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The Persona 5 Manga is a manga adaption of the game Persona 5 and its updated port Persona 5 Royal.


The manga premiered just after the release of the actual game in Japan on September 22, 2016. It is currently an on-going series. It is illustrated and written by Murasaki Hisato, with some minor changes from Persona 5's original story. This time, the manga is being published by Shogakukan on the free online platform Ura Sunday, which specializes in publishing authors who don't fit into traditional genres but who still deserve to have their talent shown off, such as One's Mob Psycho 100. France was the first country to release the manga outside of Japan, beginning on October 3, 2019, thanks to Mana Books.[1] On the other hand, VIZ Media started publication in the US on January 14th, 2020.[2]

Unlike the previous manga adaptations of Persona 3 and Persona 4, the Persona 5 manga adapts content from the updated re-release, Persona 5 Royal, such as the two new Confidants Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki.

Differences from the game[]

In the manga, the protagonist is named Akira Kurusu, a name that has so far not been portrayed anywhere else. Unlike his game counterpart, Akira does not appear to possess the power of the Wild Card, as it has not been mentioned by name nor has any Persona other than Arsène been summoned by him in the manga thus far. We are also occasionally shown Akira's thoughts about a given situation. Much like Persona 5 The Animation, the date of any event is never given. While Maruki and Yoshizawa are both in the manga, they are not introduced at the same time they would be in the game, due to Persona 5 Royal not being released by the time the manga reached the moments they would've been introduced.

Volume 1[]

  • The manga doesn't start with the heist in the casino going wrong and Akira being taken into custody. Instead, it opens with Akira awakening his Persona and a shot of him with Ryuji, Ann and Morgana all in their Phantom Thief outfits. As such, there is no cutaways to the present where Sae interrogates Akira about the events of the previous year.
  • It then cuts to Akira on the train having a flashback to his encounter with Shido.
  • Akira asks a police officer for directions to the Denentoshi line.
  • Someone bumps into Akira.
  • A mother and her child are shown and focused on. As time seems to stop around Akira, the little girl's ice cream cone falls.
  • Akira checks for the current time after deleting a mysterious app: it happened at 16:45.
  • The customer at Leblanc doesn't say goodbye when he leaves.
  • Akira mentions there being a lot of police officers at Shibuya, and when he asks Sojiro about it, the latter coldly replies that it's "not my business."
  • When Sojiro tells the story of how Akira got on probation, Sojiro notes that he's rambling.
  • During the flashback to Akira's first run in with Shido, only his silhouette, left eye, and mouth are shown.
  • Sojiro doesn't take Akira to Shujin Academy on Sunday.
  • The subway accident is only shown for one panel in a news broadcast, with a journalist explaining what happened.
  • Sojiro notes that Akira has good manners, that it's raining, and asks himself if Akira took an umbrella.
  • Akira wonders to himself why Shujin would take in a student on probation.
  • Akira thinks that Ann is pretty.
  • Kamoshida is shown talking to Ann while they're both in his car.
  • Ryuji and Akira get a headache when activating the Meta-Nav for the first time. In the game, they don't even realize it has been activated. Ryuji even says his "heart hurts" after its activation.
  • Upon stumbling onto the castle for the first time, Akira says Shujin looks "different from how it looked on the web."
  • The scene of Ryuji and Akira being confused after entering the castle is shortened. They almost immediately get attacked.
  • Ryuji tells Akira to flee after being pinned down. In the game, they both try to run away before being captured.
  • Shadow Kamoshida is shown in his room as he's informed about the intruders.
  • Ryuji talks to Morgana for the first time who's in a neighboring cell before Akira awakens his Persona. Morgana partly explains what a Palace is to them.
  • Ryuji tries to blackmail Shadow Kamoshida with compromising pictures, saying he should let them escape otherwise the pictures will be made public.
  • Shadow Kamoshida punches Ryuji in the face. In the game, Ryuji is punched by a Shadow.
  • Akira grabs Shadow Kamoshida's arm to stop him from punching Ryuji. Akira also tries to talk Shadow Kamoshida out of committing more violence.
  • Shadow Kamoshida notes that Akira and Ryuji have the same eyes.
  • Ryuji tackles Shadow Kamoshida. In the game, he simply pushes him out of the way.
  • Shadow Kamoshida brings up Ryuji's past in the track team in more detail.
  • Akira isn't taken aback by his mask appearing on his face for the first time.
  • Arsène directly shields Akira from damage.
  • Arsène gives Akira instructions in order to defeat the two Shadows.
  • Morgana immediately starts talking to Ryuji and Akira after they escape the jail cell, as he was in the adjacent cell, asking the two to let him escape.
  • Akira doesn't change back into his school uniform after the fight.
  • After running away for a bit, Morgana fully explains what a palace is to Akira and Ryuji.
  • They run into the training hall of love immediately. In the game, it happens on their second excursion in the palace.
  • Ryuji doesn't ask to see every cognitive student in the training hall so he can memorize their face in order to confront the corresponding students in the real world. In the game, they go to the training hall on their second excursion into the palace.
  • After Morgana explains that students are only only cognitive beings, the guards catch up to the three of them, upon which Morgana reveals his Persona.
  • Akira's power is unstable, leaving Morgana to take care of the guards alone, while in the game it's the first battle with an ally.
  • Morgana doesn't take Akira and Ryuji to the actual exit to the palace. Morgana is outnumbered by enemies, and he just tells the two to leave without him.
  • Akira and Ryuji aren't accosted by cops after returning to the real world.
  • Akira and Ryuji go together to the faculty office in order to explain their delay.
  • The two of them run into Kamoshida after meeting with Kawakami.
  • Despite Morgana explaining what a palace is to them, Ryuji still gets angry at the real Kamoshida for the events in the castle.
  • When introducing himself to the class, Akira gives an explanation as to why he was late.
  • Ann openly remarks that Akira was at the station in the morning before calling him a liar.
  • Akira has a short monologue about his experience in the palace.
  • Akira asks another student for help about a lesson, but the student quickly leaves because he's afraid of Akira, due to the rumors surrounding him.
  • When Ryuji talks about injured students, the manga shows injured students.
  • Akira remarks that Ryuji doesn't use honorifics when talking to him.
  • Kamoshida notices Akira and Ryuji talking to the volleyball club about physical abuse.
  • Ryuji and Akira ask Shiho about the physical abuse. In the game, Joker accidentally bumps into her, and she tells him not to get worried about the rumors.
  • Kamoshida confronts Akira, Ryuji and Mishima near the lockers.
  • Akira and Ryuji don't think about returning to the castle until Morgana brings it up after reuniting with them in the real world.
  • Ann yells at Shiho before she attempts to commit suicide in order to convince Shiho not to jump off the roof.
  • Akira is the one to call an ambulance for Shiho.
  • Ann questions Kamoshida about what happened to Shiho. Kamoshida in turn tells everyone to go back to class. In the game, an unnamed teacher commands the students to go back to class.
  • Kamoshida is seen complaining about Shiho's suicide attempt, before Akira and Ryuji barge into the room to confront him. In the game, Mishima is also there.
  • Kamoshida plans to lie and say that Shiho attempted suicide because Akira and Ryuji were bullying her.
  • Akira, Ryuji and Morgana's second excursion in Kamoshida's palace after Shiho's attempted suicide. In the game, this would be their third trip, and Ryuji would've already awoken to his Persona, and they would've figured out how to the enter the palace.
  • The three of them enter the palace from inside the high school, while in the game the entrance is at the gates of Shujin.
  • Morgana is not present when Ryuji awakens to his Persona. Additionally, unlike in the game, Ryuji's awakening does not take place in the entrance hall.
  • Ryuji grabs a lantern and hits a Shadow with it, to no avail.
  • Akira encourages Ryuji to stand up against Kamoshida.
  • There is a cut-away introducing Akechi and Sae while they're eating at a sushi place. In the game, they're introduced in the Public Prosecutor's Office, and the player would've already encountered Sae due to the prologue.

Volume 2[]

  • The Shadows do not need to be unmasked before being able to cause damage to them.
  • Morgana reconvenes with Akira and Ryuji in the middle of the fight. In the game, he would've always been present.
  • The three of them do not defeat all of the enemies before escaping. Instead, Morgana creates a diversion by using a smoke bomb.
  • Morgana found the treasure on his own. In the game, the entire party figures out a route to the treasure.
  • The gang doesn't prepare themselves before planning to steal the treasure. As such, Akira doesn't go to either Takemi's clinic or Iwai's model gun shop.
  • The calling card is sent the day immediately after, when Ann still has not awoken her Persona.
  • Kamoshida does not confront Akira and Ryuji after seeing the calling card.
  • The concept of negotiating with Shadows is never brought up.
  • Akira, Ryuji and Morgana get to the treasure before Ann joins the party.
  • Kamoshida threatens to kill Ann if the three of them doesn't give back the treasure.
  • We get a flashback of Ann on her first year at Shujin being pestered by rumors, and how she met Shiho.
  • Ann's awakening takes place in the throne room.
  • Immediately after Ann obtains Carmen, Shadow Kamoshida transforms into Asmodeus.
  • After his transformation, Shadow Kamoshida kills a couple of his own guards.
  • Ann burns Shadow Kamoshida's left eye, and the burn scar is visible until he heals up.
  • Shadow Kamoshida grabs Ann with his tongue.
  • Akira cuts Shadow Kamoshida's tongue and saves Ann.
  • Akira is the one to come up with the plan to steal the crown off Shadow Kamoshida, after he notices Asmodeus is trying to keep it on his head.
  • Akira proposes to be a decoy to distract Shadow Kamoshida.
  • Ryuji and Ann insult Shadow Kamoshida while fighting him. In the game, they do so while he's downed.
  • Akira stabs Asmodeus' right eye, before Akira gets stomped on.
  • Shadow Kamoshida trash talking Akira reminds him of his encounter with Shido, and reignites his resolve.
  • Morgana kicks the crown off Asmodeus' head instead of swiping it from him.
  • After the group escapes the palace, the manga skips to the school assembly where Kamoshida confesses to his crime.
  • Kamoshida goes to the microphone stand in order to confess. In the game, he just does it on the stage with no microphone.
  • Kamoshida doesn't plan to commit suicide, he already thinks of turning himself in, without Ann telling him not to run from his crimes.
  • We cut away to Akechi watching a news broadcast about Kamoshida.
  • We don't see the Phantom Thieves discussing plans to party. We directly jump to Akira, Ryuji, Ann and Morgana having dinner at the buffet.
  • There is a one pannel flashback talking about Ryuji finding the buyer to sell the gold medal, with an Iwai cameo, although he is not named.
  • The gang finds out about the Phantom Aficionado Website during their party. In the game, they aren't aware of it until Mishima tells Joker about it after Kamoshida's heart change.
  • Akira and Morgana don't get up to listen to the adults in the area talk.
  • Ryuji is the only one who goes to the toilet to puke.
  • Shido is only seen in a headshot from behind, with a speech buble covering most of his head.
  • Ryuji, Morgana and Ann don't propose names for the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.
  • The four of them decide their code names after officially forming the Phantom Thieves, while in the game they do so from the very beginning in Kamoshida's palace.
  • Akira collapses on his bed after coming home due to eating too much.
  • The roof of Shujin becomes the Thieves' hideout only now. In the game, Ryuji and Akira convene there after their first excursion in the palace.
  • The Phantom Thieves create their rule about deciding a target unanymosuly at their hideout, while in the game it was decided after forming the Thieves at the buffet.
  • Ann talks about feeling like she's being watched to the group in their hideout. In the game, she talks about it to Joker while waiting for the train one morning.
  • There's a montage of the Phantom Thieves hanging out.
  • In the game, the four of them come out of a train station before being accosted by Yusuke, while in the manga they're walking down the street.
  • Madarame reacts to Ann knowing about him.
  • The Phantom Thieves plan to tackle the stalker ex-boyfriend after Yusuke leaves.
  • Morgana talks a bit about the collective unconscious. In the game, he saves that topic for when they go into Mementos.
  • Morgana starts living with Akira at LeBlanc only now. In the game, Morgana moves in after Ann's awakening.
  • Sojiro notices animal hair on Akira's right shoulder.
  • Akira tries to hide Morgana under his blanket when Sojiro comes in the attic.
  • Sojiro doesn't try naming Morgana.
  • Ryuji and Ann react about the Meta-Nav only the following day.
  • Morgana explains that someone needs to drive before Ryuji, Akira and Ann get in the van.
  • Nakahara's shadow directly states that he was abandoned by the "famous Japanese artist, Ichiryusai Madarame", and asks the Phantom Thieves to deal with him.
  • There is a bonus chapter of Akira, Ryuji and Ann going to the batting center after the buffet party.

Volume 3[]

  • Akira and Ryuji don't try to approach Madarame before being overwhelmed by the crowd.
  • Madarame talks to Yusuke and Ann during the exhibit.
  • Akira and Yusuke exchanged chat I.Ds at some point during the exhibit.
  • Akira encourages Yusuke to speak up about his abuse if he's being mistreated by Madarame.
  • Akira notices Morgana has disappeared.
  • Yusuke doesn't paint a portrait of Ann when the Phantom Thieves first go to Madarame's shack.
  • Morgana is shown roaming around the shack, and he has a monologue about how easy it is to sneak into places.
  • Madarame runs into Morgana, and throws a vase at the cat out of sheer anger, expressing that nobody should approach the door.
  • Morgana doesn't throw a rope down the unlocked window entrance in Madarame's palace.
  • Ann accidentally makes some noise and alerts a guard, though Akira gets her out of the way before she's seen.
  • During the Phantoms' first trip to the museum, there are guards in the manga, while in the game there was no one patrolling.
  • Akira prefers to find evidence that Madarame commits crimes in real life before stealing his heart.
  • In the game, the Thieves would then exit the palace for the day, but here they go deeper into the museum on the first day.
  • Ryuji runs off, only to get trapped in a cell and activate the alarm.
  • The laser trap doesn't activate by Morgana trying to steal a gold treasure.
  • Akira only needs to press one button in order to free the rest of the Thieves. In the game, he needed to press two switches and the control panel.
  • The Phantom Thieves don't encounter a Treasure Demon.
  • The Phantom Thieves go back to the entrance through a vent.
  • Mishima calls Akira directly after they get out of the palace.
  • Nakahara is the one who wants to meet the Phantom Thieves in the first place. In the game, Mishima comes up with the idea of a meeting.
  • Yusuke paints Ann when they're alone, after the first excursion in the palace.
  • Yusuke goes slightly more in depth about his backstory. He implies that him and Nakahara knew each other and were close.
  • We are shown Nakahara under Madarame's care while the former explains what happened.
  • Yusuke wants Ann to model nude for him right now, so she pretends she has something important to do in order to get out. In the game, Yusuke says Ann can model nude whenever she feels like.
  • Ryuji and Akira haven't come back to ask Yusuke about the rumors, and as such Yusuke hasn't threatened to call the cops if he sees them neard Madarame's shack unless Ann poses nude for him.
  • Morgana thinks about how hard it is to pick a lock with cat paws, while in the game he expresses it out loud.
  • Akira and Ryuji don't go deeper into the palace to disable the security lasers.
  • Ann doesn't push out Yusuke after he grabs her after they fell into the palace.
  • Yusuke has a short interior monologue about how repulsive the museum is.
  • Upon hearing Shadow Madarame's true motives, Yusuke drops to both his knees, while in the game he only gets on one knee.
  • Yusuke scraps the floor with his fingers to the point of bleeding before the guards appear and he awakens.
  • The Phantom Thieves rush in to fight the attacking guards during Yusuke's awakening.
  • Yusuke single-handedly defeats most of the shadows, with the exception of the Nue.
  • Yusuke and the thieves make an effort to aim for the Nue's legs to immobilize it.
  • Yusuke rushes in deeper into the museum after the shadows are defeated.
  • The thieves choose to continue exploring for the day, despite Yusuke's exhaustion. In the game, they call it a day and exit the palace.
  • Yusuke figures out the treasure will be in the main hall, upon which the manga skips to when the thieves arrive at the hall.
  • The thieves find out about the pulley system from the hall, while in the game they find out about it in the control room, where they can also turn off the lights. After that, they decide to leave the museum.
  • The phantom thieves decide to send the calling card immediately after Yusuke joins the party.
  • Madarame decides to sue Akira, Ann, Ryuji and Yusuke only after getting the calling card.
  • We are shown a short scene of Shadow Madarame talking to a guard about the security measures taken in the museum.
  • Due to the high security, the thieves take a different route to the treasure, aka the route taken in the game, including going inside the paintings and the distorted golden room with the fake Sayuris.
  • The pulley malfunctions with Morgana on it, so he extends the rope in order to reach the treasure.

Volume 4[]

  • There is a flashback showing Madarame letting Yusuke's mom dying while he explains it.
  • The thieves all attack Azazel separately at the same time.
  • The gang hide from Azazel to hatch a plan in order to counter his paint.
  • Ann throws the sweets Yusuke gifted her back in his face.
  • Ann mentions to Sojiro that Akira is a great guy at heart even if he doesn't talk much.
  • There is a short montage of the party having fun while eating the hot pot in Akira's room.
  • Akira goes downstairs to grab a pitcher of water, upon which Sojiro talks about sweet Ann is.
  • There are small flashbacks showing Ann and Ryuji in high schol, Ryuji doing track n' field, and Kamoshida being angry at Ryuji.
  • In the flashback to Akira's backstory, the woman threatens to publicize what happened with Shido with that money.
  • Akira puts an arm in front of the woman to shield her from Shido.
  • Ryuji doesn't try to look up Ann's skirt.
  • When asked why Sojiro took Akira in, Sojiro replies that he "reminds me of my old self."
  • We are shown a bit of Makoto Niijima's daily life at Shujin before she's called into Kobayokawa's office.
  • Makoto has a short interior monologue asking herself if changing someone's heart is actually possible.
  • There is a montage of the Thieves doing missions in Mementos.
  • The gang hear two girls talking about an abusive boyfriend having his heart changed, reinvigorating Ryuji's resolve.
  • Makoto is shown asking the students about the Kamoshida incident.
  • Makoto hears two students gossiping about Ann, Ryuji and Akira, so she asks the two if they know more Ryuji and Akira.
  • Several students come to Makoto about their problems (the men's toilet faucet leaking, romantic advice, and more funding for a club) after the principal posts the flyer asking students to go to the student council president for advice.



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