P3 Moonlight


Moonlight is a Persona 3 drama CD.

Release DateEdit

  • Japan: May 25, 2007


Intended as the second half to Daylight and loosely connected to Persona 3 FES, Moonlight is an official side story. The setting is a week before the final battle against Nyx Avatar as the cast faces the concept of their own mortality. The title draws from the fact that while in Daylight, a majority of the events took place during the day, Moonlight is focused on events happening after midnight.

The story begins as the members of SEES settle in for the night only to discover they've all been locked into their rooms in the dormitory. Fuuka Yamagishi's investigation into it seems to point to it likely being a mechanical malfunction of some kind.

Aigis encounters the mysterious girl from the previous disc who is surprised to learn that Aigis remembers her. The young girl marvels that Aigis has become so much more human than the last time they met. This triggers a series of memories within her regarding the time of her creation.

This drama CD also is the first mention of Labrys who later appears in Persona 4 Arena.

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