Persona 4 Colors (ペルソナ4 Colors) is a game designed for Japanese feature phones that stars the cast of Persona 4 in a set of four minigames.


The game consists of four minigames:

  • A minigame that involves Yukiko Amagi selecting the correct ingredient for a recipe.
  • A minigame where the player takes control of Chie Satonaka and must perform her signature Galactic Punt in time to strike a Shadow.
  • A  minigame based around Yosuke Hanamura riding a bike. 
  • A final minigame called "Cool Walker" where the player takes control of Yu Narukami in what appears to be Yukiko's Castle, where they must avoid the Shadows and collect treasure chests to increase their score.


The player controls the characters using the decision keys (keys closest to the directional pad on a flip-phone, as many of the games are relatively simplistic.


By gaining certain scores, the player is rewarded with a Persona 4 themed image that they are able to download to their phone. There are four displayed backgrounds, and they are displayed in a similar manner to the memory match game from the original game's shuffle time Shuffle Time. Players could also connect to the internet to compare their score with other players.



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