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Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Stageplay (舞台『ペルソナ4 ジ・アルティメット イン マヨナカアリーナ』) is a stage play based on Persona 4 Arena.


  • Japan: December 19-23, 2014 (Performance)
  • Japan: July 30, 2015 (DVD Release)


Released after Persona 3: the Weird Masquerade -Ao no Kakusei-, its sequel, Persona 4 Visualive, and its sequel, Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena is a stageplay based on the game of the same title. However, its cast is almost completely different than the previous productions, with only Mitsuru and Akihiko's actors returning. Oku Shutaro returns as the director and Jun Kumagai is once again responsible for the script. Shoji Meguro and Atsushi Kitajoh are credited for the music. It was performed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space's playhouse from December 19-23, 2014. The final performance was also broadcasted on Japanese video sharing website niconico.


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