Persona 3 Character Drama CD Vol.3 (キャラクタードラマCD ペルソナ3 Vol.3) is a Persona 3 drama CD.

Release DateEdit

  • Japan: April 23, 2008


The third in a series of character-centric drama CDs, this is set after a typhoon cancels the culture festival and the protagonist is struck with a cold. During a morning report, Aigis mentions to Mitsuru Kirijo, Yukari Takeba, and Fuuka Yamagishi that she has detected a life form in the attic. They decide it might be a cockroach and get worked up in response. This strikes Aigis as illogical as they can handle shadows without any trouble, but are frightened of bugs. When Yukari suggests a more passive approach, Mitsuru responds with how the situation could become worse if not quickly resolved. Her words spurn Fuuka into summoning Lucia and offering to support them in this battle.

As they approach the attic, it becomes clear to Aigis that the temperature may be that of a larger life form. While they are discussing how to handle it, Ken Amada and Shinjiro Aragaki come upstairs to see what the fuss is about. Ken volunteers to look into it, but Aragaki turns him down and volunteers in his place. He prepares for the possibility of a human attack, saying that Ken shouldn't have to fight such battles. During this preparation, he comes across an attempt at food in the refrigerator.

Aigis and Aragaki attempt to apprehend the life form, but it escapes as Aigis fires a series of warning shots. Ken recognizes the tail as it runs by and tells everyone to calm down, getting Aigis' aid to catch it. The life form turns out to be a squirrel that was taking shelter from the storm. Ken volunteers to take care of it until the weather clears up.

The protagonist comes down to hear of the events and mentions to Aragaki he'll find some leftovers to eat when he feels better. Reminded of the concoction in the refrigerator, Aragaki says it can't be helped and goes to cook him something. Fuuka joins him and they talk about the feelings that go into helping others.

The CD wraps up as Aigis watches the protagonist sleep, realizing that even she can be illogical at times.

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