Persona 3 Character Drama CD Vol.5 (キャラクタードラマCD ペルソナ3 Vol.5) is a Persona 3 drama CD.

Release DateEdit

  • Japan: June 25, 2008


The story opens during a session of Tartarus exploration in which Akihiko Sanada, Koromaru, Shinjiro Aragaki, and the protagonist encounter the Reaper. While most of them rush for the stairs, Akihiko takes his time, fighting shadows on the way despite Aragaki's warnings. The rest of the party doubles back to help him, leading to a closer brush with the Reaper they are somehow able to escape from.

Despite their close brush with danger, Akihiko is still enthusiastic, making comments as if the Tartarus is another training course. This sets Aragaki off and he accuses him of putting them all in danger. They fight with each other, ending as Aragaki frustratedly says he just won't speak with Akihiko anymore. They both leave separately to cool off. The rest of SEES discusses Akihiko's attitude, while Mitsuru Kirijo muses that at least they are fighting with words unlike in the past. Aigis is confused as to why the others are disparaging Akihiko's enthusiasm for battle and Fuuka Yamagishi explains that communication is something that's important for a team to work together.

Back at the dormitory, Akihiko and Aragaki exchange heated words before Akihiko takes off for a run. Aigis visits Aragaki's room, asking if he could take Koromaru for a walk, because Akihiko hasn't returned to do it. Aragaki turns her down, but Aigis' insistence grows to the point of threatening to shoot him and he gives in. Remembering Fuuka's advice on the importance of communication, Aigis leaves a note for the others before they head out.

The others discover the note and its contents make them worry that someone has run away. Even though the protagonist recognizes the handwriting as Aigis', Akihiko is struck by the fear it may be Aragaki and takes off after him. The protagonist and Junpei Iori are sent after him. Akihiko checks the shady part of town and though he is simply asking if anyone's seen Aragaki, conflict arises. A nearby Officer Kurosawa, however, steps in. He muses that there really isn't anyone at home setting the delinquents they encountered straight and muses that sometimes having someone to reprimand you is a blessing. Kurosawa mentions he's seen Koromaru and Aragaki walking towards the shrine, which sets Akihiko running after them again.

When he finally catches up with Aragaki, he says he appreciates how he's always saying the harsh words he needs to hear and begs for him to come back. Aragaki forces an apology for earlier out of him and tells him never to lead his friends into danger again.

They return to the dormitory and the protagonist shows Aragaki the note that had gotten Akihiko so worked up. Aigis is confused, saying she simply meant to express Koromaru's feelings. Aragaki muses that maybe he only needs to threaten to leave to get Akihiko to listen.


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