P3 New Moon


New Moon is a Persona 3 drama CD.

Release DateEdit

  • Japan: January 23, 2009


Like the previously released Daylight and Moonlight, New Moon was written with the Atlus staff and released as an official side story. Like the other two, it's a story that covers two drama CDs with New Moon being the first half to Full Moon's second half.


The story centers on Mitsuru Kirijo's sense of powerlessness after the betrayal of Shuji Ikutsuki and the death of her father, Takeharu Kirijo. She returns home with her personal maid and childhood friend Kikuno Saikawa. As she leaves, she tells Yukari Takeba she isn't sure when she'll return.

The SEES members go through Ikutsuki's personal belongings, learning more about how long his plans had been in the works. Fuuka Yamagishi discovers a computer among them and looks through it. She uses it to try and contact Aigis, who has left, troubled by the events of that night.

Mitsuru's return home causes a stir, but her first objective is to visit her mother, Hanae Kirijo (桐条英恵) (Miki Itō). Mitsuru asks her how she's able to hold herself together and Hanae explains that it's because she has Mitsuru.

Their conversation is interrupted by Ichiro Takadera (高寺一郎) (Kōji Yusa). He's a member of the Kirijo Group's administrative branch, which is moving to make changes in the wake of her father's death. They are seeking to disband SEES in order to protect Mitsuru.

At the dormitory, the Kirijo Group has sent people to tell SEES they no longer need to fight. The members are resistant to this and Akihiko Sanada tells them the group's representatives to leave. The protagonist appears to be weakening due to Pharos and the others force him to rest. Pharos appears before him and shows him he's able to materialize completely now, if only for a short period.

After being dismissed by members of the Kirijo Group for being supposedly too young to understand, Mitsuru steps into the wine cellar to think. There, Hanae shows her how all of them are from the year of her birth. Mitsuru finally cries over her father as her mother comforts her.

The CD closes as Takadera meets with Kikuno, who has been working with him to keep Mitsuru at the house while SEES is dealt with. Kikuno apologizes to an absent Mitsuru, telling her that her only true ally is her mother after all.

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