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Persona 3 Portable Drama CD Volume 1 (ドラマCD「ペルソナ3ポータブル」Vol.1, Dorama CD `Perusona 3 Pōtaburu' Vol. 1) is a Persona 3 Portable drama CD.

Release DateEdit

  • Japan: August 25, 2010


After summer classes at Mitsuru Kirijo's behest, Junpei Iori is looking to relax and while he's shot down by the girls of SEES. When he suggests another beach trip, the protagonist brings up the idea of going to a festival at the local shrine. They explore the festival, trying out traditional games and Fuuka Yamagishi manages to get yo-yo water balloons for the girls.

They encounter Junpei in a group with Kenji Tomochika, Rio Iwasaki, Yuko Nishiwaki. While Kenji compliments the SEES girls on how they look in yukata, he dismisses the thought that Rio would look good in one. The girls get angry as he keeps going on about how girls dressing up as adults aren't to his taste and he's eventually driven off before the protagonist loses her cool at him for indirectly hurting Rio's feelings.

The girls gossip, musing on Akihiko Sanada's maturity and discussing previous encounters with Shinjiro Aragaki. Back at the dorm, Akihiko is struck with a sneezing fit and he and Ken Amada decide to walk Koromaru to the shrine to get some festival food. Together, they run into Junpei and Kenji.

The girls stop as the protagonist has started bleeding due to her geta. Aigis attempts to loosen it and it ends up breaking. When trying to walk in it, the protagonist's geta goes flying and hits a nearby Shinjiro. He helps her by fixing it with a hankerchief.

Following this, the protagonist encounters Theodore and Elizabeth who are also visiting the festival. Elizabeth mentions that Theodore had begged her to come, but he had hopes of going with the protagonist.

The protagonist rejoins the group, which has met up with Junpei, Akihiko, and Amada. The boys go to get food for everyone as the girls muse on the difference between genders. The protagonist idly wonders if things would be different if she were a boy.


This drama CD gives voices to two characters who had not previously received voices:


Persona 3 Minako & Yukari Yukatas
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