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Persona 5: Mementos Mission (ペルソナ5 メメントスミッション, Perusona 5 Mementosumisshon)? is a manga side story of Persona 5, taking place after the fifth heist and before the sixth. It is illustrated by Rokuro Saito, the artist for the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax manga adaptation.

The manga started publication on October 27, 2018, in the Dengeki Maoh magazine, and the final chapter was published on July 27, 2020. The English publication of the first volume of the manga was released on December 7, 2021.[1][2] while the second was released in April 7, 2022, with the third volume released shortly after on May 10 2022.[3]

The protagonist is named Ren Amamiya.


Ren is at one of Ann's photo shoots, returning her forgotten wallet from school. As a break is called, Mika joins the group. It is revealed that she has a stalker who's leaving sharp objects like nails and razors in front of her door. Ann suggests asking the Phantom Thieves to help, but Mika dismisses it, claiming them to be exorcists for a viral marketing campaign. Their talent manager, Kenji Tokito, interrupts the conversation to introduce Shiro Asakura, a major producer in show business. Annoyed by the attention that Ren gets from Asakura, Mika takes hold of the conversation and offers some wine to drink. However, after a sip, Asakura foams at the mouth, falling ill.

After seeing Ann off at the station, Ren and Morgana note that the models at the shoot were not sympathetic over Asakura's collapse. A disheveled man runs into Ren, dropping a can of dog food as a result. At Untouchable, Ren is working part-time while Iwai is making a suspicious-sounding phone call. Kaoru comes into the store, but Iwai tells him to go home. The door opens again and Iwai is ready to chew out Kaoru again, only for a customer to ask for sharp knives. Iwai says that his shop only carries replicas and the customer goes on his way, disappointed that they weren't on the same side. After Ren makes it home to Leblanc, he gets a phone call from Ohya. She wants a statement from Ann as a suspect for attempted murder. Assigned to cover the topic, Ohya divulges that Asakura is a big name in the business with a beautiful wife, but rumors say he forced an idol into prostitution, ultimately leading her to commit suicide.

The next day after school, the Phantoms get together to discuss the events. There is a possibility that Mika poisoned Asakura because she was forced into prostitution as well. Haru notes that Okumura Foods was asked to sponsor them, but it was turned down after some kind of discovery. Ann, having been late giving her statement to the police, storms in to voice Mika's innocence. Ren agrees with her, offering support. Ann gives her update, saying that the police might pin it all on Mika. Although dangerous, Ren offers to ask his connection to the police for help. Haru is to ask why the sponsorship offer was cancelled, and Ryuji is tasked to fill Yusuke in, as the Kosei student is working on a new project. As they leave the buffet, Makoto runs into another person, dropping their shopping bags.

Ren closes up Leblanc as Akechi comes by. The detective takes up the case, but can only work on his downtime as he is busy with a different investigation: the Twin Fanged Killer, a criminal who only kills other criminals. Akechi compares them to the Phantom Thieves while Ren refutes the statement. After a bath and splitting a sweet potato with Morgana, Ren gets a call from Ryuji. A request on the Phan-Site says that Takemi is selling poison, something that jumps out at Ryuji with the current events. He personally plans to check it out tomorrow.

The Phantoms gather once more in Leblanc. Ryuji and Ann have gone to Takemi Clinic while Haru is running late to the meeting. Yusuke gets up, having slept from exhaustion upon his arrival. He is tasked to paint an animal for the exhibit at the school festival, but has not found inspiration. Futaba suggests the rumor of Cerberus. If one leaves dog food in front of Buchiko at midnight for three days without being caught, then Cerberus himself will come from Hell to grant your wish. Ren is also tired from a late night doing his homework, so he reaches for an energy drink that he received from Takemi. Yusuke swipes the drink for himself and gulps it down just as Ryuji and Ann say not to take medicine from the doctor. Yusuke collapses, having drunk the energy drink in one gulp. Ren and Makoto move to make him spit back up the drink before Haru comes to stop the commotion.

Takemi comes for a house call, saying that Yusuke only collapsed due to dehydration and mild anemia from working on his project. Ryuji and Ann saw bloody children sitting in the waiting room, but they were only trick-or-treaters, as Halloween is near. Morgana makes a note that all requests on the Phan-Site might not be true and they all unanimously drop the request. As everyone winds down, Ren notices that Makoto is worried about something, and she reveals a diamond bracelet. Makoto had accidentally picked it up when her shopping bags dropped with the stranger, but it isn't a regular item at the store. Ann swipes the bracelet and puts it on Makoto, complimenting how good it looks. In her embarrassment, Makoto tries to take it off, only to reveal that it's stuck. Ren and Makoto head to Untouchable where Iwai can take it off, but the tools to do so will need a couple days to come. Iwai gets a call and takes Ren afterwards to do a job. While Iwai has his talk with Masa, Ren is to respond to his signal and stay on the phone line to eavesdrop. When Ren returns home, he gets a call from Akechi, The poison in Asakura had a delayed response, one step into claiming Mika's innocence.

On the way to school, Makoto is found in the morning wearing boxing wraps to keep the bracelet safe, scaring everyone around her. Haru suggests getting a bodyguard for her, along with asking a jeweler she knows to find the owner. The Phantoms gather on the rooftop at lunch, with Yusuke and Futaba included by call. Ren was up with Mishima last night, discussing a new request on the Phan-Site. A Shujin student named Eri Kuroba is seemingly being abused, body covered in bruises. After a unanimous decision, the crew decide to go undercover at the maid cafe Eri works part-time at. Makoto and Haru go to infiltrate as maids while Ryuji, Yusuke, and Morgana are their backup in the guise of customers. Unfortunately, their plan fails as Eri is covered up more than expected. As the five meet up with Ren and head back for the day, Makoto is ambushed by two men wearing alien masks. Ryuji reveals their true form while Yusuke snaps a photo of their faces. The two men retreat in their failure. Meanwhile, Ann is with Mika at the diner to see how her fellow model is doing. Mika suspects Tokito of being the poisoner, as he was dismayed at the failure to kill Asakura. Ren digs deeper into this suspicion by striking a deal with Ohya. Tokito used to be a model until his younger sister died. She was under the Asakura Agency and it is suspected that she was the one under prostitution.

The group gather once more to go over the information so far. There's no definite proof that Tokito was the poisoner and Akechi hasn't said anything more. Ann doesn't know much about Tokito, other than his hobby of going to the Ichigaya fishing pond. However, it is revealed that the prostitution rumor was true. Haru reports that after the business dinner, girls from the Asakura agency invited the Okumura representatives to head to a hotel with them. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts head into Mementos to change Asakura's heart. Afterwards, Ren rushes off to his part-time job with Iwai again. He stops and takes a detour to return the dog food to the disheveled man. The man wants to meet the Phantom Thieves to change someone's heart, but he cannot remember the name. Ren continues his way to Untouchable and stops himself before approaching, seeing Iwai talk to Tsuda out front. He is not the only one eavesdropping, as Kaoru has also hidden himself. The two get caught and sent to the diner to share a meal. Morgana jumps out of Ren's bag to go information gathering with Yusuke. Kaoru has doubts about his relationship with Iwai, but Ren compares Iwai to Sojiro, saying that actions speak louder than words. As Ren takes a moment in the bathhouse, Yusuke comes by to report on his mission with Eri. She is being abused by her surrogate father, reminding him of his former relationship with Madarame.

Everyone splits off to do their own investigations. Ryuji and Makoto are to find the name of Eri's abuser. Futaba is looking into Iwai. Yusuke has his art project to work on. Ann and Haru will go to ask Tokito some questions. Ren and Morgana finish asking about Tokito at the fishing pond when a call comes from Akechi. Asakura's change of heart has reached the police. Ren strikes a deal to meet with Asakura, baiting Akechi that his misdeeds were posted on the Phan-Site, giving a possible connection to the Phantoms. Ren meets up with Ryuji and Makoto, discovering that Eri's abuser died by heart attack. Takemi had been his doctor and revealed he had a heart condition. Although dismayed by the events, they split off, the tools to remove Makoto's bracelet probably arrived for use. Makoto notes that Sae had told her that poisonings can look like simple heart attacks. But they dismiss this, noting that Takemi was also surprised by the death. As they keep going, Ren suggests taking different paths. They are being followed. The assailant attacks Makoto. Ren attempts to distract the man, telling his teammate to run. Unfortunately for them, the man is swift and moves to attack Makoto with two knives. It only cuts through her bracelet and the man runs off with it, people having appeared to notice the commotion.

An emergency meeting is held in Leblanc. The man was after the bracelet specifically. Futaba has found the identity of the 'aliens,' the chairman of the Assembly of Divine Power and his assistant. Haru found that the bracelet owner was a clothing designer who bought it at an auction. Ren suspects that the assailant who attacked Makoto might have been the same criminal who Akechi is chasing, the Twin Fanged Killer. Futaba tells Ren alone that Iwai is connected to the Hashiba gang. Ren calls Iwai in an attempt to get information, but is told not to get into trouble. He heads to Shinjuku to meet with Chihaya where the chairman, Fukurai shows up. Using a misunderstanding to his advantage, Ren is told that there is a trash can where a hitman will take requests. Fukurai was going to use the bracelet to pay Tsuda, as the yakuza came in to demand payment for protection. Ren gets a call that night from Akechi, telling him that he has clearance to go talk to Asakura.

They meet up, with Ren in disguise due to being at the photo shoot. Ren rushes over to the conversation once he hears that Asakura went to a maid cafe and has a picture of his favorite maid. Ren asks about a car model, information he got from the fishing pond. Akechi suggests that Asakura's wife, Tsubasa, show the car while he keeps up the investigation with Asakura himself. Ren put together the pieces that Tsubasa was meeting with Tokito at the fishing pond. He needs to know her story is unrelated to the poisoning case to prove Mika's innocence. Tsubasa and Asakura married only for money, causing her to lean on Tokito to confide in. He in turn confided about his sister's suicide and Asakura's suspected hand in it. Akechi asks for his payment of a free curry and coffee, but Ren blows him off to go do something more important.

The Phantoms are revealed to have gathered at the Ichigaya fishing pond. Tokito had proposed to Tsubasa, but she threw the ring into the pond out of shock. The Guardian rose from the pond and swallowed the ring, prompting Ren to take action. The first day being a bust, Ren heads home first and Morgana returns later with a key piece of evidence. Posing as a stray cat in the pouring rain, Eri took Morgana in. He then waited to swipe her locket and brought it back to examine. Inside of it was a capsule. Takemi confirms that this is the medicine she prescribed to Eri's surrogate father and that poison was injected in it with a syringe. Ren tasks Morgana to text everyone for an emergency run into Mementos. Only Ryuji and Futaba can show up and they discuss Eri's motive. She had no reason to poison Asakura. Additionally, she still kept the poison--incriminating evidence. Upon meeting Shadow Eri, Ren's suspicions are proven correct, as Eri wanted to poison her mother too for keeping silent about the abuse. After changing her heart, Ren and Morgana deliberate their actions back at home as Eri was also a victim.

Akechi calls Ren during class. Eri Kuroba confessed to poisoning Asakura, as she needed to check if the poison worked before targeting her mother and surrogate father. She received the poison from a 'Cerberus,' which Akechi asks Ren about, as the rumor originated from Shujin. Ren attempts to ask the girl from the journalism club upon Makoto's suggestion, but she runs off in terror. Later at the fishing pond, the Phantoms are still trying to find the Guardian. Ann reveals that Mika has been freed from suspicion, but her stalker is still around and gave her a different gift than usual. They break off, with Ryuji tasked to watch the hitman-calling trash can and Ren going to work for Iwai. He comes in at a bad time, as Tsuda is in the shop. Ren attempts again to ask Iwai about what's going on, but is shut down again. Ren meets up with a crying Ryuji, who didn't see anyone at all. They suddenly quiet down as someone approaches the Buchiko statue, but it is only Yusuke trying the Cerberus ritual. The journalist club member comes to reveal that she wanted to have people read the newspaper and made up the ritual. Yusuke is dismayed and has to settle for drawing Morgana instead.

The next morning, Ren is confused that Cerberus was fake. Who gave Eri the poison? Coincidentally, Akechi calls and Ren tempts him into helping again with information on the Twin Fanged Killer. Later that day, the Phantoms and Akechi are at the fishing pond again, with Ren decked out in fishing gear. Despite calling for Akechi's assistance, he is catching no fish at all. He says catching the Guardian is an impossible feat with all the variables at play. Ren cuts the conversation, showing Akechi the latest gift that Mika's stalker left, an earring. Akechi deduces from Mika's social media that the baby crow she saved was giving shiny objects as thank-you gifts. With a renewed heart, Ren casts his line once more. Amazingly, he is able catch the Guardian and make the impossible possible. Afterwards, Ren wearing his hood up to disguise himself, goes to return the ring to Tokito. Tokito suspects Ren is there to change his heart. Although he attempted to find evidence of his sister's death by Asakura, he was forced to do horrible crimes under Asakura as a result. Ren understands that Tokito is repenting on his actions and shows him two rings. As Ren reconvenes with Akechi, it turns out the second ring was from a victim of the Twin Fanged Killer, with the body disposed of in the fishing pond. Ren finally gives his information, that the disheveled homeless man from before is most likely the Twin Fanged Killer.

Ren returns home, with Futaba reporting on the Hashiba gang. There's been no flow of cash, meaning that Tsuda's big deal could be a lie. Ren goes in-person to ask Iwai once more, knowing of their connections to the Hashiba gang. Iwai reveals how he took in Kaoru and left the yakuza, but Tsuda is blackmailing him with that fact. He has to make custom guns for Tsuda in order to keep his mouth shut. Ren tries to ask for Tsuda's full name, but Iwai doesn't want him to get involved in the underground world. Their argument is stopped by Tsuda barging in. Iwai tells Ren his full name: Toshimitsu Tsuda. But before Ren can leave, Tsuda demands that he comes along. At the alley, Iwai and Tsuda argue, with Tsuda smacking Ren with the back of his gun as punishment. Just as Iwai bends to Tsuda to protect everyone, Tsuda suddenly lowers his gun in silence.

The next day on the rooftop, they discuss what happened yesterday. Morgana, having the information of Tsuda's name, called everyone to Mementos to save Ren. At the same time, Akechi has gotten hold of who is suspected to the the Twin Fanged Killer. However, he is only mumbling nonsense to himself, until night falls. Ren is with Iwai, helping him to dismantle the guns. Iwai is distracted because Kaoru hasn't called to check in. He gets a phone call, saying that Kaoru has been kidnapped and taken to Odaiba. At the same time, the Twin Fanged Killer makes his escape through the police station. Upon arrival at Obaiba, Masa is revealed to have taken Kaoru. Iwai hesitates to say anything, but is prompted by Ren to trust his son. Kaoru chastises Iwai for keeping such a secret and that they're family. Similar to the confidant, Tsuda comes by afterwards to fix what his subordinate has done. Iwai puts the pieces together about Ren's true identity and gives him the name of the Twin Fanged Killer: Yohei Kiritani. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts make their way to Mementos. Shadow Yohei calls them the same, targeting criminals above the law. Joker says that they are different and don't kill. To rebel against this unjust world and save people is why they are the Phantom Thieves.

Akechi calls Ren in the morning, saying that they detained Yohei Kiritani thanks to their help. He was the one to give Eri Kuroba the vial of poison that day. As a fellow victim of abuse, Yohei gave Eri the poison willingly for free. Sojiro calls Ren, saying he'll be late for school. Ren hangs up on Akechi asking for his free curry and coffee as payment and gets ready for school, halting once he notices Morgana sitting on his unfinished math homework.


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  • In a sketch posted on Rokuro Saito's twitter, it is revealed that Yusuke drew a fish (presumably the Guardian) instead of Morgana for the exhibit.[7]
  • During the successful fishing trip, Ren wears glasses and a vest similar to that of Yu Narukami in Persona 4 The Animation. During that same trip, Ann wears her hat from her Dancing in Starlight outfit.
  • Ren's disguise during the interrogation at Asakura's house is the same as the Leather-Clad Cop Outfit in Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.
  • In Volume 3 of the Barnes & Nobles exclusive edition, Yoshizawa is included in the inner bonus illustration. However, she does not make an appearance in the story herself.
    • Similarly, Goro Akechi appears in bonus illustrations in his phantom thief attire as well as attire resembling his persona Loki, both elements that are not present in the story.
  • Mementos Mission is the only instance that Ren is given a IM text message icon.


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