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Persona 5: The Phantom X, also known as Persona 5 X or P5X, is a turn-based role-playing video game developed by Black Wings Game Studio and published by Perfect World Games. It is a spin-off of Persona 5 that takes place in a parallel universe and is officially authorized by SEGA with deep involvement by Atlus.[5] [6]

It was originally announced under the alias Code Name: X in April 2021[7][8] As with the previous Persona 5 installments, the game is planned to be released overseas starting in South Korea.[9]

The first beta lasted from March 29, 2023 to April 1, 2023. The second beta test started on August 18, 2023. The third started on January 16, 2024 and lasted until January 31st. An open beta for the game was released in China on April 12th, and was released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Korea on April 18th.[10][11]


Major Playable Characters[]

  • Protagonist (Code Name: Wonder): The game's center character. A boy in his second-year of high school at Kokatsu Academy. He struggles with floating aimlessly through life and is noted to not have much of a desire or goal until meeting Ruferu. His initial Persona is Jánošík.[12]
  • Ruferu (Code Name: Cattle): A mysterious creature in the form of an owl that can speak human language and can transform into a car in Metaverse. A senior Phantom Thief and a reliable partner. His Persona is Rob Roy.[12]
  • Motoha Arai (Code Name: Closer): A second-year student and classmate of the protagonist with a talent for baseball. She is active and has a cheerful personality. Her Persona is Awilda.[12]
  • Shun Kanou (Code Name: Soy): A second-year student who desires to become a ramen chef. Though outwardly menacing looking, he actually has difficulty with communication and is fiercely loyal to his mentor. His Persona is Mandrin.[13]
  • Riko Tanemura (Code Name: Wind): A third-year student and a discipline committee member. Her Persona is Chiyome.

Cognitive Manifestations[]

Throughout the game story, there are multiple characters who have no Persona power of their own, but appear in Metaverse in their Phantom Thieve forms and join the battles. These characters are cognitive manifestations created by Merope in accordance with the following conditions:

  • They exist in the protagonist's cognition. In the real world, the protagonist either knows them, or has met or heard about them, which even does not necessarily need to be realized.
  • They hold, once held, or are about to hold strong desires.

Their Phantom Thief forms reflect the cognition of their desires that have reached their strongest level, which are regarded as a positive sign in the current world where desire is being taken away. During battles, they also support the protagonist in a role similar to idols. Therefore, Merope names them Kaidols, which is an original blend word combining kai- from kaito (怪盗, the Japanese word for Phantom Thief) and -dol from idol.

Their Personas are named Persona II (duo, which means "two" in Latin), as they are defined as derivatives of the protagonist's Persona and join the battle along with the protagonist as a duo.

  • Seiji Shiratori (Code Name: Fleuret): A second-year high school student who is part of the fencing division. His Persona II is Leucothea.[14]
  • Kotone Montagne (Code Name: Mont): A second-year high school student with half-blooded young girl who once was a figure skater. Her Persona II is Terpsichore.[14]
  • Yukimi Fujikawa (Code Name: Yuki): A second-year high school student. Her Persona II is Styx.[14]
  • Tomoko Noge (Code Name: Moko): A second-year student at Kokatsu Academy and close friend of Motoha. Her Persona II is Prosymna.[15]
  • Reo Kamiyama (Code Name: Leon): A 19-year-old boy pursuing his dream of becoming an action actor in Tokusatsu. His Persona II is Erytheia.[16]
  • Yaoling Li (Code Name: Rin): A first-year university student who was born in Sichuan, China and came to Tokyo to study. Her Persona II is Meng Po.[17]
  • Kiyoshi Kurotani (Code Name: Key): A first-year high school student at Kokatsu Academy who possesses keen psychic abilities and considers himself "the chosen one." His Persona II is Syke.[18]
  • Kayo Tomiyama (Code Name: Okyann): A 44-year-old housewife living close to the protagonist. Her Persona II is Cleodora.[19]
  • YUI (Code Name: Bui): A girl the protagonist has met in a virtual game. Her Persona II is Apseudes.[20]
  • Miyu Sahara (Code Name: Puppet): A first-year high school student who has run out from her family. Her Persona II is Nemertes.[21]
  • Toshiya Sumi (Code Name: Sepia): An unemployed young man who often appears at fishing spots and is known as the "Fishing God". His Persona II is Gorgyra.[22]
  • Haruna Nishimori (Code Name: Riddle): A 10-year-old girl who has a prodigious talent of learning. Her Persona II is Daeira.[23]
  • Minami Miyashita (Code Name: Marian): A first-year high school student who assists her father on his izakaya operation and has a gentle disposition. Her Persona II is Thalia.[24]
  • Chizuko Nagao (Code Name: Vino): An old lady who likes drinking and can hold her liquor. Her Persona II is Ampelos.[25]
  • Yumi Shiina (Code Name: Phoebe): A 26-year-old bartender working at an underground bar in Shibuya. Her Persona II is Urania.[26]
  • Ayaka Sakai (Code Name: Chord): A songwriter and singer who often performs at Shibuya Station Square. Her Persona II is Calliope.

The characters from Persona 5 is a special case. They are actual Persona users, but have an unknown connection to the protagonist's cognition and appear as cognitive manifestation.

Supporting Characters[]

Characters related to city activities[]

Minor Characters[]


  • Takeyuki Kiuchi: A salesperson and former professional baseball player. Once a promising athlete, a six-year old Motoha managed to score a home run against him ten years prior, embarrassing him in front of his colleagues and the media. Viewing this event as the catalyst for his professional career and personal life falling apart, he now terrorizes women by shoving them at train station and holds a venomous grudge against Motoha, willing to destroy her life through any means necessary.
  • Hiromu Miyazawa: A food critic active on TV and online channels. Visiting various restaurants, Miyazawa actively gives reviews on the food he eats in his personal show. However, in reality, he is a demanding and conceited man as restaurant owners are forced to give him bribes so that they won't receive negative reviews and he won't take away the restaurants from them. He also gives these kinds of reviews to his followers, causing the other restaurants owners out of business for refusing to offer himself bribes.

Mementos Targets[]

  • Otoko Takahashi: A girl who struggles with social anxiety and a fear of being alone. Her desperate desire for friendship has become so twisted that she has resorted to kidnapping a cat named Chatai and holding him against his will in her backyard.
  • Wicked Producer: The manager of the idol-themed maid cafe where Narumi Nashimoto works at, often called as Producer as the producer for idols. He keeps extorting profit from the waitresses' commissions and bonuses.


P5X Shibuya

A glossy Shibuya in the rain.

Much of the gameplay takes direct reference from Persona 5, where the player will live a dual life between spending time in the real world, as well as roaming and fighting in the Metaverse.

Many of the locations and activities in the overworld have a striking resemblance to the original game, as districts like Shibuya and Yongen-Jaya can be visited, and minigames such as batting and fishing can be played. One difference from the original game is that Zoshigaya, the protagonist's residence, can be visited. There also is a gachapon the player can try to get rewards. There also is a mysterious park within the Metaverse that functions somewhat like the Thieves Den having the ability to be customized. Also much like that place, any party members the player have can be summoned to this park. [27]

The game's combat system also has several key features of its predecessor, including One Mores, Baton Passes, Gun Attacks and All-out Attacks. In the case of the former two, however, the mechanics are simplified; downing an enemy, rather than allowing a party member to freely act again with any of their available skills, grants the option of either using a single fixed skill—typically (but not always) an attack keyed to their element—or Baton Passing to let an ally do the same. A new feature to this game are Highlight attacks which are performed in a similar vein to Royal’s Showtime Attacks albeit it’s performed with only one character rather than two. Some Highlight attacks like Ruferu’s are stat buffs rather than attacks. The protagonist's highlight changes on whether he has an attack persona or a support persona.

The method of character obtainment is via a gacha banner system. It is explained that characters obtained in this fashion are cognitive manifestations of the original individual taken from the Sea of Souls, and not the real person. Additionally, as the game does not follow a calendar system, the protagonist's free time in the city is only limited by a special currency taking the form of hourglasses. Despite this however, the calendar does appear in the game, albeit superficial and seemingly only used to track the player's days playing the game.[28] This also means there are no deadlines in this game and the protagonist can take as long as necessary to clear story missions.



ChinaJoy 2023[]

As promotion for the game an exhibit was held at ChinaJoy 2023 on July 28th.[29] The exhibit featured an in-person demo of the game, new merchandise, and cosplayers dressed as characters from the game.[30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37][38]

CPSP Comic Expo[]

As promotion for the game an exhibit was held at CPSP Comic Expo from April 4th, 2024 to April 5th, 2024.[39] Similar to the ChinaJoy 2023 exhibit the exhibit featured an in-person demo of the game, new merchandise, and cosplayers dressed as characters from the game.[40][41]



Persona 5: The Phantom X[]


Code Name: X[]

ChinaJoy 2023[]

CPSP Comic Expo[]

Character Promotional Videos[]

In Other Languages[]

Language! Title
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China Traditional Chinese 女神異聞錄:夜幕魅影
Flag of South Korea Korean 페르소나5: 더 팬텀 X
Flag of Hong Kong Simplified Chinese 女神异闻录:夜幕魅影


  • In an interview with Kazuhisa Wada, the supervisor of the content of the game, P5X will include several original musical tracks, featuring Lyn as a vocalist.[44]
  • P5X altered the design of some Personas from the base Persona 5 to be less sexual due to censorship regulations in China (however, other versions of the game feature the uncensored designs, with some exceptions such as the Riders having metallic arms):
    • Incubus wearing shorts.
    • Succubus has a full outfit.
    • Angel has more clothes on her upper body's area to cover her slight nudity.
    • Lilim wears a full-body outfit to cover her slight nudity.
    • Lamia has a shirt.
    • Mara wearing a hat, has shorter and fewer tentacles, and no veins on his body.
    • Kumbhanda wearing a robe.
    • Yaksini is given a full design that covers her slight nudity.
    • Ose now wears a full pair of shorts.
    • Mandrake has lower body coverings.
    • Surt wearing shorts.
    • Hecatoncheires wearing shorts.
    • Dakini has her abs covered more.
    • Bugs loses its rips, stitches, and blood.
    • Andras having fur-like pants.
    • Apsaras' clothes extend more on the legs and the size of her bust has decreased.
    • Pazuzu having his fur in the crotch area extended to look like shorts.
    • Kaiwan loses his protruding bump with lines on his forehead.
    • Garuda wearing pants.
    • Rangda's accessories that contained the three eyes on it were removed.
    • Scathach having her revealed parts of her body being covered by armor.
    • Sandalphon having his cross design on his clothes removed.
    • Archangel having his symbols found in his armor and flag removed.
    • The steed White Rider mounts lacks eyes all over its body.
  • It also removed skulls. However, Ryuji's codename, Skull, remains the same, as well as his mask and Persona design.[45]
    • Bugs loses its skulls.
    • Dakini's skull-like accessories found near the hips have its face removed.
    • Hell Biker wearing a mask.
    • Daisoujou wearing a mask and his skeletal body has been changed to have a more flesh-like appearance.
    • White Rider wearing a mask.
    • Red Rider wearing a mask.
    • Black Rider wearing a mask.
    • Matador wearing a mask.
    • Trumpeter wearing a mask.
  • Excluding the false Igor in Persona 5, this game marks the first time that recycled voice lines of Isamu Tanonaka are not used for Igor's Japanese voice. Igor instead has a new voice actor that provides him with brand new voice lines.
  • From the promotional trailer for "Code Name: X," at the end of the video, a set of binary numbers appears at the end of the teaser trailer, which translate to PERSONA5X.[46]
  • The explanation for the game's "gacha" mechanic is similar to that of the Persona 5 Royal DLC boss fights against Makoto Yuki and Yu Narukami in that they are cognitive beings rather than the actual individual.
  • There are several changes that have been made to locations in the overworld compared to the original game due to being set in an alternate timeline:

External Links[]


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