Persona 3 Character Drama CD Vol.2 (キャラクタードラマCD ペルソナ3 Vol.2) is a Persona 3 drama CD.

Release DateEdit

  • Japan: March 26, 2008


This second character drama CD focuses on the relationship between Junpei Iori and Chidori Yoshino. This one takes on a more upbeat romantic comedy-esque style as Junpei tries to plan how to invite Chidori on a date.

The story opens as Junpei has fallen asleep during class, dreaming of a date together with Chidori to a baseball match that goes terribly wrong. He receives a rude awakening as Aigis opens fire on him. After class, Yukari Takeba and the protagonist both note that Junpei has changed a lot after getting closer to Chidori.

Junpei leaves to visit Chidori and catches her watching a major league baseball game. She brushes off his excitement at the fact by saying it's simply because he is always talking about it. She grows frustrated, throwing away another drawing and explaining she can't draw well when he comes to visit. He offers to leave, taking the drawing, but she presses him to stay.

Again, during class, he falls asleep and dreams of another date with Chidori where they gather seashells on the beach. He decides he should ask her about where she'd like to go and what she'd like to do. Receiving an ambivalent answer, he comes across the idea of going out to eat together. And, once again, he drifts off to sleep in the dormitory dreaming of this date. This dream is interrupted by a drunken Shuji Ikutsuki who appears as a monster in his dream. He summons his persona to fight against it. In the dream, Chidori offers to summon Medea, but Junpei begs her not to, sacrificing himself.

When he wakes up, Aigis notices Chidori's drawings in his bag and asks about them. Considering his dreams, Junpei realizes he just wants Chidori to enjoy herself and finally decides to invite her to a baseball game with him. Chidori admits she was also thinking about the same thing. As he leaves, Aigis comes to visit her and notes that her discarded drawings have traces of her persona in them, which must be influencing the sudden distinct dreams Junpei is having. She suggests that perhaps these dreams reflect more of Chidori's subconscious desires.

This CD marks the first release that Kazushi Miyamoto is voiced in, provided by Atsushi Kisaichi.

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