akechi's statements in TV or about high school students being threatened by mafia.
  • Ryuji didn't call Ren during Makoto's questioning.
  • Makoto tells her request about the mafia to Ren and his friends at the same day she confirms their identities as the Phantom Thieves. Ren and Makoto also meet two of Junya Kaneshiro's gangsters at that same day.
  • During the text messages, Ann's icon changes into a cat and Yusuke starts using a fox mask icon. Ohya's icon is the number 1.
  • Ren and Ryuji meet the Beefy Trendsetter and Scruffy Romantic before they locate Bar Crossroads, with Chihaya Mifune witnessing it.
  • The Phantom Thieves see Kaneshiro's Palace in the sky immediately after entering the Metaverse.
  • The mysterious figure in a black mask is seen spying on Shadow Kaneshiro at the post-credit scene.

Episode 11: Let's be friends, shall we?

  • Makoto's talk with Akechi happens after she gave her request to the Phantom Thieves.
  • Flashbacks about Makoto, Sae and their father are shown, including their father's funeral.
  • The Phantom Thieves and Makoto wear their summer casual outfits instead of their school uniforms during the investigation on Kaneshiro.
  • Makoto's confrontation with Kaneshiro is shown.
  • Makoto apologizes Ann about not being able to do anything against Kamoshida before her first visit to Metaverse, instead of after that.
  • Before entering Kaneshiro's Palace, Morgana tells the Phantom Thieves their plans. Through Makoto's perspective, she can only hear meows instead of human language, which makes her confused.
  • The Phantom Thieves confront Shadow Kaneshiro as soon as they entered Kaneshiro's Palace, without fighting his minions before confronting him in the hall.
  • Makoto had her summer casual outfit when she first awakens her Persona instead of her summer school uniform in Kaneshiro's Palace.
  • The Phantom Thieves discuss Makoto's codename in Mementos rather than outside the entrance of Kaneshiro's Palace.

Episode 12: I found the place where I belong

  • Shadow Kaneshiro's reaction to the calling card isn't shown.
  • The mysterious figure in a black mask appears in the monitor room of Kaneshiro's Palace during and after Shadow Kaneshiro's fight against the Phantom Thieves.
  • The Phantom Thieves don't throw items to distract Shadow Kaneshiro when the latter is using Piggytron. Instead, they burn down a pile of cash.
  • The Phantom Thieves finds out about the existence of the mysterious black masked figure from Shadow Kaneshiro lately, instead of from Shadow Madarame earlier.
  • Big Bang Burger made its earliest appearance.
  • Principal Kobayakawa's reaction of Makoto's resignation and calling his mysterious acquaintance isn't shown and only being mentioned by Makoto.
  • The TV screen involving the news of Kaneshiro's arrest is much clearer.

Episode 13: Dreams and Desires

  • More scenes of Akechi that are not included in the game are added, and he has more conversation to Ren when they are together.
  • A news report of Akechi solving a case is added.
  • Akechi visits Leblanc and invites Ren into a chess play twice, at the beginning of the episode and at the episode's epilogue, to discuss Phantom Thieves' nature with him. Ren firmly insists to Akechi that the Phantom Thieves represents justice.
  • Ren visits Yongen-Jaya's batting center with Akechi, while in the game he never invites his friends there.
  • During Yusuke's Confidant events, Akechi follows Ren and Yusuke and starts an investigation on Akio Kawanabe, who is suspected by Akechi to be involved in criminal activities. Akechi and Ren then work together to solve the case while Ren spends his time helping Yusuke with his problems.
  • Hifumi Togo makes a brief appearance when Ren and Yusuke are in Kanda's church. She gives a glance at them and leaves quietly.
  • The priest doesn't appear to stop Ren and Yusuke when they pose themselves as Jesus.
  • The scene where Ren and Yusuke chatting on a rowboat is only alluded briefly in the anime.
  • Makoto is presented in Leblanc, caressing Morgana, while Yusuke discussed about his problems with Ren, Ryuji and Ann.

Episode 14: What life do you choose?

  • After Ren's arrest, Akechi is shown to be surrounded by journalists before he takes a ride to somewhere.
  • Ren recollects his encounter with Kamoshida, Madarame and Kaneshiro to Sae (post-arrest), Yusuke and Morgana, respectively.
  • Ren makes Mishima into meeting Ohya in the bar. After meeting Ohya, who is already drunk and asks for more drinks from Lala Escargot, Mishima is horrified.
  • Later, while Ren is watching a TV series, Mishima sends messages complaining about Ohya drinking like a drunkard, but Ren decides to ignore him. Ren then recollects his events with Ohya with Morgana.
  • Tsukasa and Eiko visit Chihaya Mifune, who presented them her stone.
  • During text messages, Makato icon is a queen.
  • Makoto mentions her mother passed away years ago during her Confidant to Ren.
  • The Phantom Thieves confront the Tsukasa's Shadow (in the form of Anzu) in Mementos and defeat him.
  • Makoto mentions the reconcile between her and Eiko in Mementos rather than Ren's attic.
  • During the Phantom Thieves' preparation of the upcoming exam within Leblanc, Futaba Sakura's silhouette is seen spying on them.

Episode 15: I am Alibaba

  • During the firework festival, Ren didn't take off his glasses, only wearing them.
  • While the Phantom Thieves finding themselves a shelter during the rain, only Makoto noticed Haru Okumura when the latter was taken away by a car, while the others don't pay attention on Haru.
  • Yusuke covers his face with a fan instead of looking away after Ann wrung her kimono during the rain.
  • The Phantom Thieves never visit Ginza's sushi restaurant to celebrate their victory from Kaneshiro.
  • Instead of Akechi informing Ren and his friends about Medjed's threat to attack Japan's economy, they hear from it by listening news themselves.
  • The scene where the IT Company President is operating as the fake Medjed is shown. He also instigates a false flag blackout himself instead of simply making verbal threats.

Episode 16: My place is my grave

  • Ren and his friends don't give the excuse that they were bringing sushi to Sojiro to explain why they were in his house.
  • There are brief flashbacks during Sojiro's explanation about Futaba.
  • Yusuke does not ask Sojiro if he brought Futaba to a doctor about the hallucinations that Futaba has.
  • What Futaba overhears via the bug on the first floor of Leblanc is different.
  • All of the Phantom Thieves agree to head to the Metaverse together.
  • The Phantom Thieves riding on Morgana is cut.
  • No battling happened in Futaba's Palace during the Thieves' exploration of it.
  • There are slight differences in what the hallucinatory voices that Futaba hears say to hear.
  • Sojiro briefly checks on Futaba after she hears the hallucinatory voices.
  • Ann is the one to call out to Futaba to open the door instead of Makoto.
  • Makoto doesn't give Futaba a time limit to open the door.
  • While in Futaba's room, Makoto finds a book with the title of "Cognitive Psience" instead of Futaba mentioning the name.
  • The first time Futaba communicate with her Shadows before the Phantom Thieves encounters the Cognitive version of Futaba’s deceased biological mother, Wakaba Isshiki.
  • The dialogue after Futaba leave her closet is different and she does not go back into the closet.

Episode 17: X-Day

  • Akechi visits Untouchable to investigate the Treasures from Kamoshida and Kaneshiro's Palaces sold to the underground market.
  • Sojiro stares at the portrait of Wakaba during closing at Leblanc.
  • Futaba's conversation from inside her closet is reduced, not mentioning why she wanted her heart stolen in the first place. Futaba explains cognitive pscience after she wakes up.
  • When Cognitive Wakaba blows open the tower of Futaba's Palace, the Thieves remained unaffected at the storm, whereas they almost get blown away in the game.
  • The voice of Cognitive Wakaba sounds less distorted and terrifying than that in the game.
  • Shadow Futaba shows Futaba the murals of her past at the top of her Palace instead of inside.
    • Shadow Futaba stands in front of Futaba when she begins to awaken to her Persona.
  • The Phantom Thieves escaping from Futaba's Palace is cut short.
  • Makoto and Ren finding Futaba unconscious at the entrance of Sojiro's residence is cut.
  • Sojiro thanks Ren and his friends by handing tickets to Asakusa's Sky Tower.
  • Futaba hacks and disrupts Medjed's website with a simple click on her phone instead of tapping her computer all day long.

Episode 18: I'll guide you to victory

  • At the beach, Ryuji and Ren didn't run into the homosexual couple while Makoto and Ann didn't get picked up by other boys.
  • There is a brief flashback of Futaba watching her mother collapsing on the street before she gets killed in a car accident.
  • The Phantom Thieves give Futaba a codename Oracle in Mementos rather than at the beach.
  • The situation during first visit to Ichigaya's fishpond in the anime is reversed as in the game Ren and Ryuji are fishing and Kawakami comes upon them.
  • In text messages, Futaba's icon is an optical disc.
  • Ryuji tags along with Ren when Futaba gets in trouble trying to explain herself to the security guard in Akihabara.
  • Shinya Oda makes a cameo walking into the arcade in one of the scenes.

Episode 19: Aloha

  • Futaba, using an app on Ren's phone, texts message to Ren, Ryuji, Ann, and Makoto at the beach in Hawaii rather than at the airport.
    • Ren, Ryuji, Ann, and Makoto are doing some activities in Hawaii such as Ann and Makoto doing hula dancing.
  • Ren helps Hifumi to get away from men who talked to her.
  • Kawakami tries on swimsuits in her hotel room until Haru comes in to speak with her.
  • When Ren, Ryuji, and Ann are sleeping in Ren and Mishima's room, Mishima is on his phone in the lobby instead of having diarrhea in the bathroom from drinking tap water abroad.
  • Kobayakawa’s mental shutdown process and state has been censored and having some scenes cut.
  • When Morgana runs away, his memory of his nightmare flashes back, rather than of one of his moments with the Phantom Thieves.

Episode 20: My Name is Beauty Thief!

  • Futaba's effort in discovering Okumura's Palace information is shown in a brief flashback.
  • Akechi is shown to be intentionally overhearing the Phantom Thieves' conversation at Okumura Foods, instead of passing by and seeing them with confusion.
  • Morgana is utterly embarrassed when Haru repeats her pose, rather than playing along with confidence.
  • The Thieves discussed the Beauty Thief in front of Okumura Foods instead of in the attic.
  • The process of searching for Haru's identity is omitted, through Makoto recognizing her quickly.
  • In the garden, all of the Thieves go to meet Haru, unlike in the game where only Ren and Makoto go to talk with her. Haru is also seeing watering the flower instead of pushing bags of manure on a cart.
  • Ren rejects Chihaya's offer when she tries to sell him her stone.
  • Ryuji shows more worry and sincerity when he tries to persuade Morgana to return to the team.
  • The Phantom Thieves did not chase after Morgana and Haru in Mementos. Instead, they use a smoke bomb to leave immediately.
  • When confronted by the Thieves while harassing Haru, Sugimura forced her to introduce him, and Haru fearfully introduced Sugimura as her fiancé.
  • While the Thieves are taking care of Morgana in the attic, Ryuji borrows a first aid kit.
  • Haru didn't rest on the sofa after she arrives in Leblanc.
  • After Haru persuades Morgana to stay, Ryuji openly cheers Morgana up, stating that he was never useless. Ryuji also calls Morgana the Thieves' best friend.
  • Haru proclaims her disgust over Sugimura after Morgana reconciles with the Thieves instead of beforehand.

Episode 21: You can call me "Noir"

  • A flashback shows Haru's childhood including her grandfather as the president of Okumura Foods before his death.
  • Much of Okumura's Palace is skipped over, mostly focusing on Haru's awakening and the fights against Cognitive Sugimura and Shadow Okumura.
  • Cognitive Sugimura speaks in a distorted voice in his human form instead of a human voice.
  • Shadow Okumura leaves telling Cognitive Sugimura to deal with her right before Haru's awakening of her Persona.
  • Haru's eyes are normal instead of yellow during her awakening.
  • Shadow Okumura's reaction to the calling card shortly appears after Okumura proclaims that he won't lose before he makes a phone call.
  • Shadow Okumura tricking the Phantom Thieves by pretending that he has a change of heart and trapping them excluding Haru and Morgana is removed.
  • During the fight against Shadow Okumura, he only calls in four MDL-WKRs, two MDL-CH/AM/DM and one MDL-GM. The MDL-CH and AM models also appear together. In-game, he only summons a stronger set of Corporobos when the previous group is fully eliminated.
  • A picture of the Okumura family, which includes a younger Okumura, a child Haru and several other of Okumura's family members or associates is shown.
  • The Corporobo MDL-ED is instantly taken down by Hecatoncheires and does not use Big Bang Challenge.
  • An All-out Attack is seen being used on Shadow Okumura; this is not possible in-game.
  • Before his death at the hands of the black masked figure, Shadow Okumura expresses sincere remorse over his actions and promises to make Haru's life happy like once before.
  • The Phantom Thieves celebrates at Tokyo Destiny while wearing their summer attires instead of their winter school uniforms or Futaba's winter casual attire.
  • The Phantom Thieves' celebration at Tokyo Destinyland is expanded, for example, they are shown riding a roller coaster.
  • During the Phantom Thieves' celebration at Tokyo Destinyland, Ann's cat ears with a hair bow and Futaba's rabbit ears are blue instead of the original colors.
  • The comments making fun of Okumura's death do not appear when he's about to die.
  • After Okumura's death during the press conference, Haru breaks down in tears and cries.

Episode 22: Is it our fault...?

  • Futaba did not mention how her mother died after seeing Okumura died from a mental shutdown.
  • Haru's visit to the hospital when her father is taken to the emergency room is shown.
  • Mishima and Ren discuss about the Phantom Thieves' decreasing reputation outside the Gigolo arcade of Akihabara. While Mishima showing his desperate attempt to raise fame for the Phantom Thieves, Shinya appears in front of them and agrees with Mishima, saying the Phantom Thieves shall never fall.
  • Haru's icon is a hat with a feather in the text messages.
  • Ann mentions to Ren about Shiho's transfer to another school at the rooftop instead of after Kamoshida's confession.
  • Haru overhears Ren, Shiho and Ann's conversation, and she starts to get by from her angst as a result.
  • During a game of shoji, Ren, regaining his confidence, tells Hifumi that he's about to strike back against his sticky situation.

Episode 23: How about a deal with me?

  • Haru's winter casual outfit contains a cardigan instead of a pale green fluffy coat.
  • Ren lets his Joker side out at the Haunted House and gets himself smacked by Ryuji.
  • Akechi asks if he can have one of the takoyaki instead of taking it as a finder's fee.
  • Akechi alludes to Shido when being asked about his sense of justice.

Episode 24: A challenge that must be won

  • The conversation between the Thieves after they reach Sae's Palace is cut short.
  • Sojiro finding the calling card in Futaba's room is shown.
  • Sojiro never berates Futaba when he questions her about the Phantom Thieves.
  • Akechi is in Leblanc with Ren when they discover Sojiro having found the calling card in Futaba's room, worrying about the situation.
  • Akechi's icon is letter A in the text messages.
  • Ren and Akechi meet in underground station to discuss Futaba's problem. Ren says he'll later send the name of Futaba's uncle, Youji Isshiki, to Akechi later.
  • Akechi shares his childhood backstory with Ren alone at the subway station, instead of sharing it with both Ren and Futaba at Leblanc.
  • Akechi shows copies of Youji's bank account instead of Futaba showing them to Sojiro.
  • Youji's heart is not shown to be changed by Ren or Futaba via the Metaverse, but it's implied that the Thieves changed his heart off-screen, resulting him to reconcile with Sojiro.
  • The chess set is given to Ren by Sojiro, and after his and Akechi's game, Ren tosses the king to Akechi.
  • It is Sae who tells Ren about the Traitor during the interrogation, instead of the police officer who beat Ren up before the interrogation.

Episode 25: Jealous Sinner

  • Makoto only attends at the courtroom to change Sae's cognition in her Palace instead of Ren and the Phantom Thieves.
  • During one-on-one battle arena, Ryuji tries to climb over the fence to help Ren only to get electrocuted.
  • Makoto sheds tears for her sister's persistence after Sae receives the calling card and the latter's declaration of war upon the Phantom Thieves.
  • The Phantom Thieves fighting Shadow Sae using a rigged giant roulette wheel is omitted. Instead, they only battled Shadow Sae in Leviathan form.
  • The chest which is said to contain Sae's Treasure is opened, showing a notebook inside, which Makoto theorized that it is her father's notebook, with his death triggered Sae's cynicism.

Episode 26: I won't let it end here

  • Makoto and Akechi witness a riot squad ambushing Ren at Sae's Palace.
  • Sae is informed by the SIU Director on her smartphone about Ren's capture during the car ride.
  • Yoshida expresses his opinion to his colleague about the Phantom Thieves.
  • Akechi doesn't kill the guard immediately after taking his gun, instead mockingly saying to Ren that he is going to save him before revealing his true colors. After Akechi "kills" Ren and stages his death as a suicide, he insults him one last time before leaving.
  • Ren’s voice can be heard during his fake death.

Special Episode 1: Dark Sun...

  • A scene where a riot squad guard suffering from a mental shutdown is shown. It would appear that one of the squad guards is Shido’s loyal accomplice.
  • The SIU Director suffers a mental shutdown when he's standing in front of his office window instead of sitting at his desk.
  • Sojiro and Sae never learn about the fact that people can understand what Morgana is speaking after they hear him talking in Metaverse.
  • Sojiro never tells the Phantom Thieves about the truth behind Wakaba's death.
  • Morgana reveals the reason behind Akechi's downfall to Ren in his room instead of in Leblanc.
  • During the battle against Akechi, a silhouette of Akechi's late mother is shown when Akechi tells the Thieves about his past. Also Akechi is apparently mourning his mother's death.
  • Politician Ooe never confesses about the truth behind the horrible train accident at the beginning of the story onscreen, nor Principal Kobayakawa's connection with the Conspiracy, and his Yamata no Orochi form is only shown briefly.
  • The TV Station President never confesses about the connection between Shido, Madarame and Kaneshiro (which is spoken by guests on Shido's Palace instead), and his defeat never shows onscreen.
  • The IT Company President never confronts Futaba before his battle and is directly defeated by the Thieves onscreen. He confesses his instigation in the fake Medjed incident to Ren instead of Futaba.
  • The mini-boss fights against the Former Noble and the Yazuka Cleaner are completely omitted.
  • During their confrontation in Shido's Palace, it is Ren who questions Akechi's motive and shows his shock over the truth that Akechi is Shido's son, instead of Makoto and Yusuke respectively.
  • During a critical battle against the Phantom Thieves, Akechi immediately summons Loki before revealing himself to be the "guy with the black mask", and Ren summons Arsene and fights him alone.
  • Akechi directly summons Loki against the Phantom Thieves instead of also summoning Robin Hood before that, and he curses Ren after he summoned Loki instead of before it.
  • Cognitive Akechi's facial expression is different when he taunts the real Akechi.
  • Cognitive Akechi vaporizes completely after Akechi shoots him. Akechi also returns a chess piece to Ren.
  • Haru is seen mourning Akechi.
  • Mishima is seen cheering for the Phantom Thieves when they make their national announcement.
  • There was no scene of Sojiro being captured by Shido’s corrupted officers nor the messes caused by the said officers.
  • Sae does not mention the late-SIU Director, who was killed by Shido through Akechi.
  • Shadow Shido's Wings of Human Sacrifice form and Tomb of Human Sacrifice form are omitted.
  • Ren is shown summoning Yoshitsune, Alice and Beelzebub against Shadow Shido. Yoshitsune is a Persona that would be impossible to obtain at that point in the game.
  • Shadow Shido finally remembers whom Ren was upon his defeat, by recognizing the latter’s voice and face when he unmasked himself to summon every Persona he has during the battle against him.
  • The girls (except for Makoto who just stand by and watch) never beat Ryuji up when he turns out to be alive, and they scold him instead.
  • The Phantom Thieves never hold a party after they successfully change Shido's heart. They only gather at the square and witness citizens still admiring Shido even after his confession.

Special Episode 2: Stars and Ours

  • No fights occur during the Depths of Mementos. Instead, the Phantom Thieves were all pursued by large amounts of Shadow Guards.
  • The Phantom Thieves never fights the Holy Grail when they first encounter it, only to be expelled from Mementos. They never fight the Holy Grail when they confront it for the second time, as it transforms into its true form as Yadalbaoth directly.
  • Ren rejects false Igor/Yaldabaoth's offer through a lengthy rebuttal.
  • When the Holy Grail transforms into Yaldabaoth, it can be seen more clearly that the Grail is Yaldabaoth's head.
  • The battles against Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael are all omitted.
  • During the final battle, Akechi's voice can be heard after the other Confidants states their own encouragement, encouraging the Phantom Thieves to stand up and fight back. Ren looks at the chess piece in his hand instantly when he realizes the voice belongs to Akechi.
  • After Ren's release, Sojiro tells him that the female victim of Shido testified against the latter to prove Ren's innoncence, while in the game it was Sae who told Ren the news.
  • Ren is not shown taking off his glasses offscreen on his way back home.


Opening theme
"Break In To Break Out" by Lyn
"Dark Sun..." by Lyn
Ending theme
"Infinity" by Lyn
"Autonomy" by Lyn
"Freedom and Security" (Episode 26)

Adaptation Differences[]

There are some differences between Persona 5 The Animation and the game, including but not limited to:

  • The calendar isn't shown as days go by.
  • The Social Stats system is not included.
  • Due to the length of the anime, many scenes are cut, changed or shortened, instead focusing on the important parts of the story and some of the events at a faster pace.
  • Kaneshiro is the first one to mention the Black Mask instead of Madarame.
  • Ren does not need to physically go through the Velvet Door to visit the Velvet Room and may be able to visit the Velvet Room while asleep (as seen in the post-credits scene of Ep. 9) or even at the middle of a fight (as seen in the battle against Shadow Kamoshida). 
  • Certain people make cameos in episodes during situations where they don't appear in the game.
  • Other than Joker's ultimate Persona Satanael, the other members of the Phantom Thieves did not awaken their own ultimate Personas.
  • The Phantom Thieves don't cover their faces when summoning their Personas.
  • Unlike past Persona protagonists, Ren gets very little focus added on him in the anime. He never even says most of his in-game battle quotes.
  • Akechi's fate is shown differently: Instead of him and his Cognitive version shooting at each other, Akechi manages to kill it before battling the rest of the Shadows.
  • Morgana disappears by floating to the skies along with the treasure on Yaldabaoth's boss stage instead of Shibuya, where the entirety of the Qliphoth World vanishes from existence.

Persona O.A.[]

Main article: Persona O.A.

To promote the anime and distribute news, a portal app, Persona O.A., was released on March 15, 2018. The app features a news feed and a calendar detailing upcoming Persona related events. At a later date, the app will be updated with a Mementos exploration game, which will include Persona summoning, dungeon crawling and light character interactions.

The app also allows players to earn Persona Points by signing in daily, which can then be used to purchase wallpapers or enter lotteries to attend events.

The application has ended service on August 30, 2019. [9]


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