P3 Daylight


Daylight is a Persona 3 drama CD. It is notable for being the first release where Kenji Tomochika, Chihiro Fushimi, and Andre Laurent Jean Geraux receive voices from Kenji Nojima, Ai Maeda, and Hisayoshi Suganuma respectively.

Release DateEdit

  • Japan: March 21, 2007


Intended as the prequel to Moonlight and loosely connected to Persona 3 FES, Daylight focuses on Aigis's perspective. She meets a mysterious young girl who seems to know more about her than she knows about the young girl. The girl asks about her daily life, expressing a wish to be able to experience it as well before disappearing.

The setting is just before the school's culture festival. The protagonist and Aigis join Junpei Iori in visiting Chidori Yoshino, as Aigis is interested in seeing what Yukari Takeba has described as their happiness. They leave shortly after, Aigis still misunderstanding the concept to an extent. After returning home, Aigis notices Koromaru is eating something different and gets into a conversation with Shinjiro Aragaki about cooking. At this juncture, Ken Amada leaves, mentioning he is going to buy dinner at a convenience store which draws Aragaki's attention.

At school the next day, Mitsuru Kirijo asks the protagonist and Aigis to help with preparations for the culture festival. While doing so, Aigis crushes multiple staplers, scaring Chihiro Fushimi.

At the dorm, Fuuka Yamagishi discovers Aragaki cooking and asks to watch. After making it, he escapes by offering to walk Koromaru, but Fuuka tells the others that he was worried about how Ken would react to the spiciness and whether or not he liked carrots. When he returns, Akihiko Sanada catches Aragaki and reminisces about their past only to be dismissed by Aragaki. It also turns out that Ken has waited up to thank him for the curry.

During school, it comes out that Yukari's club will be doing a maid cafe, but she seems to be hoping not to be able to find an outfit. Junpei takes the initiative to ask Bebe to make her one, but realizes there's a simpler solution. He asks Mitsuru to bring one home for her.

It ends with the mysterious girl saying it was fun being with her the last three days. Aigis is confused, saying she hasn't noticed the other at all. The girl thanks her and asks her to show her her happiness again someday.

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